Disregard @BackChannel17. #Clown Disinfo Operation Queen. #PsyOps #QAnon

Last night, a stylistically-persuasive twitter account popped up, right as the Syria attack started.

This account was named @BackChannel17.


It is actively spreading DISINFO, and is, at best, a LARP, or at worst, A CLOWN DISINFO OP.

I’m actually hopping mad at whoever is operating this account, because it’s pulling in the less-critically-and-technically minded at /r/GreatAwakening.

There are a LOT of posts like this, this morning unfortunately.

Why is this?

Because a great deal of people don’t know how to use/are intimidated by the actual research boards, and thus, miss things.

They see a screenshot, go “Oh twitter! I know how to use twitter!”

And then they’re roped in.

And of course, this particular account is immediately capitalizing on the ignorance, going so far as to inject misdirection into crumbs that have already been solved.

This, despite yours truly telling you LAST NIGHT to disregard this account:

Furthermore, you can verify this for yourself by looking at the coordinates of the strikes and comparing it to the “facility” coordinates the account posted earlier.

There is no such facility outside of Homs, Syria.

There were no missiles targeting that area.

Do not believe screenshots telling you otherwise.

But just don’t take my word for it.

Take Q’s.

This is post 1013 – and it’s actually referring to a legitimate disinfo operation going on right now.

And – what do you know – the details Op was leaked in short order!

Folks, this is how the literal CIA is attempting to control you, via fake social media accounts like BackChannel17.

This is Operation Q-T2810C, referenced by QAnon:

Don’t just skim through these slides.

Read them carefully. Understand how your enemy is trying to ATTACK you.

There are AI systems deployed against you.

I know this is hard for some to understand – but not everyone you’re interacting with – even on the chans – is a living, breathing person.

Backchannel17, if I had to guess, is a Queen. 

But beyond that – do you REALLY think Qteam is going to launch a helper account, not on the chans, but in the middle of Twitter – a clown platform, need I remind you (even if the “censorship algorithm” is down) – right as POTUS launches an incredibly large, higly targeted wartime operation overseas? And give no prior notice?

All while contradicting his previous statements that CLOWNS ARE RUNNNING DISINFO OPS SPECIFICALLY ON TWITTER??




I don’t want to have to post one of these reports again.

Addendum: The ultimate Takeaway is this: Unless Q says otherwise, I’m disregarding this particular twitter account.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #Twitter #Clowns #Disinfo #Espionage #PsyOps

13 thoughts on “Disregard @BackChannel17. #Clown Disinfo Operation Queen. #PsyOps #QAnon”

  1. Thanks for all your work and info .. I am so glad that I found this site just last week .. I was starting to act like Alex Jones last night() till I read your posting..All best .

    • I made the mistake of signing on to AJ’s broadcast last night; it didn’t take more than 6 seconds to realise he’d OD’d on a cocktail of his signature product line — just like when he did the Megyn Kelly interview. On the other hand, it was surely entertaining.

  2. Thank you for the hours of research and great informative information anon keep up the great work.
    Much love

  3. An open mind is a healthy mind. Right now there are far too many people jumping to conclusions, making assumptions and re-acting to unverified info. Cool heads must and will prevail. Reserve judgement for when the chess game is over.

  4. Appreciate the hard work, however perhaps dialing back the insulting of your fellow truth seekers might keep more “soldiers” in the fold, not everyone saw the post that you put up warning of this account, and tbh making newbies feel stupid for following a tantalizing potential account (albeit possibly disinfo) might make them gun shy to participate in the future. With all due respect we need all hands on deck in this conflict

  5. Thank you! What are your thoughts on Anon_decoder? I like him. But I’m one of the ppl you mentioned lol


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