Sparrow Red and #Syria. #QAnon #GreatAwakening


Following #QAnon has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Take that however you will, but I will admit, I don’t always get it right.

However, you know I always try my hardest to make sense of what’s being communicated, and then in turn, spread that message far and wide.

#POTUS’s announcement that he had ordered targeted missile strikes across Syria tonight came as a devastating blow to many of his supporters.

Numerous pages freaked out at the thought of #WWIII happening right now, in real time.

Pundits flocked to twitter to condemn Trump!

Boomers cried “NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST” across Facebook!

I think I even saw PJW break down and cry, after declaring a pre-emptive persuasion victory!

Let’s be 100% honest.

We always knew an actual attack on Syria was possible.

Sure, we vetted some possibilities as to what Trump was up to, speculating as to what move he might make after having moved the largest Armada in the world within range of the Middle East.

But let’s go back to the Q post from the night when Israel attacked Syria.

Be careful when re-reading this.

What is Q saying to us?

The topic is Syria.

He’s giving orders to wait until something can be confirmed. What needs to be confirmed, exactly? Some kind of intel, doubtless.

They couldn’t get troops into the area they needed to at first, so they had to wait until they could get into a position where they could observe and verify this piece of intel they had in their possession.

Their next moved depended upon verification.

This had not altered the plan to take troops out of Syria. Whatever was going to happen – it was not going to be a ground war.

Q leaves us by asking us to have faith and trust POTUS. Why?

Because these two actions would be very difficult in the coming days.

Flash forward to just a few hours ago:

And cue the screams.










You have more than you know!

If you haven’t learned this by now, learn it real fast: Trump is not playing fast and loose with anyone’s lives.

This isn’t some 4D chess meme. I’m This isn’t a game.

Trump has consistently outmaneuvered and outsmarted all of his enemies for the past two years, thwarting both the media and all his political opponents at the same time.

No President for the past 50 years have even attempted anything on this level, let alone succeeded at it.

Furthermore, you and I do NOT have more or better intel than POTUS and his generals.

Do you really think Mattis is sitting there on the sidelines, sucking his thumb, trying to get a handle on the situation and making decisions based on missing information? Information which you and PJW seem to posses but which he somehow is missing?

No, I can guarantee you, Trump, Mattis, and the generals have a better handle on this than literally anyone else in the world.

With that in mind, let’s review some evidence, starting with the targets of the strike:

Huh, that’s odd. Sending missiles at empty buildings…

Well, what else was hit?

More empty bases.

They abandoned these sites… a few days ago?

Did they know in advance?



Could it be that Trump warned them in advance. You know, like he did the last time he launched a missile strike in Syria?

Or… could it be they shared a mutual intelligence source?

As one #Anon put it:

Is the picture getting clearer for you now?

Maybe this will help:

Amid the confusion, Q actually came online and left us this breadcrumb:

Sparrow Red? That was in the comm from the other night, right?

So reviewing this line again again, what does Sparrow Red actually mean?

Well, we know Q has a thing for movie references.

And we know Red Sparrow is a movie that came out recently… specifically, a movie about a Russian spy tasked with seducing a CIA agent to gain access to state secrets.

And we know the book version was actually written by an ex-CIA officer.

But why is it backwards?

Anon helps shed some light, I think:

Ahhh, so now, go back. Review Q’s earlier post about Syria:

Is it possible that a Russian Spy flipped and gave us intel about Cabal activities and locations throughout Syria?

Intel that Trump and Team needed to verify, before taking action on it?

Intel that required a few days in order to investigate?

Remember how many days passed between the initial attack and Trump’s reaction.

This was not a brash move.

This was extremely calculated.

And with this move, Trump has now outmaneuvered Israel, the Deep State, and #TheCabal in one move, while simultaneously maintaining the appearance of “working with” them?

After all, Q has told us that Iran is next, and that Iran is like North Korea – that is, a Deep State, Cabal-operated nation.

Given their proximity to each other, and what you know about people like John McCain, do you really think they haven’t reached out from their bases of operation in Iran, and extended their tentacles throughout Syria (and other Middle Eastern nations?)

Sound far-fetched?

Here’s how ol’ No Name reacted tonight:

And here’s Anon’s excellent reading-between-the-lines.

McCain wasn’t expecting Trump to do this, and he knows he’s screwed.

