Hillary at the Witches’ Coven. Not Even Joking. #TheCabal #QAnon #GreatAwakening

#AlexJones got in some hot water a while back for this clip:

Well, #HRC made a very public appearance at a “women’s workspace” on the 3rd, that just so happens to be… a literal Satanic Witches Coven.

Don’t believe me?

Read their own description:

But maybe they’re just being edgy, right? Like… hip branding or something?


It’s not the only time they referred to themselves as a “coven:”

Okay… so they call themselves a “coven.”

Maybe it’s just some hip, feminist thing, right?


Yeah, the founder of “The Wing?”

She’s a literal Satanist.

Link to the video tweet: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/822549258876358656

But yeah, she’s literally a Satanist.

She’s also the ex of Pedo-“Fashion-“Photographer, Terry Richardson. You know, the skeeze who makes models perform oral sex on him while he photographs them, and worse.

If you don’t know who he is… well… Be grateful.

So what was Hillary doing at this huge coven, talking to all these women?

If I had to guess, it has something to do with her knowing what’s coming, and attempting to “harness” some kind of “feminine energy” to combat it.

Won’t work.

, , ℕ ℂ. ☦

You have no power here, Hillary Clinton.

Hollywood, Satanism, the Clintons, the Cabal… It’s all connected. And it’s all coming undone.

Remember, these people are sick…

But these people are also stupid!

7 thoughts on “Hillary at the Witches’ Coven. Not Even Joking. #TheCabal #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. The man crowning the woman as Miss American Vampire is actor Jonathan Frid. He played the vampire Barnabas Collins in the show “Dark Shadows”, which was on TV in the early ’70s.

  2. Their symbolism will be their downfall… and dammit you had me going down about an hour long rabbit hole because I saw the billboard pic of Desmond is Amazing; you know the LGBT wonder boy who is only 10, is very thin, has circles under his eyes, and poses with people who own art portraying kids on rohypnol. Yeah that kid, and I remembered there was a symbol on his billboard that people thought was pedo but it appears to look exactly like the witchcraft rebirth or spirituality… anyway. LOVE YOUR STUFF!

  3. Google did not notify me of this Oct.6 posting by Neon Revolt .This has happened before.I SINCERELY HOPE THAT THIS DOESN’T BECOME A HABIT ON THEIR PART,or we might have to summons the spirit of General Phil(“little Phil”)Sheridan and his warhorse Rienzi to execute a “scorched earth”campain on SILICON VALLY ala Shenandoah Vally 1863-64 ! If I’m not misstaken, little Phil was quoted as saying,”It is my expiperience and observation that the only good Tech.Company CEOs that I have encountered,were DEAD ONES.(well if he didn’t say it,HE SHOULD HAVE !!!!


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