#AlecBaldwin Linked to #Opioid Smuggling, #Pizzagate, #Rockefellers, and a Laundry List of #Cabal members by researchers on #Voat

This post on Voat is huge, and staggering in its implications. It resurfaced up in the wake of the #TrumpTweet this morning, and subsequent retracing by #Anons. Specifically, there was a post by #QAnon instructing everyone to look into those who had been protesting Trump the loudest. Alec qualifies on that front.



Skull & Bones, kings of opium and smuggling

The Art in Embassies program is run by many members/alumni of the Yale circle of elites, including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Robert Storr (Dean of Yale School of Art) and many other industrialist families behind some of America’s best-known brands. The Sackler’s, the family behind Purdue Pharma (Valium and Oxycontin), clearly took time away from their role as drug-pushers to promote the arts with the global elite. Here they are with their esteemed lapdog Alec Baldwin.

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7 thoughts on “#AlecBaldwin Linked to #Opioid Smuggling, #Pizzagate, #Rockefellers, and a Laundry List of #Cabal members by researchers on #Voat”

    • Wrong. Read about the recent NXIVM arrests, and specifically look at the charges made against Allison Mack.

      Pizzagate is real, and this Cabal of pedovore Satanists are all going down.

    • All I hear is a cum-gurgling snowflake crying wolf. Sounds like a Chewbacca mating call, you have had an over- privileged life and know nothing about what POTUS has done for the common law-abiding man, (race/color not relevant). The bullshit I smell is your dirty DNA, semen rotting breath. Do us all a favor and watch CNN MSNBC or any news “network” and die early. When you pass we will still be here ensuring your “legacy” dies appropriately. If hell exists, I will give you a piece of my mind/spirit down in the depths you buck sucking sickle cell cuck.

    • Alec Baldwin and his Sack-of-Shit friends are part of the reason some people are always blaming whitey for everything…

      They Should be called the Shacklers, for how many people they helped shackle to addiction.


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