“Wendy” Nixon Digs. WE GOT YOUR NUMBER, #BHO. #GreatAwakening #QAnon #Pizzagate #Pedogate

Q presented us with a crazy photo, and after talking about things like NXIVM and Allison Mack squealing about everything she knew (re: sex trafficking, #TheCabal, the elites, etc).

I think the implication of this photo was pretty clear, and its worth noting that the boards immediately started to lag under a massive DDOS attack almost as soon as the photo was posted.

Anons quickly made the association; this is Maggie “Wendy” Nixon, and uncovered a disturbing amount of evidence tying her to being abused in #SpiritCooking ceremonies by Barack Hussein Obama.

Oh, that’s a perfectly normal, healthy thing for a teenage girl to be retweeting.

That page went down reallllllly quickly,  but I managed to snag a cached text-only version:

But this is to get us asking about the other three people in the helicopter; not some insta-bimbo.

And this is what I tried to tell you guys a while back – this is about the murder of Kimberly Watzman. Read! For God’s sake, READ!

“Looks like Meat’s Back on the Menu, Boys!” #Hogghunting now tied to #TheStandardHotel #GunControl #2ndAmendment

And please! Pay special attention to the #CDAN article I highlighted in the link above!

Oh. one more thing. Pretty sure Wendy Nixon is related to Agnes Nixon… who was a writer on As the World Turns.


Confirmed related:



Q keeps dropping #BOOMS!

There must be more pics of them together. I’ll keep looking and post when updated.

Q confirms that Hussein has been raping this child since she was 10.

This is the photo anon is referencing, btw:

It’s from a Vogue article:


#CDAN has posted A LOT about #Franco, and how he’s a serial abuser, with LOTS of underage girls:


More at CDAN on Franco: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/search?q=Franco&max-results=8

But pet names! Be on the lookout, Legionaries, for anything that resembles a “pet-name” in regards to Obama and this girl.



James Alefantis! Owner of #Pizzagate central – Comet Ping Pong!

Remember that time he denied having a basement but then we found articles where he talked about storing sauce in the store’s basement?


Snowden tweeted.

EDIT: Fake Snowden account. (Cut me some slack. Site was under major attack last night. Couldn’t update the article). Q still responded to an anon pointing out this particular tweet, so the sentiment is the same).


#NoCoincidences #Pizzagate #Pedogate #TheCabal #QAnon #GreatAwakening


44 thoughts on ““Wendy” Nixon Digs. WE GOT YOUR NUMBER, #BHO. #GreatAwakening #QAnon #Pizzagate #Pedogate”

  1. If you look, the pic with alefantis and the pic with Wendy and Obama say 3ringcircus. I looked it up on Instagram. I also noticed a link with Puerto Rico models. That was on Mariah’s Instagram hashtag and somewhere else. I’m not sure because all the info is swirling around in my head at the moment.

  2. i am from brazil!
    Since pizzagate we are watching here me and my friends follow Q and hope this sick people get exposed every body needs to know we the people!
    World is watching!

  3. Got screenshots of the article about Scottsdale flight going down and mariah coogan death. Want? Ig handle?

  4. Hi,

    You may do good (perhaps awesome) research. But, you don’t tie things together very well. And, you make claims that I’m fairly sure you can’t prove.

    At one spot, you’re talking about Kimberly Watzman, and then after a blurb saying to read a previous article (which I did), you pull the name “Wendy Nixon” right out of thin air! Who the hell is Wendy Nixon??!

    You say that, “Q confirms that Hussein has been raping this child since she was 10.” Something else you pulled out of thin air? How about you prove that claim.

    And, “Snowden tweeted.” What?!! Uh, that’s a fake Snowden account! Did I say you do, perhaps, awesome research. Oh, sorry.

    • Wrong. I’m not “pulling things out of thin air. You’re just not familiar enough with the source material.

      Lurk moar.

  5. Her dad links to this movie: SEA OF HOPE: AMERICA’S UNDERWATER TREASURES is produced for National Geographic by True Blue Films. Academy Award nominee Robert Nixon is producer and director for True Blue Films, and Sarah Guinan Nixon and John Bridgeland are executive producers. Original music is by Will Bates. For National Geographic, Allan Butler serves as executive producer and Tim Pastore is president, original programming and production.

  6. There also seems to be more than one Maggie Nixon the Twitter you posted was maggie Nixon that got bit by Obama’s dog I don’t think it’s the one pictured with obama

  7. just wanted to say that in that instagram pic of Obama and Maggie…read on the right side. An eye witness is relating to what she saw Obama up to.
    ‘avennberg@3_ringcircus’ IS a witness and should be found out so as to testify.

  8. So Hussein likes little girls and not just men who pretend to be girls? Does his husband Michael know?

  9. Hi Neon,

    You don’t know me.

    I’m an old fart from the days of Usenet.

    Back around 2010 ? (I lose track of the years) we helped Iranian kids bypass gov’t censorship so they could post vids on YouTube about the horrible crackdown by the Iranian gov’t.

    YouTube has become the enemy < sigh >

    Doesn’t have to be that way.

    Kids like you give hope to us old farts from ye olden times to MAKE A FUCKING DIFFERENCE.

    The drummer from Sonic Youth was my roommate in University.

    These days, the General Manager of the National Iranian Oil Company follows and frequently likes my comments about international oil & gas.

    Just because I’m a fucking grey haired old fart doesn’t mean I’m ignoring the intellogencia of today.

    You have a good head on your shoulders. I mean what I say. You have no idea who I am or where I live. So I’ll repeat, because I mean what I say, you have a good head on your shoulders.

    Keep using those grey cells in your brain. The fate of the world hangs in the balance of CNN brainwashing vs. critical thinking.


  10. Love the blog, subscribed because you do great work. If you have a moment stop by my blog on here, I cover Q and a lot of other interesting stories related to the destruction of the Cabal. God Bless

  11. Soon as I saw her I thought that looks like the girl who was photographed with prince Andrew a couple of years ago.

  12. Marina Abramovic-born in Ugoslavia 30 Nov 1946 !
    The OLD WITCH is 72 !!!
    How many babies have you eaten to look today in your 40s ???

  13. Chris Ficher the chef there just married Amy Schummer, Chucks relative.

    The Beach Plum Inn, which is owned by Bob Nixon, son of “All My Children’’ creator Agnes Nixon, is accustomed to supping celebrities.

  14. The newspaper clipping of Obama seems to also show that his left eye is badly bruised. Don’t know if it’s just a shadow but have seen a bunch of images of high ranking officials with bruised left eyes….

  15. Who says pedophilia isn’t DESTRUCTIVE?!?
    Poor girl!
    Ruth Nader Ginsberg trying to lower the age of consent to 12 WTF!?!

  16. Something was out on the eye of Osiris or something but the Satanic cults and the black eye…. Madonna and all ..all showing black eyes.

  17. I wonder if Katy Perry eats at the Beach Plum Inn. Does Amy Schumer’s chef husband prepare children for her?

  18. Poor Juan! He just doesn’t understand the definition of “research”. But, he surely knows how to jump the gun.

    Anyway, enough with talking about basement dwelling shills.

    As it is said, there are connections to everything and nothing is by coincidence. Whether it’s an insane child sex slave ring, operated by Hollyweird and DC elitists, or a catastrophic attack upon New York’s skyline, these things are all Think Tank planned and orchestrated by people that are desperate to fulfill Biblical prophecy. They are just doing it for their fallen god.


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