“As the World Turns” DECODED! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

This is my pet theory, developed with some assistance from a Legionary over on MeWe, and currently being vetted by #Anons on the research boards. Something she said just triggered a connection in my brain. And I’m not 100% sure about this, but it seems to fit, so take it with a grain of salt until Q confirms.

If you’ve been following #QAnon for any length of time, you know that Q has posted the phrase “As the World Turns” on several occasions, most recently calling it a “Marker,” meaning it’s a sign for some kind of event or happening in the real world. He posts it, every time a certain kind of event happens…

Here was his most recent incidence, where he clarified that it was a marker.

The question as to what it was a marker for has really been bugging me for the past two days. Bugging is an understatement. It was driving me insane. What could it possibly mean?!

Let’s review what’s well known.

Recently, the connection Agnes Nixon has emerged. Agnes was one of the original writers of the show, as well as grandmother of Obama’s “pet,”  “Wendy” Nixon.

Beyond that, we know it’s tied to the #JFK Assassination, because when JFK was shot, As the World Turns was playing, and CBS interrupted the broadcast with a bulletin.

And that’s when I put two and two together. It was so blindingly obvious, I kicked myself for not realizing it earlier.

“As the World Turns” is code for FOILED TRUMP ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT!

Other sources, such as Benjamin Fulford’s source, have told us that there have already been multiple attempts on the #GEOTUS’ life. And Q has always said, this is not a game.

A timeline would be really useful here, and re-read each of these drops with these in mind. I’m not going to dig in and post links and pictures after each, but I will sum up what I know with a quick blurb. Frankly, each post becomes illuminated when you read it in the context of foiled assassination attempt.

What follows is every time Q posted the phase “As the World Turns.”

For clarity, these posts occurred on:











… Which would mean there have been at least EIGHT FOILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS ON TRUMP (or perhaps a member of his family).

Looks like Q first introduced the marker with a go-code for some kind of retaliation. Makes sense that if they were attacked, they would attack back.

Trump was all over Florida that day, and gave a rally that evening in Pensacola. Perhaps they tried to attack him at the rally, and it was stopped by white hats and good guys?

Looks like another retaliation post.

And another retaliation.

This post is actually directly related to a foiled assassination attempt, this time from FBI agents.

This one, too, is about foiled assassination attempts, this time by taking remote control of vehicles, along with an MKUltra.pdf from a 1977

Q also reminds us of this incident, where the driver said she lost control of the car and couldn’t stop it:

This is perhaps the most difficult one to decode. Either Qteam considers NK denuclearizing fits their criteria for the marker here, or there’s something else going on. Perhaps there was an assassination attempt while Trump was overseas in Asia? Pure speculation here.

This document is about the CIA using Satellites to send signals to down planes. Think JFK Jr. Think remote assassination via aircraft.

Did the CIA try to down Air Force One or Marine One with this tech??

This one is cryptic.

And this one is just for clarification about the marker, as far as I can see.

What about the differences in caps or lowercase?

I like this anon’s theory:

And just in case you wanted a count:

So that’s my theory. Again, Q has not confirmed this, so don’t take it as gospel. However, given the subject matter of each post, I think this is a really likely interpretation.

Let me know if Q says otherwise.

#AsTheWorldTurns #GreatAwakening

21 thoughts on ““As the World Turns” DECODED! #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. As you said, As the world turns played on CBS and got interrupted. “As The World Turns” could mean that there was a risk of interruption of the plan. Look at NK post. It is written in lower case. Has NK shot any nukes at any US ally? Such thing never happened.
    Crisis was disarmed before Cabal could use it. Upper case is used when crisis was used and White Hats managed to avert it or was foiled by Cabal themself (because, you know, they’re stupid, like, insanely).

  2. Absolutely brilliant! You guys are bleeping geniuses!! Did anyone see the Q research board the letter sequencee’s of HRC raw video matches part of Julian Assange’s number sequence! When Julian tweeted that out I thought it was a dead man’s switch and or Wikileaks was dropping more info but nothing ever came. Now the second 4 numbers match HRC video!! I think that anon is on to something! Love it!

  3. The comments concerning the ability to down airplanes. Do some research on QRS-11. Take a look at this site for some technical information on these devices.
    In particular, look under Applications with emphasis on unmanned vehicles.



    Originally they were called ring laser gyros when first developed 30-40 years ago. The QRS11 allows signals from outside the aircraft to take control and override other inputs. If you doubt the ability of an outside source to take control or control and aircraft I recommend you research the following website:



    Field McConnell was an F-4 pilot USMC and in the Air National Guard flying F-16s(I believe) and later a Captain with Northwest Airlines.

