#NWO = NYMZA World Order? #OperationPaperclip #QAnon

Okay Legionaries,

Bear with me here.

I’m about to take you down the “fringiest” rabbit hole I’ve ever dared take anyone down.

Now, understand, before I get into any of this: I’m not endorsing any of this information.

I’m just presenting research and breadcrumbs, and allowing you to draw your own conclusions.

But I want to start with some of #QAnon’s posts from March 10th, specifically those related to the #NWO:

Now, “Conspiracy” Buffs have long talked about the NWO as a sort of umbrella term for any sort of one-world-government, control-freak, supra-governmental type of cabal for a very long time now. And they often present different pieces of credible evidence, such as this clip of G.H.W. Bush, talking about the “promise” and “vision” of the NWO:

They also might refer to programs such as #OperationPaperclip, which was a CIA program to extract and employ top Nazi scientists, such as #WernerVonBraun, in the wake of #WWII.

Now, we also know, thanks to the #JFKFiles released by #Trump not that long ago that #Hitler actually, probably escaped Germany and went to live in South America following the end of WWII.

And of course, thanks to Q, we also know Hitler was a Rothschild puppet:

But if you really want to get into this idea that Nazis escaped after the war, you eventually run into the idea that they actually built “primitive” flying saucers, such as #DieGlock (which would later become a precursor to the Keksburg [yes, KEKSburg] Bell) and its companion theory, Agartha – that is, Nazis making a secret underground base in Antarctica.

Here’s a decent video giving you a quick rundown on Die Glocke, and the Keksburg bell:

The info we have about Agartha is supposedly assembled from Nazi maps that were found after the war, both mapping out the “interior earth” territory, as well as instructions on how to precisely drive a submarine through an open cave passage beneath Antarctica, to get inside.

Now, again, I’ll remind my readers that I’m just presenting this info; not endorsing ANY of it:

But it is odd that a ton of world leaders have been visiting Antarctica, considering there’s not much there, right?


Anyway, the short of the theory is that a breakaway civilization from 1800’s Prussia established itself in South America, and as they embraced the remnants of the Third Reich after the war, expanded into Antarctica, and developed technologies such as what we would call “flying saucers.”


This breakaway civilization was known as NYMZa.

NYMZa is a transliteration of NJMZa, which stood for:


That translates literally to:


Which further translates too:




So I’m going to leave you with this absolutely fascinating video on the subject that goes into great depths about the origins of these groups, as well as the key players involved. Trust me, it’s absolutely fascinating stuff. You’ll learn how #ButchCassidy teamed up with a US Railroad Magnate to create a ranch in Argentina that would eventually become home to Nazis post-WWII. You’ll learn about J.P. Morgan’s involvement, and how he, again, used the Titanic to get rid of rivals, Tesla, and more.

I know the video is long, but man… If any of this is even remotely true, we’re in for a very wild future.

And it all ends up being completely false, boy is it entertaining.


5 thoughts on “#NWO = NYMZA World Order? #OperationPaperclip #QAnon”

  1. Tradmin is plumbing the depths of woke here! A decent youtube channel for info on this stuff is Forum Borealis, which is a collection of interviews with researchers on topics like this.

    Like you said, very fringe, but large if correct.

  2. Joseph P. Farrell gives fascinating insights on the Nazi puzzle drawing on the best research. Try his Reich of the Black Sun, The Third Way and The Fascist International (9/11 and penetrated operations). Also Hydrick’s Critical Mass. For Nazi subversion of Latin America try The Real Odessa and Hitler’s Secret War in South America: 1939-1945.

  3. For an informed discussion of Nazi black projects go to Dr. Joseph Farrell. Jim Marrs studied and wrote about the survival of the Nazi’s and their integration into modern governments.
    Richard Dolan does deep dives into the current breakaway civilization (along with Catherine Austin Fitts). IMHO yer not really woke until you start understanding the validity of their message. All of these individuals have credentials, do good research, and are worth reading, listening to.

  4. Fascinating presentation! The Butch Cassidy thing reminded me of Jesse James, who may have been a field General for the KGC (Knights of the Golden Circle); Robbing banks and burying caches of gold and weapons (Operation Gladio?). Check out Knights of the Golden Circle by David Keehn about the secret southern empire with Havana the centre of circle; Shadow of the Sentinel and A Secret Society History of the Civil War by Mark Lause. Nice work Walter. Neon Revolt is the gift that keeps giving . . .


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