Lifelog, Facebook, Snowden, and Pompeo – #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I’ve been holding off on posting this drop, because I wanted more posts to contextualize it.

(I did, however, post it to the Gab the moment it dropped, when #Cuckerberg was testifying before Congress).

So #QAnon was responding to Snowden, then and there.

What did @Snowden post that caused Q to write this?

Well, I hope you never sent any noodz across #Facebook, because, it turns out, nothing is ever really deleted. There’s just a “deleted” variable that gets marked as “true,” which means you no longer see it, but it’s still in the servers, archived away.

And that was that for about a day-and-a-half.

But I want to point out something here – and this is my current understanding of things, so it may be flawed, and I don’t know if I’ve talked about it before – but it just goes to show how many years of planning have gone into the events that are unfolding around us.

If I’m correct, this means that Snowden is a double agent, supposedly working for the CIA, who blew the whistle on the NSA, at the behest of the NSA.

This whistleblowing, which happened now FIVE YEARS ago, gives him unsurpassed credibility on the world stage – and a privileged position from which to release info to the world.

He delivered tonight.

More on that in a bit.

Q reappeared some hours later with the following drops. (Links and discussions follow each, as always):

Here’s the first tweet Q linked, re: “FBI burning the midnight oil:”

This was in response to her tweeting out an article about the deadline for the docs Nunes requested, some two months ago:

(Can’t get a preview card to link for some reason, so here’s the full text link:

Q then asks:

“What was just released to Nunes?”

A: Sessions’ DOJ just gave Nunes the doc that set off the Russia probe.

He then links this article:

So Ezra Cohen-Watnick is back, working with Sessions. He’s known to be very tough on China and Russia.

But this part was hilarious to me:

The thought of some clowns being butthurt over this appointment is pretty funny to me right now..

Q then responds,

Do you guys remember my article on the last Q drop?

Well do ya?

Keep reading:

Q has to avoid sniffers from the opposition, and as well as maintain plausible deniability.

Trump and team have everything, but so much of the fruit is poisoned.

The job of Q has been to help us anons wash the fruit.

Like we did the other week with the D-Room drop = cannibalism.

I want to update you on that because, I alluded to it back in that article, but Rachel Chandler has been known to the #Pizzagate community for a while. In fact, all her stuff was really pored over back in 2016, and she almost instantly made her account private upon hearing about it.

But guys…

Her account had remained private until Q started talking about it again that night.

Who do you think made it public for that short span of time?

And as soon as I made the “dining room” connection – what did Q say?


Reverting the instagram back to its original, private state.

This isn’t a game.

Moving on, Q clarified that the [H] in the “killbox” definitely meant “House of Reps.”

But you would have known that if you had read my article:

Q then posts links to these two articles:

Clinton used to run the State Dept.

Pompeo currently runs the CIA, and is taking over the State Dept, and purging all of HRC’s old leftovers.

Pompeo was put in charge of the CIA, by Trump, in order to, I imagine, destroy the 7th floor.

Here’s the line from the article that you should be paying attention to:

Read between the lines!

HRC is threatening #Kansas. Threatening him with extortion threats, false flag threats, and even #Arkancide.

So it’s no coincidence that this comes out today:

Despite all that, Q still says, “Down she goes…..”

He seems pretty confident that this will help take #HRC out.

I pray he is right.

Okay, moving on. Now comes a really interesting bit:

An anon comes on and posts one solitary post:

Well, well, well… what do we have here? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

I wonder who could have posted this?

IDK. R U getting it yet?

Remember what I said about Snowden being a double-agent before?

If I had to guess…  Cuckerberg’s name is among the sealed indictments, just waiting to be opened with the rest after the IG report is released.

And I will take a moment to plug the official Neon Revolt MeWe here. I’ve been working to try to make the site and the community more resilient to Cabal platforms (which limit my reach and censor me).  So go join up now; it’s a great site, a lot of fun, and you won’t miss a thing:

Q came back soon with this #Boom:



Guys, #Dersh here had dinner with Trump tonight. And maybe some of you youngin’s might not know…. but Dersh…

Dersh was Jeffery Epstein’s lawyer.

Do you think #TheCabal just had a collective #Boom in their trousers?

And, oh yeah! Q posted one last thing this evening:


There’s also this little coincidence:


9 thoughts on “Lifelog, Facebook, Snowden, and Pompeo – #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Yup. Yup. Yup and yup.
    Jesus… I had the congressional hearing on in the background yesterday but it wasn’t until today I was able to get a read on poor, poor yucky zuck.
    He’s undeniably on the spectrum… but also a flavor of savant i couldn’t zero in on.
    I was patient with him as I got used to his ticks. He biffed every casual colloquialisms, but I sensed, in his mind, he was handling it like a rock star.
    Or how someone with no capacity for real human connection, believed a rock star would handle it.
    He gave the run around. Excessively verbose. Deliberately technical answers… that just don’t fly with grownups.
    He was sheparded into true infamy, handed success after success by the very poison he hired from the previous administration.
    I truly feel bad for the crushing fall he’s about to endure. I don’t think he’s ever failed at anything before.
    I’m hyper confident I know who Q is now. He was the first person my post-Halloween hangover thought of.
    I picked up his cadence, his pedigree, his unwavering goodness beneath a bedraggled exterior.
    God bless you Admiral.
    This is pure conjecture on my part here, but I’m confident Pompeo’s supposed “problem” is like a teeny piece of cheese in very special mousetrap… to catch one specific rat.
    Enjoy this victory but stay frosty, Patriots. This loss is the nightmare scenario for a putrid enemy who only lives to win.
    Compliments to the author, my dear.
    Great style.

    • I agree wholeheartedly that Q is absolutely a “boomer”. You have to have been around a while in order to have the pieces put together and the connections needed. An old school military guy is an excellent guess.

      Boomers like Q and Trump are the Heroes of the story. Not surprising since they themselves were raised by The Greatest Generation… parents are a child’s #1 influence during crucial developmental years. But at the end of the day, we all play a part, and we all need each other in order to pull this off.

  2. One of my sons works at the main FB campus and in Menlo Park. I can tell you the mood there among employees is sour and there are resignations en-masse. Never before was there such a loud and vocal anger ever.


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