In the Eye of the Storm – #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

First off, the last two #QAnon posts from last night, when I was too exhausted to post.

This one’s about Israel striking Syria, and not the raid on Michael Cohen’s office, right?

The “today” is what’s throwing me off. I couldn’t find much clarification one way or the other on the boards.

There’s been some debate lately whether “KANSAS” means Pompeo or not.

I’m still sticking with the Pompeo theory for now.

I don’t see enough cause to break with that interpretation, at the moment.

A clean House is very important.

House of representatives.

Are there Representatives in the sealed indictments? If so, how many?

Interesting number of generals on either side of the “holy trinity” in the middle, too, huh?

It should be noted that Q also posted the image at 11:11, for those who like that theory.

I also really like this idea:

I’m expecting a busy day.

#Cuckerberg’s “trial” starts at 2:15 EST, and I’m going to try to force myself to watch. Word is Zuck’s been working with coaches, practicing his answers in mock trials all yesterday.

I reported yesterday just how many of the Reps he’s already paid off, but even with that “safeguard” in place, he looks downright terrified.