McMaster, Moonbeam, and @Backchannel17 is a FRAUD? You Don’t Say! Vindication is SWEET! #NEWQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

No need to enlarge McMaster’s bald head. The post is pretty readable

Wow, so McMaster was #COMPED the whole time. He was #TheCabal’s insider as Trump’s National Security Advisor, until March 22nd, 2018.

Glad he’s gone.

Sad for his Dad, though. Tragic.

Moving on:

You guys have no idea how much this post pleases me.

I’m not even going to post the attached infographic because it’s pointless. Q is calling it all FAKE.

And in case you’re not recognizing the bell in that profile pic, it belongs to none other than @BackChannel17.

You’ll remember I called out @BackChannel17 as a fake DAYS ago, here:

How did I know he was fake?


And, in classic shill fashion, BC17’s response was to call me a CIA shill in return, and spread disinfo about me all over, which caused posts to pop up all around the web.

Look at these; they’re hilarious:

He actually said I was an Armenian Clown.

He said he traced my location.

Go right now. Pop my URL into ANY WHOIS search.

You’ll see my servers are in Iceland.

I take back what I said earlier about him being a “Queen.”

He’s not a “Queen.” A CIA agent wouldn’t make that kind of amateur mistake.

He’s just a LARPing MORON.

Oh yeah, your “comms” are “secure” on Twitter.

Give me a break.

‘NeonRevolt’ operative code name.

Welll, I mean… it is a good name.

Yes, QTeam took down ALL OF TWITTER just to suspend my account.

Amazing how one random blogger warranted such an amazing response.

Even more amazing how the dates to that don’t add up. (I was suspended WELL BEFORE QTeam went on their little digital escapade).

So now, you have it from the source.

@BackChannel17 is a faggot, and should be disregarded.

Do me a favor, and call him a faggot on twitter.

(Pardon my French).

(But seriously, go do it)

Ooooooh Moonbeam.

Moonbeam, Moonbeam, Moonbeam.

Wonder what they showed him to make him cave.

Probably something related to this, but hey! Who knows! The choices for QTeam would have been ENDLESS with that guy.


13 thoughts on “McMaster, Moonbeam, and @Backchannel17 is a FRAUD? You Don’t Say! Vindication is SWEET! #NEWQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Love the site! Keep up the good work! Was just referred to Q recently. Check for his post and your post multiple times per day now.

  2. Flak heaviest over target! If a shill account has singled you out like that, you’re definitely doing God’s work brother.

  3. I changed that backyard whater to
    BACKDOOR BETTY i wish i could show u how i changed his profile. He will be pissed. Anyway the profile now says he is backdoor betty and he loves neon revolt what a tard its so fake

  4. The last 2 days I have been pointing out that Back channel 17 is crap trying to discredit Q. I have gotten called a shill and no one on the 24 hour live stream would listen to me! So glad Q outed them!

  5. I have read that chit about you Neon and laughed out loud literally! A shill – gee these morons are really stupid.

    I have tried to tell others that this backchannel was fake and everyone should have known since Q stated from the beginning that no other comm at any other board but the 8chan would be authentic. so There’s that!

    McMaster routinely used burner phones during his Trump administration role that concerned me especially as it appeared to be retained for so long. He always was a Barry aka BHO bootlicker.

    Governor Moonbeam: Take a look at his adventure in Syria together with Warren Buffet among a host of others. The 8chan board laid it out nicely. This treasonous p$ick deserves GITMO time.

  6. Just found you through a comment on Corsi’s youtube channel. For some odd reason, Corsi is endorsing BC 17, it’s really strange! Q said Fake!


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