Nothing Really New with #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I’ll be honest.

I don’t understand the point of any of #Qanon’s posts over the past two days, so far.

Nothing he’s telling us here is new or unknown. Maybe the amount of pointless chatter on the boards is getting to me. I know a lot of it is bots, but eh. I’m losing patience.

This is all like… ancient info here.

What’s the point of any of this, Q?

Yeah, okay, the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the highest levels of Government. We get it. Obama/Huma/VJ/the Awans – all a part of this subversive Jihad. Saudis liked working with the Clintons because the Clintons could pay them in children. BHO and the like were funded at Harvard by Alwaleed and the like.

Again, none of this is new. It was documented months ago. So what’s the point?

I linked the Bachmann letter below, and some of the details in there are interesting. So many Muslim organizations are just front-groups for the Muslim Brotherhood.  I’m glad she’s compiled evidence here, but I guess I’d rather see the launch of a new Crusade, instead of just paperwork.

Come on, Q, let’s get some #DEUSVULT going on here.


Again, yes, they’re waging a subversive Jihad instead of an outright, violent Jihad, because they’d lose if they tried an outright war.

But again, anons are no fools when it comes to the true nature of Islam; and I include myself in that statement. My own desired approach is something more akin to Vlad Tepes (who was a hero, in case you haven’t taken that redpill yet. He spent his childhood years getting raped by Muslims, and when he was finally able to go back to his kingdom and take over the crown, he was given the impossible task of defending his people against invading Saracen hordes intent on steamrolling all of Europe. Knowing their cruelty from childhood, he singlehandedly halted the invasion of Muslims into all of Europe and put the fear of God into each and every one of their vile hearts by driving pikes through the bodies of their fallen, leaving them as a gruesome, rotting reminder to his foes that he was not one with whom to be trifled. The power of the sword is handed to the King, after all, and a good king wields that power well, for the protection of the people).

But yeah, they don’t like being piked, so they pretend to be nice and normal in the name of Jihad, until the native Western population is diluted to such a point, that they are “democratically” voted out of power.

Again, this is not new. In fact, I’m frustrated by how SLOW this is all moving. We knew about Five-Eyes a while ago. Why is it taking so long to get this in front of the public? Meanwhile, I’m hearing new allegations every day (which I don’t believe, mind you), that Fox is colluding with the Kremlin. I guess that won’t matter, long-term, and the enemy is just desperate and throwing up what little chaff they have left at this point, but it’s been excruciating to watch.

Do I understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?

Yes, the dominos will start falling once the IG report is released. In May.

Frankly, the only gravity here feels like moon gravity.

Maybe there’s something of significance I’m missing here, but again, we knew that this report would be the start of things. And we know it’s coming in May. And I can’t help but feel like the Average American is too uninformed to appreciate the significance of this, and too dumbed down by intrusive technologies in their daily life to do anything more than shrug their shoulders. For instance, barely anyone’s left Facebook, even in the wake of Zuck’s congressional testimony.

So where does this post leave us?

In the exact same state we were in before we read it; just like every other post from the past two days.

I suppose that’s the source of my frustration.

Moving on.

Okay, Q almost got a chuckle out of me with this one:

But again – WHAT’S THE POINT?!

We all know he was a climate con-man. Anons all know Global Warming is BS. Yes, he got money and government subsidies and movie deals, and now has a net worth of over 300 million dollars.

Hillary Clinton has EATEN CHILDREN, and nothing has happened. We’re rehashing old details about the Muslim Brotherhood (did we miss something? Because no one on ANY of the research boards found anything new relevant to these posts, to my knowledge) and cracking Al Gore jokes. Why? What’s the point?

Sorry, Q. I don’t know what you want from us today. I still haven’t even figured out your “AS THE WORLD TURNS” marker, and when I asked, you didn’t respond. No one’s figured that out, actually. Maybe it’s another “Future proves past” thing, and we won’t know what it means until later, but I just don’t know what you’re expecting us to glean from any of these posts that we didn’t know already.


#NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #ReligionOfPeace

34 thoughts on “Nothing Really New with #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

    • I see your comments and I have no idea what you are trying to say 90% of the time, because you write like an illiterate 3rd grader.

