The Curious Case of #MileyCyrus #MKUltra

“Neon, why are you posting about #MileyCyrus? Give us more Q!”

I know, I know, but… I can independently confirm that Miley’s mom really did have an affair while married to Billy Ray. Which is just speculation by the gal in this video – but I’m telling you it’s not speculation. It’s true.

And when you combine that point of data – which I absolutely know to be true – along with the other points of data in the video, the whole “Miley is a #MKUltra mind-slave” becomes a LOT more plausible.

And, because I can verify this fact and a few others, this makes me actually wonder if the CIA killed her dog that day. To send a message.

And, as I’m writing this, just to sort of fact-check myself… I come across a figure that Miley has in had 6 separate dogs die on her.


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