UNIROCK Made a Video Out of my #5thAveAnon Post!

Thanks to UNIROCK for covering my post.

One note: WW = World Wide. It’s a common QAnon abbreviation, but understandable that you missed it. Still, I don’t want to understate how awesome it is to see something like this!

Unirock – If you have any questions about abbreviations or whatever, reach out.

This video is part 1 of 2, and has already reached over 4000 people! Thanks for helping to spread the message!

If you missed the post this video is based on, check it out here:

9 thoughts on “UNIROCK Made a Video Out of my #5thAveAnon Post!”

  1. anytime thank you for the info, ill put a source link to your webpage of course, ive been sending out the link alot and thanks for clarifying on the ww
    keep up the good work send anything else you find to [email protected]
    hopefully get your webpage some more views

    • I’d be happy to answer written questions.

      I don’t do voice chat right now, to help maintain my privacy.



  2. Need the links to the 8chan posting please! Refering to your vids and site all over, but need the link to the post…the one I tried came up 404….

  3. BEWARE – UniRock is tied to UnicornRiot which is a VERY leftist, pro Antifa, Communist, Zionist entity. Note the soyboy in pic for UniRock w/ pink & note lower left is portion of the unicorn just recycled from their old stuff their lefty subvert and destroy USA stuff. Many have watched the zionist infiltration of Q movement. Saw when they 1st created channel, couldn’t even read simple words, nor understand basic things many known for decades. THEY are NOT Patriots/autists/Anon they are enemy combatants/belligerents the dark hive mind idiots. [do not be culty, know what the REAL Red Pill is. Know your REAL enemy, and understand why zionists blackhats infiltrating. Do not exchange one slave master for another. Know who the REAL enslavers of humanity have alway been. The cult, the traffickers, the blood sacrifice, the pedo stuff. Who do they REALLY worship? Who is the “god” (really plural pantheon) of their cult/tribes long ago propaganda slave tool “books” from these of liars/pretenders? Synagog of satan? Moloch?] THEY are simply taking others work, promoting it as their own. DON’T link or cite sources, and MAKE money off BS, subversion, of “the movement” for Freedom & Liberty from THEM/and what they stand for. They are tied to NGOs NO Patriot would ever endorse, and which literally endangers them. The pink unicorn soyboy even put out a pathetic “we are training” to take on the right etc vid around time of Charlottesville False Flag.

    • Im like you, I dont trust uniwork, and he was saying that theres really nothing there about what was found on those kids and bashed a few people on his live stream! Hes not very patroit like and if i was neon i would be very leary of him. He doesnt like if you dont agree with him and as said mean things to the ppl that disagree


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