How to Set Up a #FalseFlag

Not much blows my mind these days.

This did.

Unrolled thread here:

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3 thoughts on “How to Set Up a #FalseFlag”

  1. I am coming back to the beginning because YOU and Q have made me believe. I had given up hope that the cabal would ever be taken down.
    I started following you “coincidentally” just hours before Q’s first post after his 20 day Hiatus. What i witnessed with the
    SEA TO SHINING SEA nod between Q and Trump
    (that i noticed on my own and connected)
    I was a hopeful skeptic.
    Today’s July 29th message convinced me.
    FUCK aventanii! he will be getting his I am sure of it.
    I’m coming back to page 40 to catch up on what i have taken my own hiatus from.

    Thanks for what you are doing Neon. I do not think many of whom make up the masses would’ve been able to connect these dots or organize them on their own.
    You do an incredible job. Please keep it up. You give me faith in real journalism again. THANK YOU


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