Get Ready for Some #Redpilled Investing! How to Profit from the Coming Tech Collapse. $FANG #QAnon #GreatAwakening

So… I’m hesitant to publish this article, because the title can sound very… clickbaity.

I also WILL NOT be helping individuals figure out how to do what I’m about to tell them. No amount of pleading will make me help anyone beyond what I’m about to make you aware of.

And be sure to read all the way through to the end, to make sure you’ve read the warning.

But I’m going to publish this anyway because I believe this could help a great number of people who have been struggling financially over the past few years; people who #TheCabal have systematically robbed and deprived over the last decade.

So, first, a disclaimer:

This article references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.  Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

With that out of the way, I’m going to ask you… How much do you believe in Q?

Because if you do believe Q, you believe a bunch of $FANG (Facebook, Amazon/Apple, Netflix, Google, Bluechip-Silicon-Valley-Types) stocks are about to come crashing down hard.

And I think Q means what he says. When their crimes are exposed and new #IBOR legislation is introduced, these companies will be dead.

And I think it’s going to come so much faster than many are expecting. Q just said the Seth Rich stuff will be settled by JUNE. That’s… I mean, we’re almost in May here. Seth Rich implicates HILLARY. And don’t forget “May Showers!”

Things are heating up. There is a timetable at play here.

So I’m going to introduce an “Investing 201” concept here today, to help anyone potentially profit from the coming FANG collapse. And I’ll start by asking a question:

Did you know you can make money on an investment, both if it goes up, and if it goes down?

It’s true. If investing 101 is just buying a stock and holding, hoping the price will go up, investing 201 is trading basic options contracts, which allow you to make money in either direction.

Puts and Calls, baby!

Now, I’m not going to get into the muck of this. If you want, Investopedia has great articles on all this. In fact, definitely spend some time there if you’ve never done any of this before:

But all you need to know for now is that we’re going to be focusing on BUYING PUT CONTRACTS.

What does this mean?

Simply, a Put contract reserves us the right to sell 100 shares of a stock at a certain price, by a certain date (without obligating us to exercise that option, if we don’t want).

What this means is that there’s someone out there – usually an institution like Goldman Sachs or whoever – who is willing to sell the contract to us (they get to pocket the money from the price of the contract in the meantime – and they do this all the time, as a way to generate cash on probabilities).

But we’re not playing with probabilities here. We’re playing with the #BlackSwan event known as Q!

This gives us a ton of leverage for relatively cheap.

What this means is that if the price of the underlying stock drops BELOW our strike price, we can profit from that. The lower the price goes, the more money we make.

So, just for example, if Twitter right now is 100 bucks a share (it’s not), and we think it’s worth 80, we’ll buy… say, 85 dollar puts for, idk, 10 bucks a contract.

So if Twitter goes to 80, that’s a five dollar difference from our 85 contracts.

We then tell our options broker to exercise our contracts.

The broker then buys 100 shares on the open market for 80 bucks, and then sells them to the institution who sold us the contract and who agreed to pay 85 bucks for them. We then get to pocket that 5 dollar difference (x100, so 5 bucks x 100 shares = 500 bucks, in this particular example. Minus the 10 dollar cost of the contract, that’s 490 bucks of profit. That’s leverage, baby)!

That, at its most basic, is how buying put options work.

But let’s look at a real example from the market today, live right now (as of this writing):

You can buy Facebook puts that expire on May 18th, with a 95 dollar strike, for a penny each (really, each option contract is x100, because it grants you access to 100 shares, so it costs 1 dollar per contract).

What that means is that if you spent 100 dollars on 100 Put options contracts here, and Facebook was go out of business before May 18th, you’d have made…

Did you do the math?

100 contracts * 100 shares a piece = 10,000 shares.

10,000 shares * 95 dollars = 950,000 dollars.

No, I’m not joking.

A 100 dollar investment in that particular contract could yield close to a million dollars (before taxes), if Q is right.

Yes, if you wanted to throw 1000 bucks at these puts, a total crash would mean 9.5 million dollars.

Yes, if you wanted to throw 10,000 bucks at these puts, a total crash would mean 95 million dollars.

You get the idea…

Of course… this is ALL VERY SPECULATIVE.

