Facebook, Zuckerberg, His Handler Wife, and… Organ Donation? Who is Priscilla Chan? #LetsSueFB #DeleteFacebook #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Step back with me for a moment, and recall some older #QAnon posts, particularly regarding the repeated injunction to “follow the wives.”

A lot of these questions have now been answered. FB is a spying tool, not created in one kid’s dorm room (as #Cuckerberg repeatedly suggested during his Congressional testimony), but by the Pentagon and the CIA, as a spying tool; a way of sucking up all kinds of information and keeping tabs on the populace.

Q immediately followed that post, with this:

So today, I intend to do just that.

Who is Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg?

Look at that photo. So much love between those two.

Sorry, got distracted by the sheer level of human passion coming through in that Wedding photograph. Rarely do we get the privilege to witness with two souls knit together in such bonds of eternal love. This photo was taken from their surprise wedding… Which had 100 guests… which thought they were going to Priscilla’s graduation… and at which they served Mexican take-out, which cost 7 dollars a plate.

Sorry, what was I saying?

Ah, right! Priscilla Chan! Who is she? What do we know about her?

As we all know, Priscilla Chan is Mark’s Zuckerberg’s wife. They got married in 2012, seemingly out of nowhere, but later claimed to have been dating since 2003, despite not making their relationship public until 2011.

Huh. That’s… unusual, but not out of the question for public figures who values their privacy.

The official story is that Priscilla grew up outside of Boston, and attended Harvard, so that much lines up with Zuck’s story.

While Zuck dropped out of Harvard to run Facebook full-time, Priscilla stayed on, finishing her degree, and later, getting her MD from UCSF, working in Pediatrics in 2012.

She’s also a Chinese National,

Yeah… about that.

Priscilla is the child of a Chinese-Vietnamese father who arrived in America with his family in the Seventies after spending time in a refugee camp. Later Dennis Chan, 47, raised enough money to open a Chinese restaurant, where he worked gruelling 18-hour days as he dreamt of his first-born daughter living the American dream…

Priscilla has closely guarded her family’s humble roots, releasing only a few titbits through Facebook’s PR machine. Her ‘official’ biography states that after Quincy High, she studied biology at Harvard where she met Zuckerberg as they queued for the toilet at a party in 2003….

Her family’s home is a four-bedroom red-brick detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac in the middle-class Boston suburb of Braintree. But the precise details of how the family arrived in America are unclear.

Reports in China say they came originally from the city of Xuzhou in eastern Chandong province, also the home city of Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng. Others say that the family lived in Nanjing, an industrial town 150 miles west of Shanghai, before leaving to live first in Hong Kong and later in the US.

A source at the Asian-American Civic Association in Boston said it was ‘highly likely’ the family spent time in a refugee camp, either in Hong Kong or on arrival in the US.

Priscilla’s father said he was a refugee who had lived in Vietnam, according to Thai-born Napat.

Emphasis mine. Source:

See, now that’s… interesting. Priscilla is a Chinese national. She still has ties to China, with lots of family overseas. Not only just a Chinese national… but a Chinese national with a very obscure, unverified background.

You think her father was really from Vietnam?

Or does an untraceable Chicom with a good backstory indicate that Priscilla here… might just be Zuck’s assigned handler?

It would certainly explain some of these photos:

Is it any coincidence then, that one of the first initiatives Priscilla convinced Zuck to add to Facebook was… an Organ donation page?


In May 2012, Facebook introduced an organ donation program, in which people could sign up and donate organs. Since Facebook is the world’s largest sharing website, around a 100,000 people signed up for the program on the very first day. And it helped out many people who were in need or organs such as kidneys, etc. All thanks to Chan, who was the inspiration behind this project. On this occasion, Zuckerberg said about her; “Our dinner conversations are often about Facebook and kids, and the kids that she’s meeting. She’ll see them getting sicker, then, all of a sudden, an organ becomes available, and she comes home and her face is all lit up because someone’s life is going to be better because of this”


Of course, in the 24 hours since Anons have started to put this piece of the puzzle together… The organ donation page on facebook has gone mysteriously missing.

Go ahead, try the link yourself:


Poof! Gone!

Now combine this with the recent news report that Zuck was sending a doctor around to Hospitals to try and gather patient information before officially calling off the program after getting caught:

So the first time Zuck gathered medical info was when, with his wife’s influence, they convinced so many to hand it over voluntarily.

