Who is #AngelaMerkel’s Father? #NoCoincidences

I was doing some digging on an old #QAnon post today. The highlighted line activated my almonds.

Turns out… there’s quite the theory out there, and it’s rather compelling:

Notably, Merkel was forced to put out her “official” family tree in her biography in 2013.



You have to admit: the resemblance is striking.

But the resemblance doesn’t stop there.

And, knowing what we now know about the #NSA given Q’s posts… It makes perfect sense that they wouldn’t disclose her files, if they know any of this to be true.

Good to be back, Legionaries.

#NoCoincidences #GreatAwakening

3 thoughts on “Who is #AngelaMerkel’s Father? #NoCoincidences”

  1. This whole thing reminded of certain matriarchial ahem practices mentioned in other articles, plus the photo of Eva and Gretti look almost like they could be twins (which I realise was probably the intent. Haven’t looked into any information on their actual ages). I have no idea whether there is any ground for a true connection there, but I do wonder if Hitler would have felt the need to preserve anything from his dear wife that would have resulted in two sets of DNA..?


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