      Honestly, I’m going to ban you from the comments if you can’t figure out how to form a sentence and speak clearly, like an adult.

  1. 1) I think that it is a stalling tactic to keep us in the game instead of going completely dark before the MOAB.
    2) Did you watch some of the funeral interaction with the Obamas and Clintons. As far as I could tell – they did not speak.
    3) I had forgotten about the Episcopal Church involvement. Years ago, I was reading a book called Bad Religion. In there, there was a discussion to James A. Pike as one of the examples of a prolific pastors of the 50s that really pushed that church to the liberal mess that it is today. I was overwhelmed at the time to follow that name and dig. He was a media personality as well that pushed gay rights, women’s lib., and abortion rights and was the predecessor for the White Privilege movement in the modern liberal church. Long story short – If you follow that guys path. You will figure out that the “A” stands for Albert. He as born in the Arkansas or eastern OK area where Albert Pike is from. He also married a Kennedy (think illuminati bloodline) as his third wife and she was the last one to see him before he died an untimely death in the desert in Israel on his quest to find Jesus’ artifacts. I have watched some of the activities of that church and am convinced it it as corrupt as the catholic church. I am doing this from memory but I guess that only people reading this site would appreciate this while we wait for MOAB.

  2. Thanks for the mention of Albert Pike. I will look up. I agree that too many who think they are red pilled still aren’t educated enough to stand up for the right. They honestly don’t know what’s going on. How can cannibalism exist in the US with private restaurants serving the like. It’s way past time for HRC & her crew to do time for this appalling pleasure of the cabal. Everything dishonest needs to be brought to the light.
    Thank you so much for your impeccable work on Q. I am so thankful I found you.

  3. I would suggest this. Q pointed out NK, then Syria, then Iran. The prevailing wind is that “they hate our freedoms” “sharia law” “terrorists” etc. Iran has been pounded into us as the creator of all things evil in the muslim world.

    Iran is next, soon, and I think was Q wants folks to see for themselves, however they can, that it is not the people, nor even the religion that is the issue, but the “sect” which is CIA/Archon controlled. The idea here is to work and see, if “Iran” goes, it is not Muslims that are gone, but this system of destruction being used.

    If this reading is correct: NK no enemy. Syria no enemy. Iran no enemy. Russia no enemy. China no enemy. No random Nuke threat. No more CIA divide and conquer. For a group of people conditioned to see the entire world as an enemy, US Population, this will be hard to deal with – I have met the enemy and they are me, and I them.

  4. I agree, after all the big post Q made Friday night, the weekend post have been relatively slow and disappointing.

    • Neon said yesterday he was overwhelmed with the amount of Q drops and wasn’t able to deeply process them. Next day he complains that the drops are meh. I urge all of us to recognize the signs that we need to restore ourselves. Water, food, prayer, exercise, interaction with loved ones, naps? All are IMPORTANT. Warriors need R and R. We all do. Signs are crabbiness, irritation, impatience, hopelessness. Emotionalism. Everyone has their own cues/warning signs. Dear Neon I invite you to do a personal inventory to see if you are experiencing burn out and if so please renew yourself. WWG1WGA. There are plenty of people to pick up the slack while you do. God bless.

  5. So glad I stumbled on your site too. Talk about simplifying for the simple. I appreciate that!
    Use this quiet period for some r and r.

      • In these times, knowing what we know, it is difficult to be patient. Over one hundred years of corruption, decadence, and perversion in a short time. The gangrenous rot that has been going on in the US can’t be destroyed as quickly as we would like. I find it difficult as well to be patient.

  6. 2 meanings for huma. I think it’s a bit of cosmic fortune. Huma Abadin is well understood.

    I don’t know that Q’s seen a good dig into:
    “HUMA is a global organization that connects hundreds of Muslim graduates and affiliates from all the Harvard schools.”

    I remember this from when Q first started posting…

  7. Dear NeonRevolt,

    I am in the process of Red-Pilling an old friend who I have introduced to Q and I have given him a few web sites to visit including this one.

    All this is new to him. I think Q knows there are more and more people seeing his posts, so reiterating something is probably a good idea even if we have seen it before or many times.

