D-Room. DINING ROOMS. HRC +++ + +++++ Unlocked? #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Guys, I have a heavy heart from all this.

The connection has been made.

Guess who made it.

WARNING: What comes is… is pure evil.

You will not be able to unknow, or unsee. I can’t stress this enough.

I’m not joking. This should make you WEEP.

Okay, proceeding.

Q directed us to this instagram post, from Ray Chandler:

Here’s a screencap:

People were puzzled about what [3] meant.

I connected it to his D-room post the other night.

It dawned on me shortly thereafter. You can see the connection being made in my head.

Instantly, literally in under a minute – as you can see from the timestamps, Q called it off.

I hope you understand now, the level of evil we’re dealing with here.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a weaponized autist.

This is going to become public knowledge, in the very near future.

And guys…

I don’t think that’s the worst of it.

Lord have mercy on upon our nation, and purge this darkness out from our midst!

#TheCabal #QAnon #Cannibalism #HumanTrafficking #Pizzagate #Pedogate

45 thoughts on “D-Room. DINING ROOMS. HRC +++ + +++++ Unlocked? #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. I want these people hanging from gallows now in front of the White House!! It needs to be filmed for all to see! They want hell let’s send them there! The amount of evil on this earth is so unreal! Jesus please come back soon!

  2. How can one infer cannibalism from any of the pictures there? I’m going to need a bit more to jump to that conclusion. I believe Pizzagate has some legitimate foundations, but I can’t make anything earth shattering out of what’s posted here.

  3. Amen Sarah, I want these evil people hanging on full display, they deserve humiliation on a grand scale….

  4. When I first found out about this stuff a couple years ago I was horrified and sickened. After that I was enraged and began praying. People will be horrified at first then they will be enraged. Calls for justice will cry out from the masses.

  5. The blood of these people cries out to God from the land. May the Lord be with us all in this evil time. In the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking!!!! Marrying and giving in marriage!!! All manners of evil are Among us, Jesus, please please come back soon. Amen.

  6. We are seeing what these evil are all about. They have killrooms under Pizza parlors in NY for Christ sake!!! This is what they do at their spirit cooking parties. They eat humans. Many are children. Not to mention rape, torture and then kill and eat.

  7. Back during the primary people thought Hillary’ could have Kuru Dz – check it out – it is caused from cannibalism and the symptoms resemble HRC’s symptoms

    • Kuru is a prion disease, there is no cure.
      Maybe she drank brain milkshakes.
      Cannibalism means any disease is fully transmissible. Any. May be an autoimmune reaction to other human cells, inc. brain.

  8. I find it hard to believe cannibalism is what we are seeing. Especially in a nation where food is plentiful. People don’t have to eat other people unless some people see it as a delicacy like in the movie Silence of the lambs and Red Dragon. I see more of a pedophile operation..

  9. Get a good magnifying glass. Good lighting. Enlarge picture. There is an animal hanging I believe in frame 10 right side of picture.

  10. There is a canabal restaurant in CA where the elites dine. It is very real, just bc it’s hard for you to believe bc of xyz doesn’t make it not real. They worship Satan, they sacrifice children. Of course they don’t want us to know about it, that’s where the “devil in sheep’s clothing” comes from. Get it? We’re sheep, they eat the sheep and wear the skin. The thrill is in the deception itself. Yes. Mccully Culkin has a story about when he was a kid, and who’s skin the casting directors shoes were… Research it. SICK!

  11. This is on Epstein’s island. The surveillance cameras are underground inside of a tunnel. It is below the blue and white masonic temple with a glass elevator. Epstein just spent many many millions of dollars to have tunnels on his island buried in.

  12. Research the red shoes made from human skin people like the pope and podesta wear….all the artwork with the children in underwear with hands tied at podestas all had red shoes….these people are sick sick sick….God have mercy on humanity. God please take off the blinders to those who wish to deny such levels of evil exists. To them, hurting children is a direct insult to God because they are PURE EVIL, they have no remorse. Hang them all.

  13. The Rich, the Elite crave excitement suffer from boredom corrupted by power pride envy greed jealousy gluttony and the desire to outdo outperform each other. Take what is forbidden season it with the occult desire for more power and the belief they are above the law untouchable, Grace only. The most exotic of animals, the last white Rhino or the tender flesh of a young virgin. The blood of the young the newly found fountain of youth for those that crave immortality. Take a child and scare them to death and the blood filled with adrenaline becomes a psychoactive drug, Parts of brain like magic mushrooms. The slippery slope becomes the bottomless pit.

