In-Q-Tel and #QAnon. #NewQ #GreatAwakening.

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I’m doing some last minute work on taxes (hopefully, Trump abolishes the IRS, so I never have to do them again), and I had a meeting this morning.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get in to it.

#QAnon greeted us this morning by calling out a shilling tactic that emerged in the past 24 hours; namely to say that QAnon is an Armenian word for some kind of instrument, and that’s why it was trending on Google Keywords – not because there isn’t a gigantic CIA shilling operation located in/being routed through Armenia.

Nonsense ensued, with people asking about things like Mount Ararat (from the biblical account of Noah’s ark), in an attempt to derail and distract.

It’s actually a pretty good demonstration in how organized shilling can disrupt a board. The clowns latch on to one word or phrase Q used, and attempt to turn it back on him, and get people pursuing a hundred different, disparate, nonsensical lines of inquiry.

Reminds me of Boomers on Facebook groups, come to think of it… 😂😂😂

Economic warfare. When you devalue a currency, it’s a way of sort of dodging tariffs. You have to keep devaluing, but yeah, it’s Central-Banker-Arcane-Magick going on here. The point is, they’re trying to offset the tariffs by messing with the value of their currency.

Right now, we’ve put on a 25% tariff. I believe… though I’m not 100% sure… that this is a warning to China and Russia.

If they thought 25% tariffs were bad, POTUS is willing to put a 100% tariff on the table, unless they straighten up and fly right.


I talked about this subject a while back; how incestuous these companies are. They’re tracking you in more ways than one:

Ah, and now, the coup de grace. I was wondering if/when Q was going to talk about this:

Here’s that link:

And here’s a screenshot from their About page.

Now, this is interesting, because…

Well, the short of it is that In-Q-Tel is a CIA cover posing as a technology incubator.

They get in early, on the ground floor with projects they think will be useful down the line (whatever would suit their nefarious purposes/further their long-game), and later on, down the road, turn around and sell these companies to larger ones like Google, Facebook, etc.

There’s… so much to this, but I’m going to need some real time to assemble some research on it.  I could do a whole post dedicated to #InQTel.

But I have to finish these taxes, first.

And listen, Q-team, if you guys read ever read this blog… just get rid of the whole infernal IRS system.

And also – your cryptocurrency guidance sucks. It’s the only asset class where you get taxed for moving money – even if you haven’t realized gains. You guys made HODLing toxic this year, with the guidance that got messed up when the Tax bill passed. It’s seriously #$%^ed.

And Q-team, if you’ve made it this far, you probably know who I am, and how much money I make (read: not a lot). That piece of legislation screwed a lot of us little guys. And while we realize it wasn’t your fault… just…

Just kill the Creature from Jekyll Island completely, and Make Americans Prosper Again.

#QAnon #NewQ #GreatAwakening #Taxes #Clowns

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  1. Im so glad you exist. The only source i believe anymore. I cannot wrap my brain around how bad this is

  2. Okay. Enuf with the boomer bashing. I realize 99% of us are toxic, but that still leaves 1% that are okay (needless to say, I count myself in the 1%). So, we screwed everything up We didn’t mean to!

    • Actually, I think your post is hysterical. Yeah, I am a boomer (towards the end of Boomerdom), and I never realized why many of the younger generation despise Boomers. Getting a slow education.

  3. Yes! Totally agree with abolishing the FED AND IRS!! (LyndeR was on the board late last night/early morning posting “garbage”. Along with all the others.) Very busy board lately. For sure.

  4. Boomers. Boomers! First you embraced Elvis’ magic hips. Then you turned into students rioting at Berkeley for literally no reason whatsoever. Then you went all hippy, protesting Vietnam (which was fine) and dumping on the establishment (which wasn’t), then you imposed disco on the rest of us, turned a 180 against hippy ideals and became the vulture capitalists you so railed against in your youth, and did the most ghastly damage to the human race by birthing MY generation (X), not raising us as decent moral citizens but preferring to watch General Hospital while we drank bleach under the sink, and now you’ve become the ultimate wards of the state, retiring on colossal pensions and social security and defending you nanny government with every ounce of what little morality you possessed…

    (This is directed against the 99%, Suzan, not you)

  5. Taxes on the income of YOUR PERSONAL labor will be abolished in every country on this globe. Your wages for your labor are merely a TRADE. There is no income in them. Income taxes belong only to company profits. Taxes necessary to government and the like are supposed to be generated from sales taxes and such.. which places the tax burden on people individually. Gasoline taxes pay for the roads people use as a simple example. This is simple but hopefully the idea will be concepted. KAN DAEK. Counselor at Divine Law.

