#NEWQ! Deep State is PETRIFIED! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

I actually half-joked about this being a possibility in my head today. I was pretty sure the “booms” were false flags, trying to foment a race war  as a kind of distraction tactic (or something along those lines), but yeah, #QAnon confirms the bombs are a deep state operation being used to frame him.

Good thing #QTeam is ahead of these clowns at every turn.

HOOO BABY, this is a juicy tidbit.

People have been wondering where Mark #Cuckerberg is, in the midst of the crisis his company seems to be going through right now. Facebook executives even held an emergency round-table discussion without him.

Turns out Q knows where he is, who he was with, and what they’re planning.

THIS last bit is YUUUGE. Why? Because it means that things have advanced so far that the Deep State is risking informing the normies about something they might not have otherwise heard of. That’s the level of saturation we’re at, and why the

Skip to about 9:20-ish if you want to watch the “comedy” hit-piece on Q. It’s about what you’d expect: smarmy, self-assured editorial thinly veiled as comedy.  (I wouldn’t recommend watching beyond that segment, however, as they roll out the transvestite-lead band for some Weimar-style degeneracy to cap off the show).

(Also, they lied about his first post – which wasn’t that Hillary would be arrested on 10/30. That was just a random #Anon that Q was responding to).

But yeah, a whole bunch of people just learned about Q for the first time tonight, thanks to this piece.


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