Ending Crypto Mining

I try, guys, I really do.

I’m not doing this for my health. I’m not doing this for fame or fortune. I just wanted my site to be self-sustaining, so it wouldn’t drain my wallet at a time where, frankly, I really can’t spare the cash.

But the whole crypto-mining experiment… It’s not working.

I keep getting panicked messages – even from individuals who should know otherwise, and who supposedly posses higher-than-average intelligence – and getting accused of infecting people’s machines with malware.

Let’s set the record straight:

1) I previously mined crypto with a bit of javascript code from a very common website; one of the few that’s figured out how to do this. Today, that ends.

2) This was not malware. It didn’t “infect” anything. There’s no residual code gremlin that lives on your computer, munching on your bytes. When you left the site, it turned off.

3) It was never harmful to your computer, and I always kept you, the user, in total control by allowing you to turn it off from a control panel widget in the footer.

4) I disclosed this miner on multiple times, even in the very first post on the site. Examples:


And across dozens of Facebook posts, and PMs.

Really and truly, I just wanted the site to be self-sustaining. I saw mining crypto as a way to potentially reach that goal without having to run ads. And truth be told, with the recent uptick in traffick – it was starting to work.

Except people got very confused, and very angry (or very scared) if their AV suddenly went off. That’s not the reaction I want you to have when reading.

And I’m not going to run ads that funnel money into #TheCabal’s pocket and track you. I don’t even run Google Analytics here, because I’m that opposed to it.

But I’ll be honest, now.

Currently, I can only keep this site running until about June. (Maybe September, if I’m lucky).

After that – I’m not sure. (Some things would have to change in my life, for sure).

Facebook and other platforms have a competitive advantage in that storage and bandwidth can still be pretty cost-restrictive – and they offered unlimited quantities of it for free. I have to count the storage space used by every single image I upload to this server, because I have a limited amount. Uploading something like an mp4 is an indulgence.

Oh sure, I could always buy more storage space… but everything I do has a cost attached to it.

Anyway, some of you have been around since the beginning. Some of you understand what I’m trying to do.

Posting will continue as regularly scheduled.

If you want to support my efforts with the site, buy a T-shirt for now.

In the meantime, Tradmin will keep sailing on: