NEON REVOLT BANNED from Twitter and Facebook! How to Connect with NEON REVOLT:

I’ve had it with these Cabal-run platforms.

Many of you already know I’ve already been unfairly suspended from Twitter for thought-crimes.

And though I’ve appealed the suspension, Twitter refuses to respond, effectively locking me out of my own account.

Turns out I’ve also been shadowbanned from Facebook.

What that means is that I haven’t actually done anything that violates the rules, so they can’t officially ban me.

It just means that they’re going to make sure NO ONE sees my work on their platform:

(Note: Reach ≠ Views).

Look at all those Zeroes.

It goes on for pages and pages and pages, and it’s maddening.

This is how they censor ideas. Ted Cruz is right: Facebook has no right to call themselves a neutral harbor if they are engaging in censorship of political speech.

Cruz, notably, cited the Diamond and Silk controversy during #Cuckerberg’s congressional hearing. These ladies are 100% rule-abiding, but had been censored by the Leftists running Facebook.

They were, of course, reinstated after Cruz called Zuck out on national TV. But they’ve been pulling the same shadowbanning crap on them, ever since.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know I used to have a Facebook page with over 9100 subscribers, which I ran for about a year and a half.

None of my posts violated any rules, yet because they usually went against “the official narrative,” Facebook nuked that page instead of playing fair.

So I started from scratch earlier this year. It’s why I built this page; so Zuckerberg and The Cabal could no longer censor me.

Of course, Zuck was up to his typical tricks when I tried to make a new page. Almost immediately, the plugin I used to instantly post my stories to Facebook was disabled, forcing me to publish stories manually. Simply put, one day it worked. The next, it didn’t – and nothing had changed on my end.

That’s right; I’ve had to copy and paste hundreds to titles and URLS by hand, over the past few months.

Facebook also DEMANDED ID from me at one point, saying they would disable my page if I didn’t hand it over.

I threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau and got them to back down.

But they soon obtained their revenge by locking me in Facebook jail, shadowbanning my page and neutering my reach.

So today, I’m announcing that I will no longer have an active presence on ANY Cabal-affiliated Social Media site.

No Facebook.

No Twitter.

No Youtube.


The ONLY way you can connect with me going forward will be on emerging social networks that support Free Speech, and refuse to censor users (and of course, here, on my site).

I will not be responding to any comments or messages on Facebook any more. Likewise, I am unable to on Twitter.

You can currently connect with me on MeWe and Gab. These links will take you directly to my pages there:


I’m done playing games.

Sign up for both.

Follow on both.

The Exodus has begun.

#SiliconValley #SocialMedia #TheCabal #Censorship #Surveillance #NeonRevolt

17 thoughts on “NEON REVOLT BANNED from Twitter and Facebook! How to Connect with NEON REVOLT:”

  1. In light recent events I attempted to change my last name then take it off Facebook. I was met with a page requiring I submit legal identification before the request could be granted. It stated “we require authentic names on Facebook”. Deleted my account instead.

  2. Following you on GAB, Your work is greatly appropriated! Seems Steemit would be a great place for you. keep on being awesome!

  3. Warning: MeWe is as big a leftist Progtard run company as any other silicon valley Gestapo. Don’t believe me, here read this from the founders own keyboard:
    Only took me one search to learn about these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Gab at least is founded by conservatives or at the very least, small L libertarians. For someone who prides themselves on being a great researcher, you’ve utterly failed on choosing “MeWe” and worst of all, encouraging all your followers to sign up too.
    I love what you’re doing here, but, please be more thorough investigating social media alternatives. MeWe is a great concept, but I’ll not give my loyalty to anymore people who quite frankly Despise us!

    • I’m perfectly aware who is running it, and yes, I’ve read this article already (and many more).

      The founder has repeatedly stated he is for free speech and won’t censor political opinions he disagrees with. Yes, he’s a flaming socialist-Bernie-bro-retard who drank the kool-aide. But he is also a privacy advocate with a decent history of supporting free speech.

      MeWe also doesn’t do any of the Facebook-style-tracking (or at least, it claims not to. And so far, I believe that claim).

      They’re also refusing to sell/give away user data.

      That’s fine for me. I can work with that.

      Beyond that, I’ve already done literally everything else I can do – apart from opening up a social network myself.

      I’ve created my own platform here, on

      And I engage every day on Gab.

      There’s literally nothing else I can do, so take your complaints and your purity spiraling elsewhere.

      • Sorry if I came off a bit harsh sounding, but I would add one last thing. Gab is open source, not proprietary like most others. That means, the source code is open for anyone to inspect. Meaning, we can know exactly what they are, or are not doing. Meaning, they have nothing to hide.

        Time will tell whether MeWe lives up to the sales pitch. And I’ll say thanks for all you do here on the website. I just found it the other day.

        • Unfortunately, you’re incorrect about Gab being open source. It is not. There is no gab repo anywhere for people to perform a code audit on.

          • OK, I did some reading, and apparently Gab had planned to open source the trending and or ranking system. I’ve been under the impression they opened it all, but stand partially corrected.
            But at least they aren’t located in the viper pit of silicon valley like MeWe is. SV is an incestuous echo chamber of horrors IMHO.

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