  14. These individuals are not sick but the ultimate pure evil!

    Yes – in LA is a restaurant that is advertised on the internet where they serve the meat of children as you can see on their menu they offer. Chelsea Clinton, JayZ, Kate Perry, Meryl Streep, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé and more are regular guests (by invitation only).

    As evil as this all is our children deserve justice that also means the public needs to see this as despicable as it is otherwise it will repeat itself again later on. This must never happen again. Those involved and responsible must be publicly execuded period.

    May God Help us all! How can this go on for so long? We are indirectly responsible for this as well because many literally worship, elect and look at these monsters like they are above board.
    Jesus told us long ago that Satan would be running this world….indeed he is!

    Thank you for bringing this into the public domain despite its depravity and I appreciate your courage!


  15. May very well be as you say, but a question;
    Surveillance cameras on Epstein island?
    Why would they create evidence that could be used in court?
    How did we get it? I would think they would at least have a closed system with no connection to the rest of the world.
    If this was “taken” by someone who was there then they could be arrested.
    Just a bit too neat.
    Just my $.02

    • Johnathan Sprague- when Epstein’s island was searched after his arrest, it was found to be wired for internal video surveillance (police photos easy found online). The theory is that he was using those recordings to blackmail the many politicians, celebrities, etc who came to visit his island while they “partied” with the underage girls he provided.

  16. If you right click on the photos, save them to your computer/laptop you will see the pic’s clearer. I used free photo shop and I can see enough to see the boys on the black pails are pant less, and at dinning room tables there is a face on the table and one beside the table.

  17. Totally hysterical jumping to conclusions bro. Maybe something seedy going on. Maybe something criminal going on. But no, you had it souped-up to the WORST possible crime your imagination could conjure with no evidence other than a blurry photo. For crissake. Get grounded. You’re not an “Weaponized Autist,” you’re just an autist who looks at a creepy photo and went right to the sickest possible shit he could imagine. I dunno how you could concoct a more gross scenario, unless you imagined they were sitting atop poop buckets and in turn eating that too. Dial back the retarded hysteria a bit, please and stick to amateur forensics, not OMG JESUS IS COMING AND WILL SMITE THE PERPS! (insert random scripture reference). This has been the voice of reason. TYVM.

  18. In the screen capture above Cam 7, seriously, is that a HEAD on the upper edge of the table? It looks like a human head, on its’ left side…you can see an ear…it appears to have been sliced at an angle, and there appears to be a corresponding torso on the bottom of the table, opposite the head that, if it were a torso, would be chest down. I’m trying not to be disgusting here, just trying to figure out what I AM seeing.

  19. This is directly related to Moloch worship. It’s outlined in the Book of Enoch that the Catholic Church kept out of the Bible. Their symbols are everywhere even in the architecture of WA DC. The Pope has their star on the tall hat he wears. This is an ancient religion, and the reason God brought the flood. BTW I got attacked on Reddit GreatAwakening sub for pointing this out. The enemy is afoot and no doubt Gab and the rest is infiltrated.

  20. I know a Haitian man who recently told me that he knows someone (a good friend of his he said) who told him that the friend once witnessed a new born baby being crushed with a mortar in a large rice wooden pestle in front of Hillary and Bill Clinton and that the remains were then offered to them for consumption. He said that at the time he was so shocked and horrified to hear his friend say this that he didn’t want to believe this was true but still trusted his friend would never make up a lie about such a thing. He said this happened in Haiti many years ago and that now that he hears me talk about the Clintons and the whole pedogate ring conspiracy, he now understands that what his friend told him years ago was true after all.

  21. Just so I’m clear, HRC isn’t only your political opponent but she also turns out to be
    – a Satanist
    – a pedophile
    – a cannibal

    Isn’t it maybe a tad convenient that all the people you disagree with politically turn out to be evil and depraved as well?

    • I think your blindness and indifference towards evil is a bit more “convenient” than my acknowledging that evil exists and needs to stop.

  22. Has anyone ever considered that perhaps… just maybe… D stands for Divination… as in Kabbalistic mysticism. What you are looking at is a group of people engaged in the history nerds equivalent of dungeons and dragons.

    Pretty funny guy. Glad I came to check out your site. But you’re either a “change agent” or confused. And you are throwing the sent off of the financial crimes taking place right in front of us in both parties. Please find your bearings, you’re in the gulf of tonkin and have no idea what your looking at. Swim away from the sun for a second and you might figure it out.

    Divide and conquer… Alexander the Great is the beast of revelation. You’re going to have to let go of fairy tails and study a lot harder to figure this out.


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