#DianneFeinstein’s Hand-Rubbing Intensifies! #2ndAmendment

I’m not worried about Trump cucking on this front. I’ve seen it too many times.

He’s getting ready to body-slam the Democrats and cripple them for the Midterm elections.

He’s baiting them into becoming the “Anti-Second-Amendment” party, which will cost them so very many races around the country.

I’ve seen too many strategic moves from Trump like this before to think he’s doing anything other than that at this point.

And if he knows what we think he knows about these people… he knows what they’re up to.

Nah, he’s going to utterly destroy them with their own twisted, scheming, gleeful, globalist exuberance.

What snakes, these Dems.

#Trump #2ndAmendment #DianneFeinstein

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