Trump has also managed to divide the EU on this, further hurting the Cabal:

Oh, and remember the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Check out the State Department’s report on all the #HumanTrafficking happening throughout Syria.

Does that not stink like the Cabal to you?

But go back and re-read the Q drop again, from just a few hours ago.



Troops are still leaving.

Do you understand what just happened yet?

I’m going to leave you with a timeline Q gave us.

This posts correlates to days, and an order of operations.

  1. Testify then drop. – TUESDAY
  2. We have it all. – WEDNESDAY
  3. These people are stupid. – THURSDAY
  4. Fireworks. – FRIDAY
  5. POTUS’ weekly address. – SATURDAY

Are you getting a clearer understanding now?

Legionaries, I’m not going to mince words here. You have a decision to make here.

You can either wallow in fear, and panic, and emotional turmoil…

Or you can take the more difficult road and HAVE FAITH.

This is not just business as usual. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are immersed in a cosmic battle of good vs evil, light vs dark. When you choose to allow fear to darken your mind, you cannot do what the world needs you to do, you cannot function in the way you were made to function; not if you’re partnering with fear.

There were a few of us sussing out these things as events were unfolding, and when I brought up this point, one Legionary recalled this particular scripture:

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. – 1 John 4:18


Many of you were TORMENTED tonight by the events that were unfolding.

In reality, you should have been REJOICING.

Yes, trust is hard. Yes, faith is difficult.

But you were never meant to live a life in fear.

The only ones who should be afraid are those who have partnered with Darkness. And that’s not us, my friends.

Trump just DECIMATED the Cabal again.


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  1. Very good. Rarely are people stringing together more than two or three clues. You really threaded your argument well using multiple sources. Thank you for the clarity and encouragement.

  2. I’m reporting you to Cernobitch ! He needs everyone quaking in their boots ! Actually InfoWars tonight was psy op masterpiece . Bringing in the normies 5k Periscope viewers. It’s a dead platform only being used for you know what. Biggest show on the platform and it’s Coachella weekend

  3. With all due respect. I watched the Cabal murder one POTUS, and then murder the patsy. I’ve watched them run this country into the ditch my whole life–the same ditch they ran the rest of the world into long ago. Better men than Trump have been destroyed by them.

    They have always won. Always. Evil as they are, they have always won, and always made decent people join them or die.

    I’ve supported Trump since near the beginning (primaries) and the Q “Plan” since it started, but I’m never very far from a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that it’s just too good to be true.

    And face it, Trump invites that with the manor he has chosen to approach this battle with the deep state by keeping it on the DL (ostensibly to prevent civil unrest and upheaval). “Too dangerous” to just arrest the high value evil ones.

    Well I’m sorry, but this is it for me. Even if it turns out we were in cahoots with Russia and Syria to take out IS fighters and their CIA handlers and the deep state chem weapons caches, there are a MILLION things that can go wrong in a full scale military operation. Partners of convenience can turn on you when missiles start to fly and things go sideways. Global thermonuclear war is not an impossibility, even if you judge it to be unlikely.

    So as far as I’m concerned, Trump/Q have jumped the shark on this whole “too risky” spiel. Once you attack Syria, you don’t get to play that card again. If you’re willing to take a risk THAT big with our childrens’ future, then there is no excuse not to go all in with war on the deep state.

    Now there is nothing that can credibly be stopping us from seeing some HIGH VALUE pedovores’ and traitors’ heads on spikes. The body count (or at least the arrests) of seditious swamp creatures and celebrity pedos had better start racking up some BIG numbers pronto, or whatever support Trump may think he has will be going pear-shaped soonish.

    • Excellent commentary, Solano Jones. Still, we either win this war with the Deep State or it’s all over. I’m placing my faith in DJT and the military brass backing him. I too watched Jack Kennedy murdered, and Lee Harvey (patsy) Oswald. Hell, I want the Deep State to hang for that act alone.

  4. You may run
    & you will live…today
    But will look back for the rest of your life and regret
    Turning your back on your last chance for

  5. I totally agree with your great analysis & talking points ! I loved the passages you shared !! They are the same passages I’ve been sharing to calm the storm, not only in my heart & mind, but in all of the hearts & minds of (WWGOWGA)”Where we go one, we go all !!!!” It’s the slogan on the Liberty Bell ! We need to remember to soar (above the clouds) as the Eagles do, during a storm !!! Please indulge me, while I share some passages that give me a lot of comfort & peace, whenever I feel a bit doubtful or pangs of fear try to shake my faith !

