TheMagikBOT Exposed! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Yesterday, #QAnon told us to “Watch for TheMagikBOT” on Wikipedia. What he means is, there’s an account with this name, making edits to Wikipedia articles, and to track all the changes it was making.

One #Anon stepped up to the plate and presented some of his initial findings, which were… concerning, to say the least:

So, the basic gestalt is that this is a clown bot, and it’s been systematically locking down pages for the past year.

It works on seemingly benign topics, to mask the fact that it’s going through, locking down more controversial pages; pages where information could be posted that would be damaging to #TheCabal, if that information was ever allowed to be published there.

This, in turn, allows the likes of Google – which recently announced it would be adding disclaimers to videos to combat “#FakeNews” – to cite Wikipedia as an “authoritative” source, and “legitimately” censor these topics.

Here’s the screencaps from the anon above:

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