Treason on the Tarmac! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #LorettaLynch #TarmacMeeting

#QAnon turned up again tonight.

Not a lot of decoding tonight. He’s pretty straight-forward. However, he did give us a task to complete… and it seems to be the imminent harbinger of something big rising on horizon:

Just… rudimentary Q here, because I have a lot of new readers:

SC = Supreme Court.

LL = Loretta Lynch.

They have video of the meeting.

This is an important point of contention. Many anons, including myself, figured it was Scalia that Q had been talking about.

Q clarified: he had been talking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The implications of that are stunning, and doubtless, she will have to step down.

But the main point is…

Bill Clinton bribed AG Lynch to stop the HRC investigation by promising her a seat on the Supreme Court.


Now here is where things start to get really interesting:

Shenzen, China.


Here’s a better pic of that creepy statue:

One more, for an even better look:

So we’ve got a bull, a phoenix, dragons, and a pedo vortex symbol.

Yeah, that doesn’t reek of Molech/Satanic worship now, does it?

I’ll bring you more as the story develops…


Did you catch that?

Q just implicated Brennan in the Scalia assassination.

No wonder he’s been squealing so hard on twitter (and clearly taking a cue from the 4 AM Mockingbird Media drops, given his use of the term “Kakistocracy).”

He knows he’s going to hang.

(Well. Get shot. By firing squad. But same difference ¯_(ツ)_︻╦╤─ – – – – – )

The PDF implies that Ginsburg has been a Cabal plant for a long time. That’s not a shock to anyone who has followed her, but…


#Anon helps summarize some of the topics in the PDF:

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14 thoughts on “Treason on the Tarmac! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #LorettaLynch #TarmacMeeting”

  1. Seems to be some confusion on which SC seat that LL was replacing. All this time, Q has implied it was AS. This is the first time I have seen RBG mentioned. Wow–I knew she was bad, but I never heard about these wacko ideas she espoused! That was before the Internet, so we had to rely on the evening news (and Rush). Things like that just went under the rug.

  2. When it comes to Armenia, you can’t beat the location.
    And when it comes to bat-sh*t crazy, word salad dissenting opinions… you can’t do better than RBG. What a nutbar.
    Jeez… and to think… Scalia considered her one of his good friends.

  3. Q_drop 1160 — ‘qanon’ search in Armenia(Eriwan)
    HaHaHa… ‘Qanon’ is an old hat in Armenia; interest spiked in 2008
    see: Trends;Qanon;Armenia
    So much for Q_team military intelligence here!! (“[4] Clown UIDs here.”)

  4. something not entirely correct about Scalia’s death and his familys’ nonchalance about having an autopsy performed – why would you not want to know ? could have been a genetic defect/virus/anything that might give you some closure or warn his kids about a possible health risk they may have. makes no sense anyway I’ve looked at it. something will be revealed I am sure.

  5. Go back to the Podesta emails: It alludes to the murder of AS but worded ‘movie’. Brennan engineered the murder leaving Hillary to appoint a SC judge, appoint LL into RBG’s seat and voila a supreme court to repeat the 2nd amendment. Total destruction of 2nd amendment!

    Their plan as per Q: The 16 year plan to destroy America – beginning with Hussein!

  6. IIRC, by the time Scalia’s family raised the issue of an autopsy he had already been cremated in the county where he died.

  7. I really appreciate you, found you a few days ago. Okay to redistribute to twitter and spread your site? I hope.

  8. Bull…Dragons…Phoenix…All different names for the 1 True God…Lucifer. ( NIBIRU ). It’s why they chemtrail around the Sun. We all about to die what up!!!!!!!

    I think the swirl is related too but Pedos are gross so who cares.

  9. I don’t mean to sound arrogant here, but hasn’t Scalia been brought up in connection to some elite Australian pedo rings before? I wouldn’t be surprised if were to find out something about him too. Maybe he wasn’t only assassinated (if) because of matters regarding the Supreme Court.

  10. what realm of gov has not been infiltrated with satan’s people?

    everything i have believed in seems to be crashing down

    GOD is allowing the veil of lies and deceit to be pulled back and we are being shown how satan has turned our world into a lie

    i have often wondered why GOD would create man on the very earth that he cast satan down to
    and i have often wondered how a few families continue to hold offices and positions of rule and also have all the money they will ever need

    now it seems that these are the very high priest and priestess of the satan movement
    and we people of this planet have been deceived

    i pray for GOD to let the people of this planet see how we have all been deceived and that we will be able to conquer the players of satan’s war against humanity



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