    Philippians 4:6-7 KJV
    6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
    7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

    1 Peter 5:7 KJV
    7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    Isaiah 40:31 KJV
    But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

    Psalm 46:10 KJV
    Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

    • The inscription on the Liberty Bell is from Leviticus 25:10: “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof.” Kennedy had what you said on a bell on his boat.

      The reason I can trust POTUS to the extent that I do is because…. well, actually there are three reasons:
      1. He does not fear evil people very much. That attitude is sort of reminiscent of David’s toward Goliath. It is much easier to trust somebody when they are not fearful of evil.
      2. He understands real Honor. I think God gifted him with this quality; I am pretty sure he didn’t learn it in the business world. Not the reward kind of stuff the world calls honor, but the real honor Jesus showed to the downtrodden. He recognizes what is honorable, and if it isn’t, then he has a label for it, e.g. ‘crooked.’
      3. I know God; not as well as I want to, but enough to know that God is having a lot more fun answering prayers that we pray for this President than He did for the last one because Donald is a better listener.

  6. I agree with S. Jones
    I still feel that there is too much deception going on. Been trusting POTUS..2015-April 13,2018′ No More.
    The only person I “Trust is Jesus” and what has been happening in the past week doesn’t reveal anything but confusion-which I know doesn’t come from Almighty God. John Bolton is a plant from the enemy of
    deception. He was involved in 911 Deception..& HRC..BUSH.. Trump has placed WarMongering people next to him. WE THE PEOPLE cannot be led like sheep. WE woke up and it is WE THE PEOPLE who brought Trump on the restore America.
    Nothing has been done to clean up the Deep State blk HATS.. Don’t say WE are in fear! No way will We trust anyone out of the WH. Live in your make-believe world as WE will not be apart of this masquerade. May the Lord God reveal Truth to all the Patriots…….’trusting man is a complete mistake’ I will always pray as I have…but the Deep State has weakened Trump…and not WE THE PEOPLE…as this is Our Country and WE are only stronger due to resent events.
    Trust Jesus
    Trust the scriptures
    Trust Gods word
    Trust the return of the Lord

  7. Awesome studies! Love you my bro!!!

    Now here it come lol: the biggest fear is yet to come……oh man lol oh boy oh biiiiiggggg boy….

    Israel is last

    Now understand this….the bible clearly said that russia and the nations will fight against israel but God will destroy them

    Now here the problem, the bible never said anything about certain evil banker Rothschild actually owned Israel, not jewish peoples. We may think israel belong to jewish, yes they lived there but they don’t own it.

    Look up israel supreme’s got all illuminati symbol all over it and it was paid and built by none other than ROTHSCHILD!

    NOW if we did the same thing to israel just like syria…..christains going to jump off Trump train and attacking Trump for being anti-christ

    So how Trump and Q gotta do this?


    I mean come on….we got those huge ass tower 5G set up everywhere without telling us what it is for…I would love Q and Trump talk about 5G so I can go to sleep knowing Trump and Q not secretly setting up 5G. I find it odd 5G is silence on this!

    I am serious.

  8. Excellent analysis. Also just read your dumbfounding article about 5th Ave Anon. Incredible tales unfolding. Please re-etablish a new account on twitter? We need you back!

  9. Entire post read on #WeThePeople PATRIOTS’ SOAPBOX 24/7 LiveStream, And I posted your article on Twitter. twitter says your account has been suspended.

  10. Solano – you missed the point. Our POTUS did NOT attack Syria – he attacked the Deep State and if he hadn’t had the full cooperation of Putin (who is working with Assad,) we would all know about it now… but like Q has repeatedly stressed… President Trump has this. And that comment about “better people than Donald Trump” have lost – those people didn’t have a whole army of “white hats” on their side. Have faith!

  11. Thank u for taking the time to detail all of this. For the variety of life’s reasons, some of us are unable to gather all these crumbs on our own. #QCliffsNotes

  12. Fine post, Solano Jones.

    “The body count (or at least the arrests) of seditious swamp creatures and celebrity pedos had better start racking up some BIG numbers pronto, or whatever support Trump may think he has will be going pear-shaped soonish.”

