The Red Cross, Double-Cross, and So Much More! On Today’s #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

#QAnon came back today.

Remember how quickly NK unfolded? Because so many things were going on behind the scenes that we didn’t know about?

I think Iran is going to be very similar.

Q basically says here that they’ve been working to diffuse Iran. Remember how NK was publicly “testing” Nukes, but in reality, they had nuclear capacity since 2004? Iran is much the same, and all funded by Obama, so that the deep state could hold the world hostage.

You could even hold the US hostage – no matter who was at the helm – and force them to agree to things like The Paris Accord – in order to “legally” smuggle obscene amounts of cash out of the nation.

No wonder the MSM and talking heads made such a ruckus when we announced we were pulling out of The Paris Accord.

Perhaps this is why Q dropped that one post about Al Gore last night. Al Gore was the “salesman” behind the bulk of the eco-fearmongering we’ve seen over the past 20 or so years. He got so many people on-board, gaslighting them with eco-threats, and filled his coffers to overflowing at the same time.

Al Gore isn’t some principled prophet, trying to prevent the apocalypse. He was a conman, concerned only with his own betterment, and willing to act the part given to him by the deep-state, so long as he got rich in the process.


In all honesty, I did make the connection when it was first announced, but I held off on publicly stating that it was a result of anything Trump and Qteam were doing because, frankly, I wanted confirmation.

Confirmation like this:

Q previously told us that the bulk of CIA bots on the research boards were coming through Armenia.

Here are the Google stats he said to look at:

Ain’t that something?

This is wild.

Now this is interesting…

It could be a number of states… however… I think Q is being very specific here.

I’m thinking…


Now I know some of my “Holy Roller” readers might have a tough time with this (and I use that term endearingly; I used to be, well, at least somewhat like you).

But Israel is not our friend. It is not our greatest ally. And it is not God’s favored nation.

This is partially why I made the switch to Orthodox Christianity a while back; because a correct reading of Scripture clearly shows that the Church now inherits all the promises of Abraham. The Orthodox Church, which has been around since 33 AD, has always taught this. It’s a relatively modern re-interpretation brought about by Scofield’s bad translations of things to think otherwise.

But even if you don’t accept that teaching, it’s a false equivalence to relate the the modern state of Israel to the ancient state of Israel.

And I’m not going to get into a theological debate here (maybe some other time) – but if you’ve been following the crumbs left by Q, you know that Hitler was a Rothschild puppet who created a crisis in order to (at least partially) establish the modern state of Israel, and that Israel has been “saved for last” by Q team.

Beyond that, Jesus, on multiple occasions, told the Pharisaic Jews that their father was literally Satan, that they were a brood of vipers, and don’t forget the two times he whipped them.

Now remember that ALL of modern Judaism is based on Pharisaic teaching.

In fact, Pharisaic Judaism is VERY reminiscent of, frankly, Nazi ideology. They consider themselves “the chose people” (aka, the “Master race). The Goyim (other races) are beneath them, and will, in fact, serve them.

In fact, if you’re a goyim, you’re not a complete human. You don’t have the same level of “soulishness” that a Jewish person does, so you’re more akin to an animal.

Which makes you… disposable:


But Oy Vey! Spelling out established, documented Rabbinic opinion plainly for all to see is somehow antisemitic, right?

Wrong. The Lord wasn’t joking when he said the father of the Pharisees was the Devil. Take Jesus at his word. I know this is a tough redpill for some to swallow.

And some might retort here with arguments about “The Holocaust,” which is apparently the single worst genocide in the history of mankind (it wasn’t – just look at the Holodomor, where the Bolshevik Jews were the perpetrators, overseeing the deaths of some TWELVE million Christians). No, what modern Hollywood Jews have done is turn the Holocaust into a secular version of the atonement, so that, again, we can dispose of Christ in the public sphere.

And who does this better than Spielberg?

And while I’ve talked about this on the old Facebook page a number of times, perhaps some of my newer readers won’t be so familiar with how I feel about Spielberg. Here’s a hint:

Yeah, he is NOT a good guy. Maybe I’ll write about that in the near future.

