Decoding #Trump’s Tweets. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Some people are panicking because of Trump’s recent tweet about Syria.

Not me. Why?

Because I don’t believe them to truly be about Syria. Not when you take into consideration everything that’s been reveals about McCain, ISIS, and Syria over the past few days by #QAnon

(For the record, WDSHN = We Don’t Say His Name = McCain. In case you were missing that bit).

I think #Anon above has it entirely correct. This is a clear signal to McCain. Trump knows aaaaaaaaaaalll about his subversive operations, and he’s not going to fall for it.

If I had to predict what’s going to happen… It will be much like this time last year.

Trump warned the Russians where/when/what he was going to attack, gave them time to remove their forces, and then fired on empty buildings.

Of course, Israel stepping in and firing missiles has muddied the waters, and my guess is based on the partial information we have, so I my prediction may be missing some necessary information.

really like what this anon’s line of thinking. It might be more than just a simple attack in Syria. Trump might use it as an excuse to eliminate opposition bases from #TheCabal, effectivley killing two birds with one stone:

In fact, given this Q drop:

I have to wonder if this all wasn’t purposeful, in order to draw Israel out into the open. Everyone’s focusing on Syria, when really… Syria, Iran, NK, Russia – all of that might be solved already, and now, we’re moving against Israel and Mossad.

Moving on to the another tweet:

To help explain this… I’m going to take you back to some QAnon posts. One from Feb, and one from just a few days ago:

“You are watching a movie.”

“The “Start””
“Enjoy the show.”

Q isn’t the kind of leak info that would telegraph anything to the enemy in advance (unless they wanted something known, in order to elicit a reaction from the enemy).

So… follow along with these anons for a moment:


But maybe you’re skeptical. Everyone’s kind of tired of the 4D underwater chess memes, but I want to draw your attention to something real quick.

Trump tweeted this photo on the 10th of April:

But when was that photo taken?

QAnon told us, actually, in a stringer:

DECEMBER 21st, 2017.


What do you think Q’s face looked like when he saw Anons figure that one out?

Should I keep going?

This graphic is pretty self-explanatory. #NoCoincidences.


One more for the road:

Now I’m just waiting for the Mark Zuckerberg fireworks drops.

I haven’t covered that Q post yet, because I’m waiting to see what unfolds, but I hope this has helped expand your thinking.