Blood is Leaking from #Jesus’ Burial Stone in #Jerusalem at the #ChurchOfTheHolySepulchre. #OrthodoxChristianity

Update: I’ve been told this video is from 2014, and simply resurfaced. I’m really surprised I didn’t hear about this anywhere.

I’m leaving the post up, because, frankly, it’s still awesome, but be aware; this is 4 years old now.

Back to the original post:

So, this is video from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem – possibly the holiest site in all of Christendom, because inside, it contains, well, the Holy Sepulchre; that is, Jesus’ tomb.

(If you remember, from the old Facebook page, I posted this really great interactive infographic from NatGeo last year:

And now, blood has started to well from Jesus’ burial stone.

And on the Orthodoxy’s Holy Saturday, when Christ is laid up in the tomb!

What a miracle!


One user suggested comparing the stains to the patterns on the Shroud of Turin, and posted some helpful images (though I’m not sure the video is a very good source for the pattern):


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4 thoughts on “Blood is Leaking from #Jesus’ Burial Stone in #Jerusalem at the #ChurchOfTheHolySepulchre. #OrthodoxChristianity”

  1. The Spirit and Love of God and His Son Jesus Christ – our Savior and Way to Everlsting Life – has never left us nor has He ever failed us. It is the sign of times that turned its back on Him and as you can see the consequences of that are devastating.
    This gives us hope that we are finding our way back into the arms of our Creator and Jesus Christ who suffered so much for us.
    There is no coincidence that could explain this phenomenon seeing the blood of Jesus Christ as the reminder of this sacrifice for all of us.
    This makes me heart very happy – thank you!


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