Oh! And look who he’s advising now…

But in case it’s not clear, I will say while I think modern Jewish Talmudic teaching is very wrong, I have no hatred for individual Jews. I love them all, and want them to turn to Christ. And before I’m accused of being a white supremacist or something, no, of course all Jews don’t believe the above teachings. I seriously doubt that someone like Jared Kushner wants 2800 goyim slaves. Meanwhile, someone like a George Soros, well… You’ve seen how he acts. The waters get muddied when you move into the distinction between race and religion and personal beliefs/behavior, so I’m not going to get mired in that discussion, today.

It’s a mixed bag, always has been (for every race) and genetics has less to do with it than accepting evil teaching.

Case-in-point, I don’t see any White Supremacists running to claim Hillary Clinton for their team, just because she’s ethnically European.

(Except maybe the Robert Byrd types, but again, I digress).

Of course, I could be wrong on all this. It could be Pakistan Q is referring to, or somewhere else.

But everything written above remains true, and yes, Israel is still on Q’s agenda.

Moving on:

Looks like a rubber-stamping committee. No US appointees in this group. Mostly UK and Germany.

Meet your global auditors. Note, all the purple they’re wearing…

Anon added this:

More research needs to be done here.

Okay, remember the other night when I said I had to do a Red Cross article?

Looks like I’m going to have to do that now.

A lot of the information I’m going to be citing comes from #CDAN (aka The writers of CDAN are a group of Hollywood insiders who have been systematically exposing celebrities and the like over the past few years. They were among the first to call out Spacey, Lauer, and others, YEARS in advance. They have an impeccable record, and write in a veiled style that protects them from lawsuits (which makes sense, given that “Enty,” who runs the site, is a top entertainment lawyer). So they won’t name names explicitly until after some news has broken (at which point, they may do a reveal).

But to understand the Red Cross, you have to first understand “The Church.”

The A-list mogul here is, most likely David Geffen – who is Spielberg’s longterm partner. (I told you I didn’t like Spielberg, remember?)

So you have “The Church,” funded by this mogul, smuggling human beings into the country, in order to create a honeypot/sexual tourism resort for celebrities. (Which is why Ben Affleck has been drinking himself to death lately, btw. He was given a copy of a video of himself and a 13 or 14 year old girl. But that’s neither really here nor there).

Geffen also had singers Chester Bennington (who was probably John Podesta’s moonchild) and Chris Cornell killed because they were digging into human trafficking in Haiti and its relation to the Clinton Foundation – a topic which I covered, again, on the Facebook page that Zuckerberg deleted).

And honestly, this wouldn’t surprise me at all, especially given the kind of lyrics Bennington wrote as Linkin Park frontman. He had a lot of pain and issues he was dealing with.

But I’m getting off topic here.  There’s SO much to this.

Back to The Church and The Red Cross:

Here’s a video that made its way online of the Red Cross boxes filled with cash, when one of these money caches was accidentally discovered in Africa a while back:

Paints Benghazi in something of a different light, huh?

So basically, the Red Cross can do whatever they want, moving “supplies” across borders freely, because they’re a “charitable aid organization.” Nobody checks.

And boy, those crates are awfully big, and look awfully secure.

We’ve caught them being used to smuggle millions upon millions of dollars.

What else could they be used for?


Small children?

Getting the picture?

First, Q’s links, for reference:

This bill hamstrung Obama, forcing him to withhold aid from Pakistan, as long as they were supporting groups which targeted US citizens.

This bill prohibited all aid from being given to Pakistan, unless Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON gave the A-Okay.

This bill allowed the Awans to gain protected status in the country.

This article shows that, since 1948, the US has provided over 1,867,000,000 in aid to Pakistan. Boy, what a gravy train! Of course, this doesn’t include data past 2010, though at the beginning of the article, it says:

The Obama administration has announced it will withhold more than one-third of all military assistance to Pakistan – an aid envelope worth some $800m (£498m). The withheld aid includes funding for military equipment and reimbursements for selected Pakistani security expenditures – including a payment of $300m for counterinsurgency programmes.

So it looks like the Congressional bill at the top slowed the funds slightly, but they were dedicated to keeping the cash flowing.

