About #HillarysDiningRoom Pic… #DRoom #DiningRoom #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate #Pedogate

One thing you guys might not know is that my site has been under constant attack since publishing the story last night about #HillarysDiningRoom.

Since publishing, I’ve had over 5000 attempts to crack open the site, and had to lock out over 1400 IPs (and rapidly counting). That’s unheard of for my site, and I expect the attacks to continue.

But as we say on the #chans: We must be getting close, because Heavy Flak Over Target!

You can find that original story here, if you need to get caught up, but the rest is continued below:

Caught up? Good!

The photo in question comes from the ray.chandler instagram account, and #QAnon said it was from #EpsteinsIsland.

But despite my article, some of my readers (or, perhaps shills, given how much attention it got, and how hard my site was attacked in the wake of publishing it) weren’t convinced.

All they saw was a “small, blurry picture.”

I get it. I do.

So let’s ℕℍℕℂ the image, and see what we can pull from it.

See it, now?

These people are SICK!

#DRoom #DiningRoom #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate #Pedogate

10 thoughts on “About #HillarysDiningRoom Pic… #DRoom #DiningRoom #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate #Pedogate”

  1. I’m not trolling, I’m on a mobile device and my eyesight is shit… what are you seeing? I see a photo, and I see a photo with outlines… elaborate please. Thank you.

  2. You emotionally shallow fools. Instead of getting a full and complete investigation, some of you snowflakes blew the whisle too fucken soon, just like PG. All of ya had to leave comments before everything was archived. Blew it again. Luckily, some of you were archiving instead of going into typing hysterics.

  3. and are those skulls along the stairway railing???? Then I noticed the ‘wall decor’ I was about to say wallpaper but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it is. I did pick up a piece of random info when digging down PG wabbithole what seems like years ago. In response to what happens with all the bones something along those lines, apparently there are some ‘good ole boys’ selling memorabilia from trading post kinda shops, carvings done using particular human bones of course without tourists travellers knowing

  4. I am so humbled by your dedication to out this insanity and insidious evil. All I can say is Thank You!! We are all in your debt.

  5. I really can’t make heads or tails from the pictures and the circles didn’t really help I still couldn’t see it in the picture, but my eyes my not be as good as some. However, I don’t doubt that is exactly what is happening. I have been reading and researching this stuff for a long time and as Q says, “The people are sick.” I am wondering also just how many are under mind control. If you read the stories from people like Sarah Ashcroft and others their stories are very similar. Cathy O’Brien wrote a book called the “Trance Formation of America. What we know as reality is so far from the actual truth or these women are all liars. I don’t believe there are that many men and women conspiring to tell similar stories. Here is a small little bit from Cathy O’Brien;s story to show just how mislead we are.

    “An example of a typical Caribbean drug operation centered around the NCL port of call. Key West, Florida. Houston took Kelly and me to a nearby tennis court under the guise of playing tennis. In reality, I was to meet with CIA Operative Jimmy Buffett, who devoted more time to the proliferation of CIA criminal covert activity than he did to his music career cover.”

    According to Cathy many of the the entertainers are either victims of MK-Ultra, handlers, etc. Her book is full of names that will shock many. I have posted a link to a free copy of her book you read online or download. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/transforusa/transformation.htm#contents

  6. I think there is something strange going on because
    1. they appear to be
    2. sitting on buckets or something that is not an orthodox
    3. the person who posted
    4. Q referenced
    5. what kind of place has over 15 security cameras and people sitting naked on buckets? i can see in Channel 12 an “ornate looking couch” so again what kind of place has this security system, ornate couches And people naked on buckets?

    Naked on buckets makes me think they are Possibly doing something where they do not want to get their clothing dirty. (also, people working for drug traffickers packaging product often work naked for security reasons, just a side note…) They could shower the blood, or whatever, off, hose off the plastic buckets, stack them back in the room labled janitor closet, go to another room and put their clothes back on. Cleaners would go behind and incinerate the evidence or “feed it to the sharks” way out somewhere in the ocean…


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