But that wasn’t enough. They wanted MORE medical data… medical data on everyone; as much as they could get away with!

Oh, and don’t forget! Facebook is tracking kids, too:

So, what kind of data is FB tracking?

  • Blood Type
  • Organ Donor Status
  • User Locations
  • Locations of Minors
  • Messages
  • Relationships
  • And more…

And they wanted to add ALL your medical data to the list!

Don’t forget… Priscilla Chan was a Pediatric Doctor as well. She should know a thing or two about HIPPA privacy laws… And yet, they still pursued this course together.

Now, go back to this newer #QAnon post, and re-read:

He calls #Facebook (and others)… HONEYPOTS.


Remember, human trafficking isn’t just about sex trafficking.

What about…

Organ Trafficking?

Catch what I’m getting at, yet?

We have a Chinese Doctor with no real, verifiable background, with connections throughout China, encouraging Zuck to create an organ donation page, and (at the very least) failing to stop the illegal disclosure of millions of medical records… And now, Zuckerberg setting up the spawn-of-DARPA in China – Building 8.

Do you remember what I said the other night about Zuck selling us out to China?

I’ve got one more link to add to the pile of circumstantial evidence.

This is a clip from Chinese State-TV.

Guess who makes an appearance, randomly, in the background of the B-roll footage, around the 27 second mark.

Would it happen to be just one of the world’s wealthiest couples, just randomly strolling down the street in China, just happening to get caught on camera, and just happening to have that footage used in a montage showing Chinese military supremacy?

I’ll leave you with one last Q post.

#LetsSueFB #DeleteFacebook #QAnon #GreatAwakening #SiliconValley #SocialMedia

11 thoughts on “Facebook, Zuckerberg, His Handler Wife, and… Organ Donation? Who is Priscilla Chan? #LetsSueFB #DeleteFacebook #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. On the bottom picture where they talk about that maybe a group of high priestesses rule the world. I remember a few years ago on 4-Chan a South Korean guy explaining how they now had to use their ID to login to the internet and that they had a feminist government — and that they were undergoing a big scandal in the country because their female president or something has come out that a woman’s cult ran the country. Or that it was international with ties to china, but I forgot, maybe there are dots to connect.

    • There are still dots to be connected, I’m sure, but the SK president was impeached & convicted just a few weeks ago – [the official MSM narrative is] essentially for (this is a very basic explanation, not covering all the key points) conspiring with her friend to pressure corporations into donating money to her foundations – sounds kinda familiar, huh?

      There’s a bunch of MSM publications about it, I didn’t want to link anything specially here, but you should Google it (’cause this was at best a really poor explanation); would love to hear if anyone discovers anything noteworthy!

  2. Erase this when you read it if you wish as this is merely a personal message to you. If you prefer not to, no problem, I just figured you wouldn’t want public you ripped your entire narrative. I have no issue with you using my research (see below) or even echoing my words as people have been doing this for over a decade now. In fact it pleases me when it happens as it means more people will see these truths. However, I would appreciate you at least acknowledging where you found it/from which user. The reason for that is it is important that people (normies) are compelled to check those sites and begin learning what has been going on. If a person does not do that than they must then rely on one person and may miss crucial data. If they have knowledge of who is saying it/where than there stands a greater chance of them seeing it and understanding the scope of issues the globe currently faces in terms of several things (FB included).

    Here is the proof that the entire FB info dump came from me:


    You’re a good writer and I hope you continue to do these things but just remember that these issues are less about bringing attention to you as the writer and more about pushing normies to read where they are originating so they can see the depth of issue.

    Keep it up, keep digging, follow the foundation

    • Dude.

      My readers know where the posts are coming from, and unless you are Namefagging, all you’re going to get is a credit as #Anon. And I don’t recommend namefagging, unless you want to Doxx yourself. Which you just did by showing your email in the comments.

      This is not a game.

      And no, I’m not going to push more boomers to go and use the site, because frankly, I don’t want them there.

  3. Fair enough, if you want to play then we can play. I didn’t “namefag” but specifically put that there for a reason which apparently you do not yet see. I wish you well, you won’t hear from me again in this manner.

  4. Just found this today. Neon, you’re amazing! (OK, I stole the word from the GE.)
    There are almost no Vietnamese Chinese who are Cantonese (“Chan” is Cantonese). They are nearly 100% Teochew!
    She’s Chicom.


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