11 thoughts on ““We Are Being Set Up.” Stay Safe and Aware, Pennsylvania Friends – #FalseFlag #QAnon”

  1. These protests are in no way “spontaneous”. I’m banned on tw for exposing moveon.org as a treasonous operation. They have a 42 page protest guide with a list of locations and seeking organizers.

    Here’s a list of their “support partners”. The same people who brought us BLM, Antifa, women’s march etc….

    This is very dangerous. How do we counter this?


  2. Here’s my thought on Q team being “set up”. Do you remember when Q posted a stringer that led to CIA MK ultra videos on youtube? Well type in 111 V-B and I get a YT video from channel 79. These are not near as satanic but they are trying to frame Q team for Syria, Southwest airline death, and many other ff. They had uploaded a SWA Flight 1380 one week ago. Just look up 7 9 on YT. It looks like a Clown op trying to take Q team down!

  3. What we are seeing is the fruit of the “Operation Cassandra” via Barry aka BHO and Brennan et al. We have Hezbollah sleeper cells here in this country as Republican King stated a couple of days ago and reported in the Free Bacon online news.
    Today is the first day of an important satanic ritual episode that begins today and end on 1 May. The first act requires sacrifices fire (including many children) to please their fire god.
    The theft of 600 lbs of stolen TNT would serve as their tool to create such a mass casualty event to please their satanic gods ergo Q’s post must be understood when he says ‘they trying to set us up’.

    Also my thought is the deep state and its actors/tolls like the sleeper cells may also try to create a false flag against Iran since president Trump next agenda item is ‘Iran’ as per Q post.

    I pray that they will be stopped before they murder via a false flag to serve their evil goads.

  4. Two “smart” missiles launched on Syria the other day have just landed in Russia. Damask has just dellivered to the russians two out of 71 missiles that got jammed by the russian electronic equipment in Syria intact. Russia MOD will use the missiled to improve their air defence capabilities: https://www.almadarnews.com

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