The Strangeness of 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE #QAnon

PREFACE: This is a post I held off on creating because the story was developing. I now feel I have enough clarity regarding the information to present it in a coherent manner. This one’s a trip… so stick with it all.

Anons have been digging on #QAnon stringers.

(For those who don’t know, a Stringer is a bit of text that looks like computer code, but may or may not actually be computer code. The meaning is often opaque to the outside observer).

Well, to make a long story short, anons decided to simply search the stringers online, and they kept arriving back at this youtube channel called: 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE.

That’s when things started to get… freaky.

This youtube channel had a lot of Q’s stringers, but backdated by years…

Just… bear with this post. It’s a trip down a developing rabbithole.

DELTA OSCAR ALPHA = DOA = DEAD ON ARRIVAL. A message to strike and destroy this target?

Now… I don’t know what to make of any of this yet, other than the vids are nightmare fuel.

Q has previously said:

So it’s evident it’s not Q talking through this channel… However… anons might have just stumbled upon a deep-state communicate channel, operating right on Youtube. If I had to guess, that’s where I’d put my money.

This might even be one of Snowden’s channels.

Also, call it “getting a vibe” but I get the same kind of chills I get when I see stuff related to #Pizzagate. It just oozes with a demonic presence.

Either that or some troll is messing with us. Possibly a clown troll.

UPDATE 3/5 – It seems that the Clowns didn’t like us deducing their comms, and have started to erase all evidence of their presence.


These people are SICK!

#TheCabal #ClownsInAmerica #NoCoincidences #QAnon #QConfirmations

8 thoughts on “The Strangeness of 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE #QAnon”

  1. Do you have everything archived? A link to such an archive would be amazing to leave on your front page. I’d leave the page tab open just for that

    • It’s from a variety of sources. No one archive would work for this. This is, in effect, an archive of it all.

    • Not that I’m aware of, though I would definitely say to avoid their videos.

      Unless you like feeling like you’re having your soul sucked out through your mouth.

  2. Just Google 13013 Nova Corp Blue and you’ll see it’s just some weird random gun / prepping guy who’s done at least 1 tour in Afghanistan and travelled to Cambodia and Thailand. He’s interested in number radio. He’s also been caught renaming old video’s to match Q references… no mysteries here, just a hoaxer.

  3. I downloaded the one named Light_T_1A-23-go5 so I could screen captured interesting frames that may be Q related and slow down speed in case it was MKUltra. Weird scary stuff thrown in with military pics.

    During research of the name 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE I came across a comment post he had made on some video site I had never heard of. Video was on weapon training in Maine of a woman shooting barefoot. He stated “Why don’t you have on at least moccasins, I am 100% Penobscot Native American Indian and Maine is not like you are walking on a Florida beach!” So my thought was he is American NGO, seems to be working for this company, Nova Corp NGO Cyber Security-

    He changed his channel name to 71
    deleted his old videos and posted several more last week but none since.
    names are

    35.925996,37.358772 (SE of Aleppo)
    The Dim SUM of ALL FEARS //\ (message to Reddit users and not nice at all)
    11 more that look like the kind from Military helmet cameras with Chinese food names.

    Another channel named “Ano EOF” on yt has saved and re-uploaded some of the original videos here.

    Along with other crazy as crap ones. Wish I knew the connection to Q if any. I support him. These other ones I believe to be the black hats but who knows. Just searching for the truth.

  4. converted hex to ascii and got this: We don’t change videos to relate to Q posts, we change titles for communication reasons, many times we are using similar methods of comms that Q seems to use, this is by chance and most are commonly used in many places and for many reasons. Our channel(s) are used for sending and receiving information from the field and coordination and verification of operations having to do with the collective we are a part of. Hope that answers your questions, of note is that we never had any issues before Q started posting comms and now we get loads of “Q devotes” who actually get angry we use similar com-signs… As if he Q owns the com-signs or something, anyway so that’s the long and short of it. Have a great day.


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