I don’t know if or when ANY of these FANG stocks will crash. And this is assuming a nuclear scenario – where CEOs are arrested, crimes are exposed, etc.

If you do this, you’re basically hoping for a Black Swan event, predicated on Q’s intel.

And even then, you’re liable to get the timing wrong. It could be another year before this all really unfolds. (Do I think it will be a year? Probably not. But again… this is all speculation).

But that’s why I picked the above example with Facebook.

You could throw 100 bucks at it every month, and be prepared in case anything happens.

Personally, I’m going to be throwing at least 100 bucks every single month at this (probably more), until this collapse happens. If Q is legit, and I think he is, for me, it’s not a matter of if, but when. And I personally think that “when” will be soon.

But if you decide to do this, you need to:

  1. Open an account with an Options broker, which usually takes a few days. Most brokers already offer this, so you just need to sign up for Options trading with them. I like TastyTrade/TastyWorks. Robinhood also does Options trading, but its in limited beta access only.
  2. Fund your new trading account
  3. Buy Puts on an underlying stock

I’m not going to help you with that. Get someone in your circle who you know is an experienced investor to help you (or get professional help).




You want to BUY Puts here.

If you SELL Puts, and the stock tanks, YOU will be the one paying someone else MILLIONS of dollars.

That would be an absolutely devastating amateur mistake. This is why I said – GET SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE TO HELP YOU.

And just for full disclosure, I make absolutely nothing from this. No, I’m not selling Put contracts. Believe me, I don’t have the capital for that.

I just wanted to make the Neon Legion aware of what’s actually possible here and now in the coming weeks and months.

2018 will be GLORIOUS!

And hey, if this plays out well for you, and you suddenly find yourself with a load of extra cash, buy a T-shirt!

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26 thoughts on “Get Ready for Some #Redpilled Investing! How to Profit from the Coming Tech Collapse. $FANG #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. I swear I talked about this last night!! About lining up the put options and shorts on the biggens!!!

    Wholly cow amazing how good minds think alike I have chills right now.. sometimes I don’t trust myself that I was thinking that clever.. thanks for the post that I’m not alone!!!

  2. Interesting thing is that it almost appears as if the market is hedging for something to break to the downside based on the current situation with Congress. Perhaps something more catastrophic will occur, as Q is hinting. I’m in for some Jun 15 at 140. Paying quite a bit more for the TIME to allow the flood to run-off from the May showers. 😉 WE WILL SEE!

    To be taken with a grain of salt…

    • That’s a much nicer position, but obviously for the readers – more expensive.

      I just wanted to show people what 100 bucks could potentially do for them.

      • Absolutely – regardless, I treat this as a bet/gambling. Just as you outlined for the readers, play with money you can afford to lose. At least, there is a possibility to get paid for the amount of time we invest digging through drops and data on the internet! 😉

  3. In December 2017, I purchased a ton of calls on 2x and 3x ETFs (effectively a short position) on nasdaq, dow, vix, real estate, biotech. They have all almost expired – worthless. I have been reminded the quote I read about JMKeynes in grad school, “The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” So, in my effervescent and enlightened state – I decided to try another tactic and short the FANGS using a new inverse ETF (FNGD). I bought at 48 and today it is 38. This time there is no expiration date. But I would wait until the action starts and buy it instead of doing what I did. There are no options being traded on this security. I used to be a very good short seller but I seem to have lost my touch when I try to rationally profit from the irrational normies.

  4. I should clarify the calls I purchased were on INVERSE ETFs (that is one way to go short on a purchased call).

  5. My only problem with profiting from the impending technology collapse (and believe me it’s tempting to make money on Fakebook’s downfall) is that aren’t we talking about blood money here? So why would I want to invest, or have anything to do with, a technological company’s wealth which resulted, even partially, from the blood of innocent children? That’s why I tend to lean toward real estate for investment, instead of stocks, as so much stock is the result of sexual degradation of people and/or murder of innocent children.

  6. South African Q follower here. Neon thank you so much for your great input. I have been worrying about how to protect my portfolio downside in the event of a market crash. Going to gen up on options.

    • It was just a date I picked for demonstration purposes. You can pick whatever date works for you. I suggest holding month-by-month, however, and May 18th gives you about a month’s time right now, for relatively cheap.