    I would expect that we will see other crumbs repeated over and over in the period of time that it will take to dismantle the swamp; possibly President Trump’s entire first term.

    Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised this week with the promised MOAB; maybe not. We will see.

    Be patient, relax and “Enjoy the Show”.

    “2018 will be Glorious”.

  8. Okay, NR, this is what I do. First I read you. Then I listen to Lionel, as he is in with both feet for Q. Then I go to dulcefoe, as I read of that site by a couple of your readers earlier this week. I need the three, as each has a bit different take on unraveling. Dulcefoe has been full of the “AsTheWorldTurns” and its intricacies.

  9. I understand your frustration. Maybe Q is refreshing our memory. Q1235 says SA[vital] in bold and today there was an attack today, alleged coup (

    If we assume our enemy did that, we can assume the MOAB has to do something with HA or SA.

    I am going to dl the meme folder from /qresearch/, I hope it is categorized because it will be hard to find SA or/and HA memes in that mess.

  10. Could this weekend’s Q posts be for the Newbies just joining the Q train? They have been brainwashed, likely had no idea jihad was an actual thing. I mean, most liberals and even loving, (albeit naive) Christians believe Very Strongly that these Muslims are basically good people and just like us. “Maybe they will convert to Christianity!” they say so earnestly. This may be enough to knock a crack in their bell.

    Also, I think Q is actually multiple people, since they have very different styles of writing. This particular “Q” is the one who is chatty Kathy, very literal, goes over old stuff (at least old for those of us that are news junkies).
    That’s my working theory. It helps me sort through some of these things and be patient. For the other Q, I need a de-coder like Neon Revolt. I have no patience with the boards. Too many clowns throwing manure around. Lol

  11. Just a thought about neons previous post regarding the shorting of tech stocks, I was thinking about the coming Mexican elections and the almost guaranteed election of AM LO who is a marxist. Possibly a good idea to short some Mexican stocks before the coming electionn

  12. As soon as Q said Trust Sessions I knew they were compromised. I believe the purpose now is to pacify and propagandize.

  13. There are how many people coming over to the awakened side?…NOW You’ve been since the being, I assume. But thin of those just coming aboard now? Listen…they see MOAB and have not clue what that means. I now cause I’m over at alternate twitter and these people are totally hungry! I’m telling you.


  14. Basically three people echoed my thoughts about these last few days basically with Q tying it back to the beginning for all the folks and I think we’re close to hitting critical mass with the help of Kanye? Lol and others… I think I tried to post before but I would buy you a beer or two while we wait for the MOAB! Take care, friend!

  15. Maybe he/she/they is/are Christian? Or maybe w/ a q level clearance it was time for a free weekend.

    Still, I understand what you mean. We’ve been seeing the connections for years, waiting hoping and praying. At least one shoe could drop.

  16. Thank you Neon Revolt. I truly enjoy and appreciate your analysis and presentations.
    I am a pretty senior (76yo) America loving Citizen. I have witnessed the slow destruction of my beloved Country over many years and it has caused me much pain.
    I am very actively involved in the fight to Make America Great Again for my children and grandchildren and for the future generations to come.
    This horrid and evil decay of our Federal Government has been going on for years and years. This cancer will not be cured quickly. This will be a long and bitter endeavor. We the People will have to be strong and be prepared for a long and difficult war.
    Q is providing us with much needed information and hope. I totally respect what they are doing and I am with them for the long haul.
    I encourage you and all fellow Patriots to be faithful, patient, persistent and to fight until we have fully reclaimed our wonderful USA.
    God Bless,

  17. There is definitely something shady going down in SA the last couple days. Q mentioned SA several times in a row, add that to the news cycle about attacks and gunfire (just a civilian drone… doubtful). I’m learning with Q that things have double and triple meanings sometimes… like when he mentioned in an Epstein Island drop recently about the “cardinal” directions, and the “princes” of those directions, I took that as, yes, black magic, but also Vatican and Royalty. There were a lot of Pope Francis drops at that same time, and we already know that Prince Andrew has Epstein ties.