    I agree. I guess it is just my “gut feeling” and I know it does not make any difference whether this one anon trust’s the plan anyway, but we must see some of the top evil ones definitively dealt with NOW, prefereably in a way that somewhat simulates the USA “rule of law” way. The Department of Justice and the FBI and the CIA no longer appear to be operating within the rule of law so perhaps it is the U S military can deal with these top evil doers properly, but again, IT MUST HAPPEN NOW!

    Every country in the world ought to be working toward and helping toward the eradication of the Satanic traffickers and abusers and murderers of the innocents.

    I can pray for my country and my president and pray that war is averted. I can try to “trust the plan” and really, that is all I can do — trust the plan. The other option is to engage in knee-jerk emotional egotistical, grabbing for market share, reactions that are really what the Brotherhood of Darkness is always trying to elicit and create, counting on happening, and for being provided gratis for their use.

    Calm and deliberate use of our intelligence and reasoning abilities, working in a balanced and orderly and reasoned manner is our acceptable worship of

    The One Who IS Truth.

  13. Oh just some fireworks so the JudeoNazi’s crimes against the Palestinians is not brought into more focus
    by the moral world order of conscience and decency…

  14. Solano
    There is a huge difference between tactical and strategic and you may not have the background to really follow it, although you may think you do.
    Here’s a primer. As a former U.S. Intel officer, with 29 yrs, 10 months total service, until I read the above posts, I had expressed my concern to other patriots and former vets about how adamantly I was opposed to attacking Syria UNLESS the REAL targets were Iranian, ISIS & Hezbollah, under the cover of the FF.
    Now, being retired, I no longer have access to the TS/SCI/TK type of Intel I would have had, aboard ship, in a SCIF Fusion center BUT, we now have ‘Q’ who obviously has a ‘Q’ level clearance and is in close contact with POTUS.
    So, even though I sent out emails this morning and last night, adamantly opposing the Strike UNLESS the target was NOT FSF but Iran’s infrastructure and proxies, I am overjoyed to see that it ‘appears’ from all of the above that this was the diversionary plan and which hopefully succeeded, so here’s my offering, for whatever it’s worth to you.

    I totally agree with your initial overall view and yes, JFK was whacked and Oswald WAS a patsy and the evil ones have won however, as is asked, we now are seeing events unfold that are (too) slowly (for me impatience, anyway) that are forcing out (Ryan and hopefully McConnell next) along with other RINO deep state traitors and now, it APPEARS that Russia may well have been warned that a strike was coming, otherwise why move their Naval vessels out of port,

    Even further, Israel’s strike, over Lebanon, was no accident. The timing was too coincidental to NOT be a precursor, softening up and F-35 Intel/emissions gathering/recording/locating of threats attack, under the guise of the T-4 airfield attack and although I don’t know the Israel target list, I would imagine that they included Iranian/Hezbollah C3&C4 sites and perhaps, even Iranian SA-300’s and AA sites, besides the claimed T-4airfield hit OR at least their illuminating frequenciymspreads and inter coordination comms.

    Yep, we all get bummed, me too but since you are obviously on our side, consider this. ‘Faith is hope in things yet unseen’. I am truly of ‘little faith’ however after reading the above, its growing.

  15. Excellent breakdown/analysis. I like the logic. Seems “Q” and I like movie references, and I comprehend most of them. I also comprehend about 75% of the “shorthand” used. Thanks.

  16. Hey Solana Jones, it slightly depresses me that you are so wishy-washy. If you could go back in time, would you vote for Hillary?

    I chose to believe that we will win this fight, with Trump and Q leading the way. If you don’t, good for you.

    Peace be with you.

  17. this article sheds light and makes much sense, thanks for your point of view and understanding. I definitely agree with HAVING FAITH, in the end it is a spiritual battle we are in. Victory of the Light.

  18. This whole idea all of a sudden of Iran being a Deep State country is totally a novel injection to the narrative at this time. I heard a commentary today by x22 report that what Q means when he says Iran is next is that there are several Deep State areas/installations in Iran that Team Trump is going to wipe out. Seems very odd that nothing has been said to us before about this.

    Israeli interests in the Middle East are always greatly played down and only mentioned in a passing way by Q and not at all by Team Trump. That country has several nuclear weapons and so is a major player in what is going on in the Middle East.

    Pray for the peace of the whole world. Pray for President Trump and pray that the USA maintains its national sovereignty and is able to greatly eradicate the Satanic Deep State / neocon people in the USA power structure.

