Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song

I know I’ve posted this on BOTH Facebook pages (both before and after The Zuck!) but I have so many new followers, I’m posting it again.

Neon Revolt started not as a Q blog, but as an edgy meme page, and quickly became the best edgy meme page on Facebook.

Gotta stay true to my roots!

Say what you want about AJ. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be where we are now. In my opinion, the only people who have done more to expose #TheCabal are Q and Trump himself.

I will never not love this video.

#AlexJones #Inforwars #BillClintonIsARapist

11 thoughts on “Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song”

  1. totally creative. However, when reality sets in…what can I say(?)…MY GOD!
    What will come of these poor, poor misdirected souls? It is hard not to cry how they’ve been carrying on. I PRAISE YOU GOD for your SAVING LOVE! YOU WOULD NOT LET ALL OF US FALL INTO SATAN’S HANDS! PRAISE YOU, GOD! PRAISE YOU, GOD! HAVE MERCY ON THOSE WHO’VE FALLEN! GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO BE TAUGHT BEFORE YOU CAST THEM AWAY!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thanks for this video! Alex is so right but this was so funny! I needed this laugh badly so thanks again!

  3. Awesome video. I’ll admit I thought Alex Jones was off his rocker; it seemed too surreal listening to the things he said. Now, everyone who has ever called him a crazy conspiracy theorist among other things are going to have their worlds turned upside down. Great respect for him for doing what he did, and doing it while taking shot after shot. He never backed down; that part you’ve got to at least respect some.

    Thanks for posting this.


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