David Hogg (@davidhogg111) is UNHINGED! Profanity-laced Interview. #HoggHunting #SHALLNOTINFRINGE

Hey David, you #CRISISACTOR with the FBI-Clown Daddy – NEWSFLASH – “Democracy” is not just “getting the things you want because you cried a lot.”

You want to try to push this Globalist scheme to disarm us under the pretense of “Democracy” and not Demagoguery, well guess what?

We outnumber you, we vote, and we’re armed.

You’re not taking anyone’s guns away. You’re not even going to get so much as a bump stock bill passed.

Take your gap year to #SortYourselfOut before you burn yourself out, you absolute narcissistic sociopath.

#HoggHunting #CrisisActors

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