    “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”
    John 1:5

  19. That was a very helpful post – thanks for putting this out. The fact that we are not on an escalation to WWIII already speaks to what is being presented here – lets see what transpires! … I have linked this important article back to a piece on the Syria False Flag topic here: The biggest challenge in all of this is so many people do not know how far off the path America has fallen! America was couped in the 1860’s – everything created since the Titles of Nobility Act XIII post 1819 is void for violations of TONA! For people to understand the true reality of our situation virtually takes a brain transplant! is an attempt to try and help people understand what happened to our world and nation and how close the cabal have gotten to genociding us all. Our intention is to try and awaken Americans to our predicament and not have them feeling around in the dark to trying and peace it all together in their efforts to wake up! I appreciate everyones effort… thanks to all …… for the children…. may they not have to go what we have had to endure!


    Shogunshi(p/t) 51: Your A s s (H) a d A Lot Put In It

    I can’t repeat it enough, chess ain’t checkers…yet with each passing day, more retirees yelling, “king me!”, on park benches are confusing themselves for Kasparov and Karpov.

    Let me keep it simple for you stupid…yes, Assad gassed this shit out of “his people” and he’ll do it again, on command, by his employers, as he and his daddy have for decades.

    Let’s do a quick rundown…

    1) If you don’t know who Aleksandr Dugin is and you can’t recite his mantras backwards and forwards you need to go back to playing checkers.

    Everything we’ve seen reported about Syria is Duginism 101.

    The fact that America’s leftist media all but regurgitates Duginist whataboutism and false dichotomies should give you a hint as to the real motivations behind the Mueller investigation and the increasing open outcry of leftist “Americans” clamoring for something akin to a Civil War.

    The story is simple. The Kremlin’s battle was never about bodies and it never will be. They occasionally stage a high-profile rub out, but they don’t (and can’t) actually fight in the field. Anybody fearing “Russian retaliation” is a clown.

    They fight in the recesses of your mind and have been for decades by infiltrating American media at its highest levels and getting dummies like you to regurgitate the “war…what is it good?” mantra mindlessly.

    Tell me sumf’n, muh dear libertardian…why do you think the HUAC focused on Hollywood? It’s because psychological manipulation and infiltration only works through playful narrative and must begin in early childhood. That’s why Joe McCarthy was right and why history is beginning to vindicate him.

    Some of the shit I see some of you muppets posting is retarded. Zero Hedge? For fuck’s sake, man, just shoot me a Pravda or RT link and be legit. Seriously, read Dugin and stop being a logical fallacy slut bag and disinfo ho.

    Oh and PS…Putin created ISIS. The fact that our military intelligence plays all sides is the reason they call it INTELLIGENCE in the first place. You clowns really think a street fight allows for Marquess of Queensberry rules? Eat shit and die, seriously.

    2) The Assad regime (we’re going back to the early 70s now) is a full-blown Muscovite client state. I’d like to say the U.S. had puppets like these but the comparison is simply impossible to make.

    The US does engage in a lot of covert influence. Largely by spreading cash. But as we’ve witnessed with everyone from Saddam to Karzai, despots do despots first. They take our money, smile, nod and go about their business.

    Kremlin client dictators, on the other hand, do what Moscow needs done, when it needs it done, not what “their country”, which they typically couldn’t care less about, needs. Just to review some easy facts about Syria/Assad.

    • Russian (or Soviet) puppet state for half-a-century.

    • Hezbollah sponsor in Lebanon for sure, elsewhere most likely.

    • Lebanon has been under de facto Syrian occupation for over 30 years.

    • Tried to create “United Arab Republic” via unification with Egypt while under Soviet control.

    • Assad is an Alawite. That’s a Shi’ite sect. They’re a minority in Syria (BLARING HORN ALERT: he ain’t gassin’ “his people”) and unrepresentative of Syrians as a whole.

    • Assad is also a Ba’athist (Ba’ath Socialist Party). REMINDER: the party was founded by a Christian convert to Islam as an explicitly Fascist, Islamist totalitarian platform.

    • His father Hafez sheltered Nazi war criminals and had them running his secret police for decades.

    • Poppa leveled the city of Hama to the ground in the 80s to crush a rebellion…sound familiar?

