Site Slow? Don’t Worry. 8ch/QResearch/ Discovered My Page Last Night

Site seem slow? That’s because 8ch discovered my site last night! Glad to have anons here, appreciating the work. I’ve been participating on /Qresearch/ for a while now. Made the notables more than once, too. Still hoping to contribute something valuable enough for a #QAnon shout-out, though!

(Sorry, that was basically pornographic. AND THIS IS A CHRISTIAN SERVER SO NO SWEARING).

Traffic shot to the moon, and it’s basically like a DDOS, except comprised of legitimate traffic.

Some users reported trouble with the Monero miner, however.

I’ve made a point of disclosing the Monero miner I run on the site several times now, across several platforms. uses one in lieu of ads. It’s an experiment, to see if I can make the site self-sustaining.

Point is, it’s not harmful, it helps me, but you remain in control.

If you don’t like it, I’ve always allowed the user to turn it off in the footer, using the controls:

This guy, though. I like this guy:

Helpful anon was helpful:

Archive link:

EDIT: Aaaaaand, I tweaked some things. The site should be back to normal, or at least, much faster now.

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