And then what Hillary did… well, if it isn’t obvious, Anon helps us synthesize:

Hillary exchanged the Awans for Osama Bin Laden.

This is why we never saw his body.

This is why he was just dumped into the sea.

Heck, Osama was dealing with renal failure for years and needed regular dialysis during a time when he was supposedly moving from cave to cave along Afghanistan and Pakistani border. He might have already been dead for years for all we know.

So what was really exchanged by Hillary? We got UBL in exchange for reinstating aid to Pakistan. But there had to be something in it for Hillary, personally, and don’t forget the Awans in all this. So what did Hillary exchange for them? Access to Pakistan? Drugs? Children? Did she help arm them somehow?

I’m sure more details will emerge over the coming days and weeks, but I think the point is clear: Hillary, Obama, and other Lawmakers were committing treason by colluding in this manner, and subsequently lying to the American people.

Q came back with one more, and he’s posted this before:

Q’s posted this video five times now. Trump lays it all out in this speech, really, really plainly.  But I think Qteam might be tracking total views, or reach, or something.

Let’s kick this thing into high gear, Q!

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  1. Pakistan is likely next. The day’s drop walks all around it. Early on Q said the tiny ME country with all the lobbyists is last. The idea is to breakdown the support systems that make the entire scheme work. Iran goes quietly, the rest fall in line because the support system is dead, at some point leverage is lost. If the wailing wall is truly to become about real wailing, it will do so when it stands entirely alone. More fitting….

    There is one more matter that lurks. Any mention of the ME “state” will cause the bots to descend in a way that will wipe out the entire Q movement in hours. This was “tested” with the drops in March, the test showed what will happen to the Qsters. So my sense is they are last, alone.

  2. Great decode NEON REVOLT! When talking about Red Cross and Haiti I always think of Paul Walker. I am sure they took him out because his charity was actually doing something in Haiti and I believe he knew what was going on with the Red Cross and the Clintons. If you want a great video to watch, watch the tribute to our Navy Seals on the Military Channel on Youtube. Listen to the words carefully that are mashed up with a song from Linkin Park! They know are Seals were set up! I can’t wait for these people to pay for what they have done to our children and the men and women of our military!

  3. Begome gadolig :DDDD

    But seriously, great work again. Fingers crossed it is the Greatest Ally(tm) up next, the Pharisees need to be exposed for what they are.

    • Did you not read all of Q’s drops?

      The Vatican is totally corrupt – on a such a scale that there will be a mass revolt, and people leaving the Catholic faith in droves, because they won’t want to be associated with it. They won’t even want to try and salvage it.

      I hold out some hope for Orthodoxy, given it’s more distributed and conciliar nature, but I know that the Patriarchs are just as capable of being corrupted as the Catholic Church already is.

      • Institutions and individuals can be corrupted, but the Word can’t. Though there’s absolutely some shocking things going on within the institution of the Church, that doesn’t render the unbroken apostolic succession invalid. The sooner we can clean house, and mend the Schism, the better.

      • Sorry, but if you know scripture, you would know better. Christ said that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Peter was the first Pope. I’m not saying it doesn’t have corruption within it, but it will be cleansed. It’s like saying the whole U.S.A. should be destroyed because of all the evil it is responsible for around the world. Same with Isreal, there are bad apples too but it’s not all bad. Satan and his minions want so bad to destroy His Church and that is why the enemies of it try so hard to infiltrate, malign, accuse, and subvert it. Did you know that Satanists have a “black mass”? They don’t have a black Lutheran service, or a black Methodist service. Why? Satan always goes the complete opposite and takes the most sacred and highest form of worship that exists and corrupts, desecrates, and blasphemes it.

        • Imagine thinking I would buy revisionist Papist arguments.

          There’s nothing that indicates that ROME is the seat of Peter, and you’re conveniently forgetting the fact that he first presided out of Antioch.

          Furthermore, the Patriarch of Rome was always “first among EQUALS.” Papal Supremacy is a modernist lie.

          When Rome schismed away from the other four Patriarchs, it sealed its fate, by separating itself from the Body of Christ.

          And yes, Satanists make a mockery of the Eucharist, but then again, so do modern day Catholics – a fact that will be revealed in increasing measure over the next year.