    • Daddy also bought and paid for the PLO’s destabilization of Lebanon, set up the massacres of Israel’s Druze allies to discredit Israel in the global media (text…book…KGB…and of course…Duginism)

    • Syria sponsored jihadists to go into Iraq solely for the purpose of killing American soldiers.

    • I’d get into their attacking Israel every other day since 1948, but God-forbid someone realized that Zee Roffchyldzz wuz payin’ me off, lol.

    • Newsflash Fuckface: Read “Ike’s Gamble” before speaking about MENA. An attack on Israel is an attack on America and all of western civilization. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a lazy piece of dog shit with a Jew boss you don’t like.

    You can’t have your western civ fetish without Jews as a part of the equation. Get over it. Israel’s existence is a credit to humanity and the only possible chance for a region full of goat and cousin fuckers to pull themselves out of the Palezoic. It’s also the only reason we don’t have more shoe bombing attacks per year than we have days.

    • Oh and for good measure, Assed was building nuclear reactors for Dear Leader 2.0 about a decade ago before Israel bombed them out. This dude is in violation of every international treaty on earth, so spare me the world police bullshit.

    Let me come and cook meth in your back yard and pimp your daughter with a gang of Balkan hools at my side. We’d find out real quick how many of you stand your ground fucks would do something yourself and how many of you would run screaming to the boys in blue.

    • Yes! We are the fucking world police. You know why, buttercup? Because while you bitch about laws, when there’s a gang of motherfuckers kicking down your door, your punk ass ain’t calling the Ghostbusters, are you?

    Laws exist for a reason. There is no more room for kings and despots in the international arena. I’m frustrated with many aspects of democracy myself, but God-fucking damn people!!!! Use. Some. Common. Sense. Here.]

    Point #2 summarized: If you don’t get the basics of international security, cool.

    But if you’re the type of person who isn’t crazy about getting blasted for the purpose of some sub-65 IQ degenerate’s 72 virgin fantasy, do realize you’re tacitly supporting Bin Laden in a suit when you support Assad.

    3) For all you fucking braindead Putin groupies…most of you don’t remember but there was another KGB puppet who played the “democratically elected, sovereign nation” manipulation tactic.

    Study Serbia and you will understand Syria.

    I’ve lost a lot of friends and loved ones over the years due to this issue and most people from where I’m from either eat a bullet or get blackballed for sharing this info, so do consider it with a bit of diligent study, please.

    Slobodan Milošević was your run of the mill Yugoslav communist. The term “Yugoslav” is very important, because Milošević was everything but a Serb, much like Assad is anything but a Syrian. No surprise they were buddies…along with Saddam, another Ba’athist KGB puppet, but I digress…

    A clever combination of KGB disinfo campaigns and the moronic Clinton administration’s own desires to spread into Russia’s backyard led to a war that only greedy commie shitbags, intent on picking over the carcass of an economically dead nation, wanted or needed.

    “Serbian nationalism” was the manufactured excuse, because that’s what the Kremlin needed at the time. Except, Milošević couldn’t be a Serbian nationalist, just like the majority of Syrians cannot ever be “Assad’s people.”

    The war in Bosnia was a great opportunity for the Afghani jihadists the Kremlin had recruited off the back of their failed campaign there in the late-80s to get some show time.

    It is precisely those soldiers of fortune who Putin would later recruit in creating ISIS. The fact that Obama’s idiot brigade let themselves be played into helping them doesn’t negate who the lever puller is in this equation.

    Back to the Balkans…

    Though each side in the Yugoslav conflict had a leader who was a foreign intelligence asset, Milošević was the only one clearly and ardently working for only the best possible outcome of his employer.

    That’s the difference between western puppets and Muscovite puppets. But explaining this to those under the influence of the former is much like explaining to a beaten old street walker that her pimp ain’t “daddy” or “the man in her life.”

    Serbian interests in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo would end up being flushed down the toilet in exchange for Milošević’s staying in power another few weeks or months at a time.

    Every single one of his moves was made expressly for the purposes of getting the US/NATO stuck in the Balkan mud, while Russia recovered from its post-Berlin Wall-fall malaise.

    The mission was a glaring success…for Moscow.

    Point being, Milošević acted just like Assad is acting today.

    In the interests of his employers, not his people…who weren’t his people anyway, like most Syrians aren’t Assad’s.

    The only difference between then and now is that there was no internet (not a developed one at least) at the time and the macabre performance artists formerly known as the KGB were not yet adept at manipulating naïve American minds with their digital disinformation campaigns.

