“#BOOMs En Route” #QAnon #NewQ #GreatAwakening

Apologies for the lateness of this post. I research stuff all day, and it can be exhausting to keep up, some times – especially when trying to disseminate info across at least 5 platforms at any one time.

Q thanks us, and then tells us that there’s a battle being fought, somewhere, at the very moment he’s posting this.

This is pretty clearly air-based combat. I don’t think it’s too much speculation to say he’s talking about jets, or some kind of stealth fighter.

Now, this is just pure speculation here, but the military used to have this secret aircraft called the SR-71 Blackbird INTERCEPTOR, and it was a black project for the longest time. And this thing could outrun everything. I once listened to a pilot say that they actually weren’t sure how fast it could go… but only because they never pushed it to its fastest speed. It could easily sustain a 3.2 mach speed, and if it was shot at with missiles or whatever, the pilot didn’t have to panic. He could simply accelerate or go higher than the missile could travel. It was that fast.

And remember, this was developed in the 60’s.

So… my line of thinking is that these kinds of planes – whatever you want to call them, after 60 years of R&D and iteration – but the successors to the SR-71 Blackbirds (which don’t officially exist)…

Q is saying two were deployed last night… because they were forced to respond to something.

Perhaps an imminent threat?

Makes sense.

But that’s just my speculation. I’m not an expert, and that may just be wishful thinking because the SR-71 is a favorite of mine.

Cue thread theme:

#GEOTUS trip – Nov 8th-10th:

Cheatin’s trip – November 28th, 2017:

Even the best make mistakes, sometimes.

We’ve since learned, in the wake of the fake #HRCVideo “confirmation,” that “5:5” is just a confirmation/go-signal. Not necessarily related to the HRC Video.

It’s kind of a strange synchronicity, but I was talking on MeWe yesterday to some Legionaries about the possibility of #TheCabal trying to trigger an earthquake by setting off detonations underground, along a fault line. We were literally talking about this just yesterday.

And today, tons of speculation has come up in reference to these #Booms!

Is it possible this earthquake is related to a MOAB being dropped on an underground Cabal base, situated strategically along a fault-line?

This fits with my earlier speculation that they used fast-moving stealth bombers.

The 5.0 might have been an unintended (but unavoidable) consequence of the bombing of this underground bunker, on this island, along this fault line.

I hope you all understand by now that this is a reference to the 4AM narrative/scripts being distributed by the CIA via SecureDrop.

#QAnon just went mainstream.

Be prepared to talk about it with people.

Oh, these clowns!

#NoCoincidences #Qanon #TheCabal

1 thought on ““#BOOMs En Route” #QAnon #NewQ #GreatAwakening”

  1. The military aircraft crashes and ship collusions by intent. Hillary and Hussein sold military secrets to China ergo China selling defective and back chips that the deep state and black hats spoof via the backdoor in these chips ergo crashes/murder and collisions/murder.
    Intentional weaken the military might in lieu for millions from China.
    Hillary’s emails include the sale of SAP as mentioned by Q in one of their posts.


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