  4. Rick Wiles used to talk about Scofield and how much of a snake oil sales man that guy was and how he would insert a lot of bad translations that ruined the word. He had traced Scofeild history really well. I believe the publisher was a Rothy or related to them in some way.

  5. In regards to your comments in your post about Jews.

    “Now remember that ALL of modern Judaism is based on Pharisaic teaching.

    In fact, Pharisaic Judaism is VERY reminiscent of, frankly, Nazi ideology. They consider themselves “the chose people” (aka, the “Master race). The Goyim (other races) are beneath them, and will, in fact, serve them.”

    I don’t believe you are trying to be antisemitic. I just think you are grossly misinformed. As a religious jew what you just said in no way reflects the belief or expectation of behavior and conduct that we adhere to. I am sure you could find some Jews that believe that way, but that is really on the fringe, and think you might need to actually get acquainted with some religious Jews if you really want to see what they believe.

    I did however come to the same conclusion regarding Israel as being the next country. Let’s see where things go….WWG1WGA

    • I literally just cited videos of Jews themselves talking about their own doctrines, and you want to play the “No True Scotsman” game. No, sorry. Not going to work.

      And believe me, I’ve known enough very religious Jews in my lifetime. It’s not a lack of experience on my part; rather, quite the contrary – an overwhelming lifetime of experience.

      I think it’s far more likely that you were just uninformed of this uglier side of Judaism. And like I said above; sure, the waters get muddy when you put into perspective what people actually believe and practice – thus, the modern phenomenon of “secular” Jews, who are ethnically Jewish, but may have never so much as read from the Torah their entire lives. But more to the point, those videos are an accurate reflection of millennia of Jewish doctrinal development.

      But I will continue to use Jewish words to shore up my case, straight from the Talmud.

      Sanhedrin 58b:

      “Jews are Divine. To box an Israeli on the ear, is like to box on the ear of God. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God”

      Sanhedrin 54b:

      “Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that. 24 (24) I.e., Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the minimum.”

      Sanhedrin 57a :

      “When a Jew murders a gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.”

      Now, there are some schools of Judaic thought that say I should be put to death for citing these passages. After all, this is the study of the Torah, and the Torah was God’s gift to the Jews. And since I’m a filthy goy, I’m basically stealing the gift here, by daring to read these teachings.

      And I could go on, but these are just a few quick, easily verifiable examples of the kind of ethnic bigotry that’s become embedded and systematized in modern, Pharisaic Judaism.

      I don’t like it, either, which is why I encourage all Jews I meet the Messiah and convert to Christianity.

      • No matter how evil of a thing they find in the Bible there is Always something worse in the Talmud or the Koran.

        So we may be evil but at least we are the lesserest evil out there so who ya gonna choose huh?

        All we are asking is a few bucks from time to time. Asking. That guy over there will Take 50 bucks and rape your wife and kids from time to time. The other guy will behead you and take everything including your wife and kids.

        At least a Christian cannot find scriptural justification to do such specific horrifying things. Sure anyone can find a general statement and twist it to suit their desires. But you’ll never see anything like “go ahead and steal from these people, murder, rape, its fine”. The exception of course is the Istealite warpath across Canaan where they were oftentimes instructed to exterminate every living thing. Curious, for theological discussion, but this is merely a story about something that happened, not an instruction from God to us.

        It’s amazing the rabbis were allowed to have a sexual relationship with a child as young as nine and that still wasn’t young enough they had to lower it to three?

        When they say Samuel is that Sameul of the Bible?

  6. I believe it might be iran–>Pakistan…not Israel….given all the talk of the protection given to the awans via that special “act”. And with all that dough now! They are probably harboring him….

  7. Hey, remember Bob Dole’s wife (Elizabeth) used to be the President of the Red Cross? Makes you think…

    Also, were you a fan of R.C. Sproul before joining the Orthodox Church?

    • Sproul? Not really. He’s a Calvinist. Calvinism is retarded Western Heresy that turns God into a schizoid; that is, someone turned against himself. It turns God into this abusive caricature of someone who is just so full of bloodlust, his wrath can only be appeased by someone dying.