  6. Neon, I really like your site. It cuts to the chase.

    Concerning Boomers, some things need to be kept in mind. Trump is a Boomer. Most of the Trump team are Boomers. Without the support of the Boomers, Killery would have been elected.

    Where we go one, we go ALL or hell breaks loose.

    • You overestimate the current value of boomers, and minimize their impact, as decadent, nihilistic materialists:

      But it wasn’t completely your fault. You were manipulated by a deep state you didn’t even know existed for your entire lives. So I have a modicum of compassion for your generation. You, Trump, El Rushbo and the rest of the MAGA crew are fine by me.

      • A biggy CAUSE of much of the boomer stuff is MOSTLY overpopulation. Always go to root cause or causes. Those of us who have spiritual development deeply care for the planet and all its issues and walk our talk. The boomers include both the light side and the dark side and those of the light are very aware of the issues of this planet if they have awakened. Also as to boomers and those that followed us… you have to consider the dark side insertion of ROBOTOIDS into the population in massive numbers who do NOT have God awareness. Churches and Mosques etc keep the robotoids under a measure of control. Look up the robotoid and organic portals. These ones don’t know any better and make up a huge portion of the over population. This is REAL.

  7. Neon, or anyone else here, can someone help me all Q about this?

    I don’t know how to post on the board, but this needs to be addressed and I want to know what Trump had to say about it.

    I live in California, and this is unconstitutional. Just like eveythkeve else Moonbeam tries to do.

    If you guys hear anything on this let me know here.

  8. Thanks for the great work! This is the best info and Q coverage I’ve had the privilege of running across. Thanks for your sacrifice.

  9. RE: The new tax law doesn’t help you for last year’s money. Tax YR 2017 is old law. Tax YR 2018 will be new law.
    The new law was passed because John McCain, Susan Collins, and Murkowski in Alaska said NO REPEAL to ObamaCare…..and thus, no repeal to 34 new taxes passed by dems in 2010. OF WHICH, on 1/1/2017, the HIT started. Health Insurance Tax, buried in ObamaCare, is the first ever fed sales tax. (Schumer got his wish.) The average amount of sales tax = $60 per person per month. So the dems passed a forced purchase of a product, and then also passed a sales tax on that forced purchase.
    So Trump and GOP majority passed a tax neutral plan so poor people like you and me didn’t feel the crunch biggly. The tax cut on income tax will mitigate the HIT your receive on sales tax. You see GDP is figured on consumer spending and if CS went south due to high sales tax….GDP would tank. It has been CS that has kept this country’s GDP positive since 9/11. Another component in GDP is trade deficit. If CS is tanking, and trade deficit is rising….GDP is going south. So, therefore, the tax cut…and work work work toward improving trade deficit. Trump has our economy in the front of his mind. He is wise.

    Trump did not remove the individual mandate to force purchasing of health insurance. Congress did not repeal it. What Trump did, was make the penalty for not purchasing ZERO. If you do not purchase like you are forced to do….you won’t receive a penalty for not purchasing. BUT….when idiot democrats vote their dems back into office, you can bet your bottom dollar that the dems will change that….PLUS raise the HIT.

    You see, HIT is a hidden tax. The insurance companies collect it for the gov. People think it is just premium increase and get mad at the insurance companies. But the insurance companies do not care if people get mad at them because PEOPLE CAN NOT ESCAPE THEM! Perfect for the dems….they can raise the sales tax high high high sucking and sucking…and everyone gets mad at the insurance companies who do not care.

    You scream about taxes. I favor income tax over sales tax simply because income tax is ACCOUNTABLE and sales tax is not.

    I did hear, the one thing people are flocking to with this new tax law change, though, to help themselves, is the LLC. I am going to look into this situation and see what benefit it may give me if I start myself up in one.