    The only major difference in this comparison is that since Serbs are the dominant majority in the “Western” Balkans (e.g. former Yugoslavia), an ethnic Serb tyrant could never be allowed to rise to power or to be counted upon to dominate dependently the way Assad (as a minority tyrant) does.

    You can read up on Rwanda and Paul Kagame if you want to pursue this train of thought.

    Anyway, much like Assad IS KILLING “his people”…Milošević killed his. The only difference is that Milošević whacked political opponents out with his brand of Mafia justice, while making it impossible for anyone, with a supra-100 IQ and an unwillingness to engage in racketeering, to earn a living or live in peace.

    As you can see, Kremlin puppets do whatever’s required of them at the time.

    Ultimately, the Serbs of Croatia and Kosovo became victims of genocide, yet for the benefit of Moscow, Milošević’s entire state media-controlled apparatus (very much a beta-test version of the RT/Pravda/Zero Hedge to Hollywood’s edge Duginist propaganda machine of today) worked tirelessly to cover up what was actually happening.

    This is because Milošević was not a Serb, as I am forced to remind you…much like Assad is not Syrian. The Kremlin needed Srebrenica, just like it needed Aleppo, and just like it needs what is happening today.

    The Kremlin knows that you, as the typical American are lazy, ignorant, and arrogant. That you prefer memes to books and the comfort of your emotional vanity to the scalding burn of reality.

    My apologies to anyone who is versed at this level of grand strategy and for stealing a few minutes you’ll never get back on reviewing rather elementary subject matter, but I simply can’t get over how fucking dumb and uninformed most Americans are about both, the state of world affairs and their government’s role in them.

    You don’t need to be a war monger.

    I get it, you don’t want perpetual war. But then meet me half way and admit to yourself that you’re a petulant child ignoring reality and how the world works. War is life. Not a byproduct of it. You’ve just forgotten this because the mightiest military in history allows you such luxury.

    NEWSFLASH: the war machine pays for your lifestyle. Nothing else. No. Not the market. Not your hard work or ingenuity. The best lives are lived by those whose safety and comfort are guaranteed by the biggest guns. Sorry. That truth is a mouth cunt rag and ya just can’t shut her up.

    This is also the answer to why your government spies on you and keeps tabs on you.

    Because you are fucking dumb and childish. I

    Because you puppet the propaganda of those seeking to destroy you and the comfort which allows you to speak in ways that would get you hung or summarily executed in the vast majority of the places you inadvertently stick up for.

    I wish it weren’t that way and you were more like the generation of your grandparents, understanding and accepting the responsibility you carry as the world’s only bastion of freedom and individuality. But you’re not.

    By supporting Assad and Putin, you support all the gun-grabbing, command-economic, central-planning horse shit-ism that 95% of the globe has already been incurably infected by. You just think you’re supporting peace.

    In closing, get a fucking clue and stop posting memes making fun of Tide pod eaters and condom snorters when you’re doing the adult version of the same by jerking off to the Team America World Police anthem and parroting KGB disinformation. Get a clue and enjoy the freedom and comfort that the “evil war machine” grants ya.

    Toodles poodles.

  21. Perché vi meravigliate dell’attacco alla Siria? è dal 2009 che Noi del MOVIMENTO “LA GIOVANE ITALIA” stiamo informando il mondo che: A causa di un grande giacimento di gas nel Caspio pari a circa 263 miliardi di piedi cubici e oltre 100 miliardi di barili di petrolio, banchieri di origine ebraica hanno deciso di creare un grande stato che comprende: Egitto, Sudan, Penisola Arabica, Asia Minore e Caucaso, costruire un gasdotto attraverso l’Afganistan per allacciarlo all’India e alla Cina. L’Israeliano Ariel Sharon di origine ebraica disse: Gli Americani faranno quel diciamo Noi. Ora perché ve le prendete Trump? Sapete bene che tutti i capi del mondo sono sotto il comando di Israeliani di origine ebraica. Questi uomini sono dotati di un’intelligenza e determinazione che solo noi ricercatori indipendenti conosciamo.Prima si sono assicurati l’amicizia della Cina e poi attaccano l’Iran. La Cina ha risposto: La linea ferroviaria che avete progettato Gerusalemme Teheran la faremo noi. Seguite la nostra pagina su F.B. Nicola frascone


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