Thanks to T.R.U. Reporting for Covering my HRC/Witches’ Coven Article!

You can check out T.R.U. Reporting’s channel, here:

4 thoughts on “Thanks to T.R.U. Reporting for Covering my HRC/Witches’ Coven Article!”

  1. Hi! This is the guy from T.R.U Reporting. I think what you write is incredible, and would really enjoy speaking with you. You have remarkable intel. And are right over the target! If you want I’ll send you my email. Again thank you for sharing my link. I have a strong feeling your articles are going to go main stream very soon if they already haven’t! God Speed Patriot!

    • Thanks for the praise. What I do isn’t particularly special. I just try to put Q crumbs together (along with stuff unearthed by fellow Anons and stuff unearthed by myself) into a cohesive, understandable narrative.

      I don’t do speaking right now. But PM me on Gab. I’ll get you a discord link so you can join and talk with myself and some of my community members there.

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