#SpiritCooking, Barbara Bush, and the Birth of a #MoonChild. #MatriarchalSatanism at work. #Pizzagate

You all have heard the news by now:

And if you follow me on Gab, you knew my reaction:

But maybe you didn’t know exactly why I said that. How could I be so mean to such a nice, old lady? Shouldn’t I pay my respects?

Well… here’s a quick (NSFW) rundown from an #Anon which explains why I said what I said:

So Barbara Bush was a moonchild and married to George Bush (George Scherff, Jr.) who himself was the adopted Nazi son of Prescott Bush, who was an avid supporter of Hitler and the Nazis.  George Scherff Sr., Bush’s real father, was Nikola Tesla’s assistant, as well as spy for Adolph Hitler.

Scherff Jr. would go on to help the CIA with the assassination of JFK.

And then, of course, he would become president and espouse the creation of the #NWO on TVs everywhere.

So, now, maybe you have some perspective as to why I said that.

And since you guys know I’m active on the boards, it shouldn’t surprise you that I then asked a question in response to Anon’s post above:

After all… it’s not like they have a slow timetable on these kinds of things. If this Spirit Cooking has been an ongoing practice, they probably try to conceive a #MoonChild a few times a year, every year, for the past… well… how old was Babs?


For (at least!) 92 years (but probably a loooot longer. Millennia, even).

That’s a heckuva lot of potential moon children.

Anons picked up what I was puttin’ down, and came back with some details to help this line of inquiry:

Almost immediately, a likely candidate was identified!

Did you catch it?


Of course, Legend and Teigen have popped up repeatedly in connection to Marina Abramovic, #SpiritCooking, and #Pizzagate. They’ve been to the notorious #StandardHotel many times – which I’ve covered on the old Facebook page (which no longer exists, thanks to Zuck) in the past (but which I may have to end up writing an article about here, on the site, for more archival purposes).

Most recently, Abramovic honored Legend as a visionary at the Elysium Gala in January of this year:

Source: http://www.theartofelysium.org/heaven-2018/

And Chrissy Teigen, in particular, has popped up MULTIPLE times in relation to independent Pizzagate investigations – notably, for her strange, suggestive Twitter posts (which she has since deleted):


Luna, she… she doesn’t look that much like Legend, come to think of it.

I mean, it’s possible… but what if….?

Hmm, more on that in a bit.

But despite all these amazing coincidences, John and Chrissy want you to know that they’re really angry about all this inquiry and that they’re DEFINITELY not part of anything sinister:

But remember how I said Luna doesn’t exactly look like her dad?

Now… isn’t that interesting? IVF they say…

Legend didn’t have to be present for that.

And it turns out… he probably wasn’t!

So did Chrissy Teigen participate in a #SpiritCooking ritual with John Podesta present, where she allowed herself to become impregnated, in order to conceive a new Moon Child?

And while John Legend may still be the father, at the very least, we know he wasn’t physically present for Luna’s conception, because he was away on tour.

And even if Luna is his child… that doesn’t preclude his semen from being used in Abramovic’s Spirit Cooking Ritual.

I’ll leave you with three more coincidences related to this Moon Witchcraft:

It’s also a total coincidence that the Standard Hotel has ceased all twitter operations and demanded Twitter engage in censorship:

One last video:




#BarbaraBush #GeorgeBush #Scherff #Tesla #NoCoincidences


17 thoughts on “#SpiritCooking, Barbara Bush, and the Birth of a #MoonChild. #MatriarchalSatanism at work. #Pizzagate”

  1. My Guta info is still valid (can’t see my post under special nick). Article on http://www.russia-insider.com , 30/03/18 , (can’t remember the exact post) and the video with the radio interview where the host dropped the info about the China Millitary Inteligence Report on Guta events is included (approx. 15 min long) but it is in russian language. Still love your work!

  2. you think obama was involved with the IVF ?? Also, what about the fact that Legend starred in the remake of Jesus Christ Superstar live tv production ? coincidence/foreshadowing ??

  3. See Statement from the President (18/04/18) regarding B Bush sadly passing away for some reason dated 17/04/18. Remember what “Q” said regarding Cohen’s office raides “Respons comming!” See Deception Bytes on youtube. Also BDT@DEFCON post by Q decoded with the Hawaiian missile alert 13/01/18. It was needed to transfer data from NSA servers to mainland. BDT-bulk data transfer(automatic in case of nuclear attack on Hw). Wow and all 30 000 HRC missing emails are sudenly found!

  4. They are calling you disinfo on the internet. I know otherwise. I believe it was on twitter. This is the Guy from TRU REPORTING. Informing you of this.

  5. Interesting to note that “Moonchild” is the name given by Bastion to The Child-like Emperess in, The Neverending Story.

  6. The video on YouTube is unfortunately not available. They must pay for all the cruelty they have done to children and to all people.

  7. Just want to mention here that neither July 5th 2015 nor Lunas birthday April 14th 2016 are on the full moon. It would be great to find more info on the ritual and on what dates they fall and why. I would have assumed it was on the full moon but it doesnt work out that way. Does anyone have more info?


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