  18. The post with Al Gore it was great to see because now I know he is on Q’s radar. What pisses me off is all the technology developed by our military was stolen at the highest level put out into the public with idiots like Al getting in very early and making a massive amount of money off of some thing the American taxpayer paid for to be invented! That was a few thoughts I had on this Q post!

  19. It is my belief that Q is introducing the treacherous plot beginning to introduce us to the advanced plot to overthrow our government from within followed by a sharia law government.

    Huma Abedin is/was a stealth agent/spy to assist in her capacity latching on to HRC by intent getting her foot in the door. It enabled her to fain access to classified/top secret info she then reported back to prince Dopey. After all she is a muslim brotherhood member.
    The Clinton engineered marriage to Weiner was a ruse to remain under the radar.
    Deception, lies and any other method to move the muslim brotherhood but also others believing in sharia law is encouraged paving the way to conquer the target. In this case it is the US.

    Barry Soeberkah also is a muslim brotherhood member who via deception was enabled to have two terms in the white house. The ring on his finger he’s sporting is part of the tell.
    Barry Soeberkah was a foreign agent and plant to achieve that goal.

    During his two terms he placed stealth muslim brotherhood agents throughout out government that included the most sensitive places such as DHS, NSA and deep state among others.
    Many of these stealth agents also entered our Armed Forces to work from within there to introduce by deception muslim ideology ergo removing the use of a Bible.
    Remember MAJ Nidall in Texas – sharia law observer working as psychiatrist?

    Barry had help and it is Brennan – convert to islam during his duties in Saudi Arabia. He engineered the Khobar Tower bombings and worse.

    Barry and Brennan et al have been harboring a radical and sharia law named Fetullah Gulen. He is a billionaire running madrassas in PA for years. That’s not all. All of these radical/sharia law muslims teachers at these hundreds of schools throughout this country are all imported and hired directly from Turkey – Gulen’s home country. Lots of visa fraud involved.
    He also is part of these stealth activities taking place here although he is wanted in Turkey to stand trials for the many murders of innocent citizens as well as having attempted coups of Erdogan not only in this country but also before he arrived in this country.

    Fetullah Gulen is residing in PA after a self imposed asylum! It’s one of the many stealth and treasonous activities while protected by the Brennan/deep state.

    Most of this info can be found at Wikileaks’ archive!

  20. Yeah we all know these things – but Q is reminding us we need to get the notions into the public consciousness – i.e. start red pilling everyone.
    The only thing stopping all the dominoes toppling faster is the lack of consciousness. Twitter is POTUS preferred it seems. We must help the snoozers understand what is happening and why. The posts you have seen before now need to be comprehensible by your mum. Translate them for her. GO!

  21. I remember when Michelle Bachman first brought this issue to light. Maybe it is being posted now because: (1) how far the agenda has progressed in the US; ( (2) if and when obvious and overt Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters are removed – are their unidentified followers in place ready to step in; and 3) what can be done to stop this infiltration?

    Although designated as a terrorist organization by Egypt, US has not done so – at least as far as a cursory search reveals. ( It’s also very interesting looking at who defends MB in US and who may be benefiting from their support.

    A little history from Wiki: “In February 2016, the House Judiciary Committee approved the legislation in a 17 to 10 vote, which if enacted could increase grounds for enforcing criminal penalties and give permission to the Secretary of Treasury to block financial transactions and freeze assets of anyone who has showed material support for the group.[261] Scholars against this classification claim that the group simply promotes Islamism, or the belief that society should be governed according to Islamic values and Sharia law.[262]

    Past U.S. presidential administrations have examined whether to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and have decided not to do so.[263] During the George W. Bush administration, the U.S. government investigated the Brotherhood and associated Islamist groups, but “after years of investigations, … the U.S. and other governments, including Switzerland’s, closed investigations of the Brotherhood leaders and financial group for lack of evidence, and removed most of the leaders from sanctions lists.”[264] The Obama administration was also pressured to designate the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but did not do so.[265][266]”

  22. I believe these basic truths are being keyed in on because they are simple to understand and disect especially for the growing numbers of people being directed to Q. The Huma connections are easy to understand and follow as well as the Global Warming myth being exposed. Kanye speaking out, Roseanne having the #1 show on TV…These basics are going to be a good starting point to awaken more people.

    My humble opinion.


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