    • You are right on the money with this…. interesting quote about this technology:
      “We allege that the QRS-11 can be used as part of a package of technology to guide aircraft equipped with uninterruptable autopilots turning them into weapons.

      We believe that the patent for the device was originally obtained by the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, AR, specifically by patent lawyer Hillary Clinton, for BEI Technologies, Inc. headquartered at that time in Arkansas.”

  4. Ah, also remember we are watching a movie. We are being informed about stuff that is either already done or in a finishing phase

  5. I knew about 7 of them but obviously there was one more.

    During the president’s Asia trip an assassination plot was intercepted in Manila where president Duterte most likely informed DT’s military protective team about the plot. Remember president Trump left Manila 30 minutes earlier than planned. It is my guess that Duterte helped to share the plot since these two men are allies.

    President Putin has assisted the president via back channels about other plots of assassinations – in plural.

    The last one I am aware of is the plot against the president’s life on 8 April 2018 that was to take place during his visit to the UK.
    It was based on intelligence by our military shared with president Trump that caused the cancellation to visit the UK.

    From the beginning the president and his team chose our military men to protect him. President Trump for reasons only he and his team decided that the secret service detail could not be trusted.

    One more thing Neon: Look at Q’s post dtd 22 December 2017 and “44” appears twice in that drop.
    It’s inconceivable but probable that Hussein, 44th was part of that plot.

  6. and don’t forget that Trump’s son’s plane was having trouble

    i think this was about a month or so ago

  7. I should have added the assassination plot in Hawaii where the president made a stop as a necessity to transfer all the NSA data that Snowden during his time as black hat for the CIA/deep state re-routed from DC to Hawaii.

    There was indeed a missile from NK directed our way although intercepted. The Q-team and NSA/Mike Rogers successfully achieved their goal to transfer and correct the Snowden black hat activities that left our national security out of the loop.
    I believe the incoming missile originating in NK was directed at president Trump.
    While it would have been inconceivable 2 years ago it is my belief that NK’s leader using back channels to expose a plot via that missile.

  8. Wow this website is an invaluable resource for people like me who are not chanfags (getting there) and have trouble with figuring out the boards. Awesome work man. I have a question that someone here might be able to answer. If you copy/paste the file number for any pictures that Q posts, as well as some of the random strings of numbers in his posts, into Qbit’s (lol) binary translator it comes back with random symbols. Turns out Im not a techfag either! Does anyobe know WTF these symbols mean? beforeitsnews.com/politics/2017/12/qanon-mystery-binary-code-embedded-in-q-posts-2969785.html

    • I just went back and searched qanon.pub. I didn’t see any binary code. I’m an engineering student so I’ve had to learn binary before, but for my major its not relevant. Binary is just 0’s and 1’s. So I don’t understand how it could relate to a letter. Unless a binary number produced a real number which correlated to a letter in the alphabet. But that doesn’t seem to be what the article is saying. Either he’s onto something or its disinfo.

    • I saw this on vigilantcitizen.com as well and I think it is really important. We hear about “targeted individuals” and how they are mainly treated as “crazies” “tin foil hat wears” (literally)…. They often speak about helicopters over their homes that come frequently and that picture of the helicopter sending signals into a house is downright frightening. I really feel for these people…their lives are completely controlled and they live in constant fear.

  9. Beyond this: there are 192 references to 44 so far in the drops (counting time stamp refs). Probably should look @ tie-ins there. Time refs. could also have other meanings, as millisecond times can be changed to post EXACTLY @ whatever time. SUPER easy to do. I know some are picking up the number refs to chan boards, too.

    Including time stamp refs, there are:
    214 refs to 45
    192 refs to 44
    184 refs to 43
    180 refs to 42
    162 refs to 41
    180 refs to 40

    You have to search CTRL-F on your browser page to find these above.

    Without time refs. included (within body of messages themselves), there are:
    25 refs to 45
    24 refs to 44
    28 refs to 43
    32 refs to 42
    21 refs to 41
    39 refs to 40

    The regular search on the page itself pulls these up. Sherlock Bubba @ your service.

  10. This was an exceptional read & post. I am so very thankful for our President, Q & ALL the great anon Patriots for their time, research & endless hours putting together all the puzzle pieces to make us aware of & understand what is truly happening in our country! We are witnessing history being made like never before! God bless President Trump, our Military, Patriots & America!


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