“They are trying to start a war” #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Planef*g Anon quickly found the “Red Sparrow” taking off and trying to escape from Jordan.

You can see it taxiing on the runway, and then attempting to make a beeline out of the country

There’s someone on the plane who can’t be allowed to escape. They must bring it down, at all costs.

Pray for the pilot(s) going after it.

In case you wanted a translation of that “channel” line:

www.msn.com www.msn.com

I’m tracking that plane right now.

Position, as of this writing:


Plane just did a HARD turn. Did it spot something that spooked it?

The plane just… stopped. Right next to the Baghdad Highway.

Nevermind. Just a tracking glitch.

Looking for shelter? Denied escape at the airport?

Turned around and passed the airport yet again…

Looks like its landing…

9:57 AM in Jordan right now.

Thinking this might not have been the correct target, but I’m not sure. I await further Qposts and clarification. Will post again when a clearer picture emerges.

#QAnon #Syria #TheCabal