The Noose Tightens – Rampant #Censorship of Right Wing Voices on ALL Platforms. #InternetBillofRights

I, Hypocrite got Zucked on FB.

Crowder got banned on Twitter.

And CBTS_Stream got banned from Reddit.

This kind of garbage is why I invested in creating my own platform, and why I’m pushing people towards Gab – who just rolled out a really great youtube-like alternative video section on their site.(Seriously, it’s the single best youtube competitor I’ve ever seen).

Q said there is ONE censorship algorithm written, and shared across all these platforms. He also asked us to investigate who wrote that algorithm. (There are a few potential candidates, but I’ll report on that when there’s something more solid).

The point is that these #SiliconValley giants are engaging in blatant #Censorship, and we need to become more resilient. We also absolutely need to sign the #InternetBillOfRights.

Sign and confirm your email here:

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