      In this case, it’s one person of the trinity demanding the death of another. But then, oh whoops, the resurrection, so it’s alright.

      No, Calvinism is retarded. I’ll take Christus Victor – which is the original doctrine of the unified church – over a Western invention of the 1600’s any day.

  8. Wow–lots of light shining in on some pretty dark areas! I am so happy for Armenia–that is amazing! 2018=glorious!

    I am a pro Israel person, but you make good points about them. The Scriptures indicate that they will have another chance to come to Jesus. I do think God has given them their land back, and when Jesus returns, a lot of things are going to happen that we cannot begin to imagine. Lots of prophecies still unfulfilled. Until then, they are still in rebellion with God and we do well to remember that.

    Thanks for another great decode of Q, Neon!

  9. My great-uncle worked in the quartermasters’ section during WWII, procuring supplies for medical units in the Pacific theater, as far as I knew. He was the one who warned me about the Red Cross when I was a boy. “We had shiploads of medical supplies ready to send to Peleliu when our boys needed it most. And who stepped in and seized it all, no questions asked, no excuses given? The G**damned Red Cross! Our boys died because they shipped our supplies to neutral ports and sold them to Axis customers for profit! They’re robbers! Pure robbers!”

    As for the modern State of Israel, its behavior is more akin to the northern kingdom under the reign of the wicked Ahab than any kind of blessed David. My fundamentalist associates gnash their teeth at the suggestion, as though that atheistic socialist colonial military camp is a gift to the world from on high. But what can one do? America’s love affair with The State is perhaps the greatest triumph of propaganda in world history.

  10. @ Neon Revolt

    I do not remember how I found your site, but I am glad that I did. You do great work. I have informed everyone on my list about your site.

    If my memory serves me correctly from 16 hearts ago, UBL died a few month after 9/11 as a result of kidney failure, but not before he twice denied having anything to do with the attack. A dead patsy is always the best patsy. The Seals that died shortly after the “last death” of UBL were starting to leak to their family members that they were not involved in the “capture,” so they all had to conveniently go in just one hit.

    Also, in an answer to an anon on March 10, Q did say that Israel would be last.

    Mar 10 2018 13:04:36 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 88957f 613229

    We are saving Israel for last.
    Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

    Concerning religion, I gave up on organized religion decades ago. Now I am simply a follower of the teaching of Jesus more inline with the original followers known as The Way before the great impostor hung the term Christians on them. Out of religious frustration many years ago, I prayed properly for the truth (we are not taught to pray properly) and the results have been eye opening to say the least. Rather than pollute your site with religious details, let me know via email if you would like to know any details.

    Keep up to good work.

    • I would actually really love to know the way to pray properly! please enlighten me? (No that’s not sarcasm I’d really like to hear/learn of your findings)

      • @ Anon

        Being a follower of the teachings of Jesus, I am obligated to respond to your request. Hopefully, Neon Revolt won’t mind if I keep it as brief as possible while visiting in his house.

        First, if how you are praying now works, stick with it. If not, a change should be considered.

        Prayer is a direct communication from you to the Father of all things with no one in between or involved. Prayer should be used only for needs, not wants. Wants are the devil’s playground.

        Read Matthew 6:5-13 which contains the Lord’s Prayer along with how to pray. Notice that there are no requests or pretty-pleases contained in the Lord’s Prayer, only commands in present tense positive wording which indicates belief that what is being prayed for already IS, not will be. Future tense verbs accomplish nothing. Commanding with authority cannot be done from a submissive posture of kneeling, bowed head, and eyes closed as most religions teach and practice.

        Prayers are to be spoken, out loud in secret by yourself, not in public or in “church” as Jesus said that hypocrites do. There is no such thing as a silent prayer, just silent nothing. The Word created everything, so words are required to fulfill needs. Being thankful among others is fine, but prayer is not.

        Prayers are not to be repeated in vain repetitions as Jesus said that heathens do. Only one proper prayer is required for a need. Being thankful everyday for the answer to a prayer is always a good idea.

        Once you are by yourself in your closet as Jesus said, command out loud, “I am one with the Father” which is a true statement. (Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us.) Think about that oneness until you feel really good about being one with the Father.

