#SiliconValley is Looking Pretty Incestuous These Days.

So the current head of #Youtube, which is being driven into the ground under her leadership is Susan Wojcicki.

Her sister just so happens to run the company that puts fake DNA results into your DNA to “screw with racists”

And she was previously married to Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google/Alphabet.

Wow, that’s not a lot of separation between these top tech companies, is it?

They all also share something else in common.

#SiliconValley #NoCoincidences

1 thought on “#SiliconValley is Looking Pretty Incestuous These Days.”

  1. There are a few of these DNA testing labs. They don’t return identical results, so you can’t put a lot of weight into it.


    One thing never mentioned is organ donor compatibility. You could search this database for a compatible liver and find a living donor. If you were a VIP, and needed a specific liver, you could find a donor. The donor could have an accident.

    Life resembles Monty python.


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