The #Clintons and their History with #Voodoo. THEY GO AFTER TWINS!!! #Haiti #ChildTrafficking #RitualSatanicAbuse #QAnon

#QAnon asked a little while ago:

What’s big in Haiti to this day? Voodoo. I’m of the opinion that this practice is absolutely demonic in nature.

And then I stumbled upon this post by anon, and didn’t think too much of it, until I remembered what I posted about Jeff Kasky… CNN Anti-Gun teenager Cameron Kasky’s father….

Here’s the bit from my post about Kasky’s agency (which was shuttered) threatening a Haitian mother with arrest if she didn’t give up her twins.


#Haiti #ChildTrafficking #RitualSatanicAbuse #QAnon #GreatAwakening

8 thoughts on “The #Clintons and their History with #Voodoo. THEY GO AFTER TWINS!!! #Haiti #ChildTrafficking #RitualSatanicAbuse #QAnon”

  1. I had a thought. These people have some strange fascination with Levites, the priesthood that was destroyed in 70 A.D.

    They already infiltrated the good people of the Evangelism sect of Chritianity mostly here in the U.S.A. Got them rabid about weird theological treatise that literally no other Christian denomination ever heard of. Think I’m nuts? Sadly I am not. Strong Concordance well loved and respected was sponsored by a Zionist Jew benefactor. This Concordance is the genesis of spreading the zionist political ideology throughout Evangelicals. Prior to this, it was a very small New England cult that was zionist. This jumpstarted the rapture “theology” that is non-sense. Zionism and rapture theology are intertwined; purposefully.

    Back to the Levites. It has historically been understood that Ethopia is where the Arch of the Covenant resides within that small tribal Jewish area. Ethopia in the 1980’s had a major drought that killed many- leading to the song, “We Are the World” to garner attention and money. What is not often discussed is that some Ethopian people were transported mostly eastward, but some north. Not enough but it was a select few. Perhaps it was those with the ‘magical’ DNA? Or perhaps no reason that pure humanitarian reasons. More research will need to be done to see about the countries of West Africa that emigrated to Haiti. Plus those that were transported within Ethiopia to western African countries. The article I’m referring to was read by me in mid 1980’s. It was the THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, the only paper we had delivered to our house.

  2. I couldn’t figure out why Haiti. The above paragraph regarding voodoo ‘horse’s …reminder me of ‘the Legend of the Seeker’ by Terry Goodkind where a child and his death was used to ferry the evil overlord into another spiritual dimension. Now the answer to why Haiti…spiritual horses. I didn’t get into the DNA part. I would surmise that mixed into the Haitian DNA is a bit of Nephilim. Aside..while Terry Goodkind writes well his subject matter is rather insidious with evil and, truthfully I wish I wouldn’t have read it.

  3. I wish to make a correction to my post dated June 1, 2018. I apologize for such an egregious error on my part. I accused the Stong Concordance as the cause of the Zionist political ideology entering into American Protestantism. I was wrong, it is the Scofield Bible and it’s included commentary. Though many people do not outright own a Scofield, many have been influenced heavily by those who have. The biggest that comes to mind is Pastor Hagee and the Baptist preacher on TV, Dr. Robert Jeffers. Take care.

  4. Twins have more occult purposes than genetic, they’re connected. Same life choices and life outcomes.
    I heard once they’re looking for the bloodline of Jesus, which would explain Israel last. Israel is the source of most every big BioTech (DNA) company. Why?

    • Why? Maybe because the Antichrist needs to be a genetic inversion of the Messiah? It makes perfect sense to me that he would be a Jew, especially with the future temple involved.


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