        Command out loud the fulfillment of your need in present tense positive words. Do not limit the Father by being too specific about your need. Leave the door wide open for the Father to bless you perfectly. As an example, “I have my daily bread” can include all the things required, such as a vehicle, to earn your daily bread. “I have the perfect income” may not be just a job or even money. Let the Father decide perfectly. Determine the proper present tense positive statement of your fulfilled need before starting to pray.

        Sometimes all we need are answers/information about what to do or what we need to change in ourselves. Pray for answers and pay attention to a thought that appears in your mind that you were not thinking about at the time. That’s your answer. Act on it.

        Say out loud, “Thank you Father for my (fulfilled need like daily bread, an answer, etc.)” No gift can be completely accepted without a thank you. If you do not think the gift is already yours, it is not and won’t be.

        End your prayer with, “For so it IS.” Never use the word Amen which is a tribute to the Egyptian sun god Amen Ra (this can be verified in an old Catholic dictionary), not the Father.

        Everyday after your prayer, vocally give thanks to the Father for your fulfilled need. Praying once and being thankful repeatedly reenforces your faith/belief/knowingness.

        If you feel that your prayer is not been answered, it is not the fault of the Father. Normally, the fault lies with the person praying not really believing that the answer already IS or future tense words were used. So, think seriously about the technique and do it again until you get convinced that the answer IS.

        I apologize for the length of this post, but it is a brief as I could make it after many years of research, reasoning and practice.

        • Thank you so much for your gift of knowledge. I will try to put it to the best use possible in life and will try to pass it on in due time. Many blessings and well wishes to you and yours.

  11. When there’s a new q-post, I check your site a few hours later. Thank you for your research and hard thinking.

    Regarding Jews/belief system/holocaust. As mentioned by another: not every Jew believes the same or adheres to the all of the above principles/doctrines. Some do, and I think it’s it in line with their prophets. Just like there are a lot of different opinions between Christians/orthodox: I live in the Netherlands, we have so many different denominations I am ashamed. Btw: do you know NT Wright? Thinks somewhat like you but a little different, has some interesting views regarding Romans and Israel.

    I hope Americans will find a way to talk to each other again. They seem so polarised, hope Q will start a honest talk among the nations. Keep up the good work!

  12. Hi , really like your work you connect a lot of dots.

    As a new born again Christian, interested if you could explain the Isreal false Jews some more. Who is the real Isreal nowadays, are we surposed to Turn against Zionist Isreal but ally with true Torah Jews or is all Juduasim been corrupted by the Hivite Pharisee Talmud. Am I confused, would appreciate your perspective?

    As the bible book of revelation been corrupted?

    • That’s just such a tangled web of questions, I’m not sure how to answer.

      The short of it is, American Protestantism (what you might call, “Born Again”) is a Western overreaction to Roman Catholicism. As such, a bunch of heresies have filtered in over the years. One of those heresies is Judaizing.

      Christians really shouldn’t promote things like “Judeo-Christian” values – because such a thing doesn’t exist! There are Christian values.

      Most Americans are not aware of the horrible crimes being committed by Zionists against really ancient Christian communities throughout Israel. It’s not uncommon for Jews to spit and hit Christians in the streets, and piss and defecate on the churches over there – some of which date back to the 1st century.

      When American Christians align themselves with Zionists in Israel, the violence often falls heaviest on Christian communities in places like Palestine – because many American Christians are ignorant of the fact that “Arab” ≠ Muslim. There are so many Arab Christians in the Middle East, and they’re one of the most persecuted groups on the planet.

  13. Neon.. a big truth you need to really comprehend.. there were exactly NO JEWS 2000 years ago. Judeans.. Semites and others there . Jew is a word INVENTED by the KHAZARS when they adopted the “religion”… and it was later PUT IN THE BIBLE BY THEM to cause people to support Israel and Jews as “god’s” chosen people. It is not OK to use Jew in terms of 2000 years ago.. you support the dark side when you do. The original Khazars in fact came from Mongolia and worked their way westward shitting brutally on everyone along the way.