  10. Amen, Neon R! Made me chuckle several times–that iwas gold, baby–pure gold.
    Our taxes were 61 pages long. With all the schedules it came to 105 pages, We are not rich, either. Just average middle class folks. Don’t get me started on Obama care. I’ll pay the dang taxes, but I hate that my insurance costs tripled.

  11. I copied and pasted the link and put on Twitter and it went up no problem. Hope they don’t suspend my account there but trying to get work out about your site, it’s really great.

  12. Happy friggin Tax Day, America

    My wife and I both work and together we made $104,000 in 2017. Seems like we ought to be well off.

    But out of that, we paid the following in taxes:
    $1,554 local property tax. $4,994 state income tax. $6,731 federal income tax. $12,718 social security, medicare, & self employment taxes. $8,388 back federal taxes (debt incurred 6 years ago when two surgeries, chemo, & radiation forced us to choose between paying our estimated taxes or paying medical bills. I guess we chose poorly.

    That’s a total of $27,654 – and I estimate we paid another $3-4K – at least — in sales taxes. So that’s a third of our income, gone like the wind.

    We have four kids. The oldest is a Marine and we proudly fly Old Glory from our front porch.

    The next oldest wants to be a teacher one day and so we send her to a bible college for an education degree. It costs us about $6k/yr but would be 4-5 times that amount if not for her scholarships. So Thank you, Jesus! for that, because we couldn’t afford to pay that full amount and she’d have to go to the local liberal infested pinko commie college where they teach kids to hate whites, Christians, and Americans, and encourages them to protest any and all freedoms that the Bill of Rights guarantees them.

    Our third kid loves him some Trump (we ALL do) but had to stop wearing his MAGA hat and Trump/Pence t-shirt to school because black kids called him racist and black teachers docked his grades.

    Our youngest is 3 and we pay about $9k/yr for daycare (yes, we have to pay more for daycare than we do for private bible college). My wife stayed home with him for 2 years but we couldn’t make ends meet. And if things keep going like they are with the local public schools we are scared we won’t be able to safely send him there. It’s becoming a shithole of liberal-atheist-social justice-wackjob propaganda. But, hey, at least they have a great football team and a multi-million dollar stadium and practice facility.

    I’d like to say that we own our own home but we don’t, not really. In our state the bank holds the title until the security deed is paid off (so its easier for them to foreclose, and more quickly). We paid $15,000 for housing last year, of which only $3,500 went toward the principle. The rest went to mtg interest, mtg insurance, home insurance, and property taxes. But nevermind, we only have to pay on it until 2046…when I turn 80. I hope I can retire then.

    When my wife went back to work last year we bought a new family car, her first one in 15 years. Now we wish we hadn’t. The payment is over $600/mo and we are giving sober consideration into pouring it back in the jug. Our other car has 105,000 miles on it and I’m hoping I can get 8 more years out of it – that’s when kid #3 graduates college – before the wheels fall off. For vacation last year we painted our house. Put the paint on a credit card, borrowed a ladder, and did the work ourselves.

    The only savings we have is the equity in our house, and IRS has first dibs on that. We’re never more than one bad month away from losing our credit, one bad quarter from losing our transportation, one bad year from being homeless. And I know we’re not the only ones. In fact, around here we’re much better off than half, probably. Go to Walmart, spend a couple hours people-watching. Its heartbreaking, folks, just pitiful. We live in a third world country now. What happened to America?

    I’ve been in the workforce for 36 years now, and I’ll work til I’m 80 if I have to. I’ve got a college degree. I’ve worked service/retail and I’ve worked white collar. I’ve driven a truck and I’ve driven nails. I’ve worked for myself and I’ve worked for others. But I’ve NEVER not worked. I’ve NEVER asked for a hand-out. I NEVER will. But, damn, it sure does seem like I’m hand-cuffed sometimes.

    End the Fed. Eliminate the IRS. Take back our currency. Arrest the Banksters. Confiscate their ill gotten gain. Declare a debt jubilee. Make America Greater Than Ever.

  13. Love your work! As per russian media reports the “soft” revolution (Soros, CIA?) has started in Armenia today. All government buildings in Erevan have been blocked off by huge crowds. Awaiting further development….


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