  7. Neon – your suggestions are sound and valid!~

    There is also the possibility to do this as a small group increasing the returns.

    This was part of my corporate career for over 45 years. I could help navigate! 🙂

    • Given your experience and input on Neon’s suggestions, this sounds like an intriguing idea — I apologise if this is a bit of a dense question, would it be possible for you to elaborate on what you mean by as a small group?

  8. I found this link via another Neon Revolt article. I’ve been in OTC Pinks in MMJ for a while and it’s becoming tedious. I believe I will open a Margin Account and research Options in detail. Also, I believe what you say makes sense and isn’t necessarily only FANG Stocks that apply. Although, an educated guess is better than just a guess. Personally, I’ve been paying attention to stocks affected by Geopolitics with regards to trade, etc. A side note, Soros has had shorts against the US Economy for over a year and has lost money. But, timing is everything… Oh, and a little luck doesn’t hurt either. Good Luck and Prosperity!

  9. In your example you stated the broker would buy 100 shares on the open market for $80, but the price would be $80 per share. That would require $8000 to buy and then sell for $8500..100 shares at 85 per share. The profit is correct, but someone may be mislead into thinking they could buy those shares for $80. If you are unable to pony that up, you have wasted your money on an option you can’t afford to see the profit on.

    • That’s not how options work.

      Your broker basically “fronts” you the money, because they know they are getting it back immediately.

      You do not need 8k sitting idle in your account.

  10. Thank you for this information. I have never been a market “intellect”, and thus have only invested in my company’s 401K. Stocks, et al…always seemed to have been beyond my cerebral capacity. But, now that you have pointed this out, I can contact my very good friend, and attorney, and pick his investment savvy brain on a good strategy. He and I are of the same Patriot nature, and we would love nothing more than to see the likes of Facebook and every other corrupt tech giant fall back to the earth.

  11. Suggestion: Hi NeonRevolt, what about creating Q Wrist Bands. This is something that may interest a lot of Q supporters. I, particularly, don’t like hats. But I would definitely buy Q wrist bands. As of now, Nobody is making them.

  12. I’m finally taking your advice on this, in SEPTEMBER. Great introduction to puts. Thanks NeonRevolt. One thing not mentioned, and this probably changes from broker to broker, but the fees for 100 contracts can be around $85.

  13. Hi Neon,

    I wanted to invest in those PUT options as proposed in your article.

    So I contacted my professional help, but he let me know he can’t find those “May” options for 1 $cent ?

    Would you be so kind to refer a link as to how/where to find them ?

    Thanks for your help.


  14. You were probably looking at just “IN THE MONEY” puts. You have to go to the filter, and search “ALL” in the option chain. For example, look for 12/21/18 expiration. Look at “ALL” option chain. Look at the puts with the $85 to $125 strike price, they are all under a $1 per share contract. The last price on the $85 strike put for exp 12/21/18 is $0.03 cents x 100 shares = $3.00 for the contract. Timing is everything though, and it is very unlikely the stock will tank so much, unless of course some really horrible stuff comes out about zuck the cuck. Even then though, maybe he would just be replaced by another person, and the FB company will continue to operate with necessary changes to keep people happy and to continue using the social media app.

    Just do your research and be careful. Q has been wrong before, like when he called 53-47 SC confirmation… we ended up with 50-48.

    Also I think that when Q says that the social media is going to get “killed” he means that they will temporarily shut down in order to prevent people from communicating with each other, in order to beef up the MSM and have them control the news narrative. Hence why the Presidential Alert System is in place to fight the MSM when the socials go down. I don’t think the FB, GOOG, TWTR, are going to $0.00. IMO the best way if you believe a financial collapse is going to happen, look at struggling companies that aren’t doing well, especially companies that have a lot of debt. Or companies that are discretionary companies, which lose revenue during economic downturns, and short (put) those. Look at which companies did the worst during the last financial crisis, and you can get an idea of what to short. Just do your own thing, and before you make the trade ask yourself why now, and ask yourself what are you waiting for in order for that stock to go to where you expect it to go, and think of time frame. Don’t spend your money without a game plan. Otherwise you’ll probably lose money and get discouraged.


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