  14. To add, there were dark folks at that time in the region Jesus walked.. and there are some ok other names to use for them in the bible. “Jew” is the WRONG TERM. PERIOD…. for the peoples of those days who were no where NEAR Israel in location. Pharisees being one accurate term to use.

  15. Hi Neon,

    So happy to have found your site. Have spent way too much time reading it over the past few days.

    With some other commenters above, I believe Pakistan is next. I was dismayed to see Q post about the fake UBL “death” in 2011 and hope that is just part of some disinformation ploy or other strategy. UBL (previously known as US intel asset “Tim Osman” — look it up) died in December 2001; or some argue for March 2002. There is no solid evidence to support his survival past that time. (Photos of the back of the head, like from that absurd 2011 raid, don’t count.
    Ditto the “fat nose” impersonator in some earlier video footage.)

    An interesting aside: he was a wealthy Arab, and they buy kidneys all the time. Why not a transplant? I think it’s likely, as some have speculated, that he had Marfan syndrome and therefore was not a candidate for one.

    I agree with your suspicions about Spielberg and am surprised that a recent incident hasn’t received more mention. Perhaps it’s too much of a “reveal” (rather than a blind) at the moment for Enty &c.? I did look for it on CDAN but maybe just missed it. Spielberg’s chauffeur supposedly murdered his family (wife and two children) and then killed himself — all with shots to the chest. This happened in the Santa Clarita area, and the case was wrapped up right away, as in “move along, nothing to see here”.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

      • It was a standard news-type site (not just a blog). Here is a link, but I don’t think it’s the one I saw at the time:
        Note here it says he “drove for movie studios”. In the article I saw originally, it specifically mentioned Spielberg. In the link above it mentions his wife ran a daycare center (ominous detail these days). I don’t recall that detail from the first article, nor the assertion here that he wasn’t well-liked.
        Doesn’t it seem odd that the bodies were in different rooms of the house? You’d think that at the sound of gunfire, everyone would rush in the direction of it to find out what was going on. Perhaps it’s an indicator of being surprised by multiple assailants? Just speculating.

  16. Please don’t mistake me as stupid, but I have missed the entire link btwn the Awad family and the deal with Pakistan. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!

  17. Glad i found your site. Much goodness discovered within. lol.

    While reading this thread, and the topic moved to the posted article about this ‘religion’, i admit that i did not search for the referenced article, it was describing a religion i read about, about 15 years ago in a book called, Under the Banner of Heaven. It was about a ‘religion’ called FLDS, based on fundamental teachings of Mormonism.

    My parents drove through this FLDS controlled city in Northern Arizona many years and my dad called me to talk about it because we both read the book i mentioned. He said it was very creepy. The entire town/city is controlled/run by the members of the FLDS. They have several cities under their control in the US, 1 or 2 in Canada and a few more in Mexico. The general public got some of the story about this religion several years ago when the Feds were after their ‘prophet’, Warren Jeffs.

    That being said, i wonder if this is the religion discussed in the posted article?

  18. Great article. Thanks.
    A minor footnote, my old friends still working in the Military/Industrial complexes hinted to me that the NK copulation that was a result of the “tunnel collapse”, “earthquake”, “nuclear test accident”, etc was actually our successful strike of the orbiting X-37B Space Plane launch of a tungsten rod kinetic projectile (equivalent energy of a small nuclear bomb without the associated radiation).
    “The Air Force’s ‘rods from god’ could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon — with no fallout”

  19. Hey Neon Christ is risen! Fellow convert to the Way of the Heart/Orthodox Church here. God bless you for your amazing work.

  20. BTW My dad served under Patton in WW11. He was in North Africa then Italy. Qs drops about the Red Cross reminded me of how much he hated them after he returned from the war. He said they were a scam that screwed over the soldiers they pretended to help but he didn’t elaborate.

  21. I’m sorry, but people who contend that Hitler was a Rothschild puppet haven’t actually studied history, let alone understood it. Who was his Rothschild handler? Where is the evidence that he was actively being directed by them throughout the years? And if Hitler was a genuine Rothschild puppet, why would Vichy France under NS Germany’s direction root out de Rothschild’s political and financial interest network there? That’s not “conspiracy theorist” lore, either, but can be learned even in a survey level history course of French republican history. If you didn’t go to college, well, Yale offers a free one on-line. Aside from that, why would Hitler essentially crush central and eastern European Jewry, root out continental Freemasonry, and remove Germany from the orbit of the international bankers’ regime if he were, all in all, just a Rothschild puppet? Not even is there no positive historical evidence for this allegation in any primary documents (nor have I seen any actual historian of NS Germany peddle such a claim), but as a simple matter of logic the notion is utterly insensible. Maybe Hitler was a triple-quadruple agent of the Rothschild’s under the deepest cover like certain conspiracy theorists claim about Kim Philby. Empirically, it’s an insanely hard sell to claim that Hitler was anyone’s “agent” as there weren’t very any individuals who sustained consistent, let alone ‘superior,’ levels of influence over him throughout his time in power. Some people will say anything, though, and can do so with ease pertaining to Hitler – scholars have to tread very carefully even if they do want to “correct the record” on any misconceptions about his history. You’d be shocked how many people believe that he was really a self-hating Jewish man…

    I’m intrigued by Q as much as anyone else, but one cannot sacrifice their critical thinking abilities for some of his most wild claims involving areas that are clearly not within his expertise. Let me guess, you think he studied world history in the super sekrit classified documentary archives of the NSA. Seems more like he studied world history on really bad Internet web-sites maintained by high-school drop-outs.

  22. The Old Baptists/Primitive Baptists, are not Arminians and do believe exactly as you explained about Israel. How odd it feels to read your statements on Zionism and know my people agree with you, completely. So few do. Since I was a little girl, this has been so interesting. I married Alan Stang, who was jewish, but also didn’t believe in modern Israel. He was among the N Y city anticommunist thinkers/writers in the fifties/sixties, who knew the UN was communist from the start, so Israel had to be part of the plan for war and chaos for decades. BTW, the president may have known of Alan and his friends, because his father donated to the John Birch Society and so may have read some of Alan’s articles.

    There are two subjects I’m hoping Q and the Anons dig into before this is over. Did McStain sit out some of his POW time in eastern Europe? Some other POWs have hinted at this. Also, what really happened to the passengers of KAL 700? We know the Korean flight landed after being shot by the Soviets. What happened to Atlanta congressman Larry McDonald, who had just become head of the JBS, just weeks before the shoot down? There were American families with children on that flight. We have read that they were separated and kids were sent to orphanages.

    Q has given me hope for the first time in my life. Reagan was a total disappointment because there was so much fervor to rescue the Vietnam POWs and he did nothing. I’ve known of these tragically, sad stories since the age of 12, starting with the Goldwater campaign. Each day, as I awaken, I remember Q, the Anons, president Trump and bearers of truth, such as you. That’s when I smile. WWG1WGA

  23. Best expose evsr, having the b***s to call out Israel is rare. But…. Did or not Rothys lend him money in 70s – he gave them Jerusalem, is he stringing them?

  24. Since I’ve just started reading the postings, I do not know what WWG1WGA stands for. Also, do you know where Julian Assange moved to? I read a couple days ago that they were emptying his apartment and that maybe the British were coming after him.

  25. But Israel is not our friend. It is not our greatest ally. And it is not God’s favored nation.

    This is partially why I made the switch to Orthodox Christianity a while back; because a correct reading of Scripture clearly shows that the Church now inherits all the promises of Abraham. The Orthodox Church, which has been around since 33 AD, has always taught this. It’s a relatively modern re-interpretation brought about by Scofield’s bad translations of things to think otherwise.

    Thank you, thank you. The Old School Baptists agree with you. We are also called Primitive Baptists.

  26. Billie – It is an anacronym for Where We Go One We Go All. Also in a twist, that phrase was engraved on the bell on the yacht of JFK. Supposedly it was rung before they sailed.

  27. How may I send a private message or email to Neon Revolt. In case I forget the two topics (related? ) i wanted to tell you about are Whidbey Island, WA and Arizona.

  28. I forgot to click the box. If someone replies to THIS comment, I will be notified by email. I’ll try to check back but I dont have a lot of hope for a reply.


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